Character Classes

A character’s class is based on the type of Digivice they have, e.g. Chosen use D-01 or D-3 while Tamers use the D-Arc. Each Digivice comes with its own unique set of functions.


A character’s class is based on the type of Digivice they have, e.g. Chosen use D-01 or D-3 while Tamers use the D-Arc. Each Digivice comes with its own unique set of functions.

A character’s class can change with sufficient justification and a storyline thread. For example:

If a Tamer’s card deck is destroyed, their Digivice may transform into an alternate model to make up for the loss.
If a character’s Digimon partner is permanently destroyed, their Digivice may transform into a D-Tector that absorbs the Digimon’s impression as a spirit, or it could transform into a Xros Loader to allow the user to gain new allies and partners.

Quick overviews of the available classes are:


  • Wields a D-1 or D-3
  • Digimon have two Armor evolutions
  • Digivice can emit a light that can ward off dark powers
  • Final evolution is Super Ultimate (D-1) or Armor with the Digimental of Miracles or Fate (D-3)


  • Wields a D-Ark
  • Can use Hyper Colosseum Cards to aid their Digimon in battle
  • Can see through their partner's eyes
  • Final evolution is Matrix evolution, where the Tactician and their partner Digimon merge into one being


  • Wields a D-Scanner
  • Human with no partner Digimon evolves into Digimon through the use of Digimon Spirits
  • Final evolution is Ancient Spirit Evolution, where all of their Digimon Spirits combine into a single Spirit


  • Wields a iC or Burst Digivice
  • Human has control of DigiSoul, which they can use to empower themselves and create weapons for their partner
  • Can store their partner Digimon in their D-Terminal
  • Final evolution is Burst Evolution, where their partner's Ultimate form enters a state of heightened energy


  • Wields a Xros Loader
  • Data of defeated Digimon is stored in the D-Terminal and can be called upon for Xros Up
  • Final evolution is DigiXros, which utilizes the data of all of the defeated Digimon to combine into a new form

Crested Digimon

  • Does not have a Digivice
  • Is a Digimon who has experienced a Labyrinth Event
  • Has greater stamina than a partner Digimon and can maintain evolution levels higher than Adult
  • Final evolution is Super Ultimate


  • Does not have a Digivice
  • Is a Digimon who has experienced a Labyrinth Event
  • Harnesses digisoul to fuel Burst Modes and self-destructive feats of strength
  • Final evolution is Burst Mode


  • Prestige Class Player must be active for at least one month before creating a Maverick
  • Wields a D-Shell
  • Can manipulate digimon via Dark Materials
  • Can open a portal and "fast travel" through the Dark Ocean
  • Partner warp-evolves into a Digital Hazard in times of severe emotional stress

Becoming Crested

Humans become crested (i.e. receive a Crest, Digivice, and D-Terminal) by being logged in during the Digital World VRMMO maintenance, and both humans and Digimon can become crested by experiencing a Labyrinth Event.

Digital World Maintenance

Players who were still logged in during Digital World's scheduled maintenance found the game dematerializing around them. The environment pixelated into a black void until the ground dropped out from underneath them, plunging them into darkness until they fell unconscious. Humans who fell into the Digital World this way left behind a comatose body in the real world.

Labyrinth Events

In Labyrinth Events, localized sections of the real world inexplicably become "digitized" and the environment seems to shift around in an ever-changing maze. Both Digimon and humans can become lost in these Labyrinth Events, leading to reports of monster sights in the real world. Humans who are still trapped in the labyrinth when the event ends may lose consciousness and awake in the Digital World or simply take a wrong turn and find that they're not in Kansas anymore. Humans lost in Labyrinth Events do not leave behind a body in the real world.

New Gadgets

Humans and Digimon will often find one to three items—a D-Terminal, a Digivice, and a crest tag—inexplicably in their possession with no idea how they got there. Occasionally, these items will visibly materialize instead.

Partner Digimon

Digimon can also become crested by "syncing up" with a human's Digivice. Partner Digimon do not have a D-Terminal of their own, though they can manifest or discover a crest tag. The partnership process is mercurial—some Digimon and humans are serendipitously connected because they're both at the right place at the right time, some feel a premonition and seek out where they feel their human half will realize, and others simply strike a deal with enterprising humans. This partnership cannot be revoked except in death. If a pair's human partner dies, the human's Digivice destroys itself and the D-Terminal syncs up with the partner Digimon instead.

