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Digimon Level List

Digimon Level List

Armor Digimon

Standard Armor Digimon can be used as either Adult or Perfect forms. Golden Armor Digimon (i.e. Magnamon and Gold Rapidmon) can be used for either Perfect or Ultimate forms.

Hybrid Digimon

Human Hybrid and Beast Hybrid Digimon can be used as either Adult or Perfect forms.

Multi-Level Digimon

A number of Digimon (e.g. Tailmon and SaberLeomon) have multiple canon levels, often due to early canons before Ultimate level was conceived, such as Digimon World and the V-Pets. These Digimon are restricted to their "most canon" levels.

Levelless Digimon

Some Digimon, often from the Xros series, have no levels at all. These have been assigned a standard level.


Appmon grades correspond with Digimon levels and can be used in place of Digimon in evolution lines.
  • Standard -> Child
  • Super -> Adult
  • Ultimate -> Perfect
  • Gold -> Ultimate

Can't find something?

If there's a Digimon with ambiguous leveling not included on this list, PM an administrator for clarification.

Leveled List

Baby I

Baby II






Armor Ultimate