The Digital Brigade, often shorted to the DigiBrigade is a group of mercenaries renowned throughout File Island. With a base of operations located in File City, the DigiBrigade is often the first choice for any Digimon seeking help with a problem they can't solve. These tasks or 'contracts' as they are called with the DigiBrigade are highly varied. They can range from things as simple as locating an item to more dangerous objectives like dealing with local bandits. The DigiBrigade only turns down contracts that are of an especially heinous nature. Such as the senseless of murder of an innocent. They are mercenaries after all and not contract killers.

The collection of Digimon you'll find as members of the Digital Brigade is just as varied as the contracts. A large amount of DigiBrigade members are notably of the dra-mon type. This is likely due to the fact WarGreymon, a dragon Digimon of notable power and skill, is the Digimon in charge. Having both co-founded and helped shape the Digital Brigade into what it has become today. WarGreymon, preferring to be called Boss, is a very active part of the Digital Brigade. Not only partaking in contracts himself, but also giving advice and regularly taking time to train his subordinate.

Once you're welcomed into the Digital Brigade you're not just being welcomed into a mercenary outfit. You're being welcomed into a family.



Boss is the leader and co-founder of the Digital Brigade. It's no exaggeration to say that he is the reason the Brigade has become so well-known. Be it for the feats he's accomplished or how well he's trained his men. Despite his position as leader Boss is a solider first and foremost. He is at the frontlines of every major contract the Brigade has undertaken, and is no stranger to taking on smaller ones as well. When he's not working then he's likely training, and he's not just training himself either. He regularly trains with the members of the DigiBrigade. Helping them learn and refine there skills and abilities. Boss expects the best out of those working both with and under him.

He cares deeply for every member of the Brigade, no matter how recently they had joined. He views the Digital Brigade and its members as his family, and thus would do anything for them. While typically a rather calm but patient Digimon, Boss does have his limits. Once those limits have been reached he is rather unforgiving. This is especially the case for those who betrayed his trust or dishonored the Brigade in someway. Receiving a lecture from Boss is while being consider a rite of passage, is also a rather dreaded thing for DigiBrigade members. As they tend to be long and extremely drawn-out.


Sarge is Boss's second in command, and founded the group alongside him. They've known each other since they were DigiTama. Sarge has seen Boss through many fight, always there by his side. It's safe to say that the two of them have been rather inseparable. Sarge is the tactician or strategist of the Digital Brigade. It be accrue to say that Sarge has been behind most of if not all of the Digital Brigade's feats of strategy and intelligence. While he has no problem stepping onto the frontlines to fight his skills are much better suited for a supportive role. Sarge isn't as active a member in the daily grind of Brigade life. Mostly only partaking in the major or more dangerous contracts. When not working he can be often be found reading or enjoying a game of chess.

While he cares about the Brigade and it certainly does feel like a second family to him. Sarge is far more distant a leader than Boss is. Cold and calculating when it comes to dealing with the Brigade members. He is not known for beating around the bush when it comes to things. Often blunt and to the point when expressing his views and thoughts on matters. Sarge's intelligence can sometimes put him at odds with others as well. Because he feels as though he must dumb himself down in order for others to understand him. This leads him to being silent and appearing rather menacing to others.

Senior Officers