D-Terminal & Standard Functions

All classes, including crested Digimon, also have a D-Terminal which has the following functions:

Digital Gate

Opens gateways between the Digital World and the real world. These Gates can be opened by holding the D-Terminal up to an electronic device in the real world or special monitors in the Digital World. This ability can be disrupted by certain interferences. This feature is currently disrupted and cannot be used.

Connect Jump

Creates a portal between two LCD screens such as computer monitors, TVs, and cell phone screens, no matter how far away. Can be used to jump around the world instantaneously. This ability can be disrupted by certain interferences. This feature is currently disrupted and cannot be used.


Any two people who have D-Terminals can communicate with one another as if they share a common language. Anyone without one who hears the conversation will hear both of them speaking in whatever the language they actually are. It also automatically translates messages sent with it.

Compass & Map

Displays a regional map. However, the map cannot show local areas. For example, it can display an overview of File Island but cannot show a more refined map of Tropical Jungle.


D-Terminals have a radar function that allow their user to detect other Crested and their Digimon in the area. These appear as blue dots on a local radar. They also allow for detection of Crests, Digimentals, and Spirits. These all appear as red dots as opposed to blue dots.


The D-Terminal can be used for two forms of long-distance communication with anyone else who has a D-Terminal: messaging and video calls. Messaging is a simple text-based instant messaging, while video calls are exactly what they sound like. Meeting someone with a D-Terminal will automatically register their name in their D-Terminal's directory, allowing its owner to simply select the person they want to contact from a menu.

Voice Control Capabilities

The D-Terminal can also be navigated and controlled entirely by voice, via incredibly sophisticated voice recognition. The D-Terminal can also read messages, emails, and internet searches out loud on request, though the voice used for this read-back feature varies between devices.


Chosen have either a D-1 or D-3 Digivice. The difference between the two is largely minor, and only affects Super Ultimate evolution—all other functions remain the same. A Chosen's partner Digimon normally evolves either through aging or when under stress from a situation that requires greater power. The Digivices wielded by Chosen are characterized by their ability to emit a purifying light. Additionally, the D-Terminals owned by Chosen can store Digimentals, utilized for Armor Evolution.

Armor Evolution

Armor Evolution is a special form of evolution unique to Chosen. In order to use it, the Chosen human needs to obtain a Digimental, an object that acts as a catalyst for Armor evolution. There are nine standard Digimentals—one for each of the nine Crests. Chosen have access two different Digimentals—one that's based on the Chosen human's Crest with power between Adult and Perfect and one based on the Digimon's Crest that's between Perfect and Ultimate. The respective Crest needs to be active in order to use Armor Evolution. The Digimental can be detected by a D-Terminal's radar function and roleplaying its discovery is encouraged (though not required). Each Digimental has a different "theme" for Armor forms, listed on the Crests page. For more information, see Evolution: Armor.


A holy light emitted by Chosen Digivices can be used to dispel dark and otherwise negative influences. For instance, virus attacks that corrupt the mind or slowly damage the flesh can be removed from a Digimon by shining the Digivice's light on them. In conjunction with an active Crest, the light can be used to create powerful strands of light that stem from the Crest and can be used to bind enemies.

Super Ultimate (D-1)

Super Ultimate evolution is the final form of Digimon partnered to a Chosen human with a D-1. This functions identically to standard evolution, where a Digimon transforms from one unique form into another.

Digimentals of Miracles & Fate (D-3)

The Digimental of Miracles or Fate can be used to catalyze an Armor evolution to a form on par with other Super Ultimate forms. The Digimental needs to be found by the Chosen human before utilizing it for evolution. There's no functional difference between the two Digimentals, leaving the choice between them up to player preference, and they have the same general theme: the Digimon should either have some sort of metallic armor, golden bodyparts, or both. Note that the golden parts can be done through a pallet swap and do not have to be a part of a canon design. Armor, Perfect, and Ultimate Digimon can be sourced for use as Miracle and Fate Armors.


Tacticians wield a Digivice called a D-Ark. The core trait that sets D-Arks apart from other Digivices is their card reader, which can be used in conjunction with Hyper Colosseum Cards to enhance a Digimon. While a Tactician's Digimon can evolve by aging or an emotional response to a dangerous situation, it's more commonly triggered by the use of a Blue Card, which simply has to be swiped through the Digivice's card reader to evolve the Digimon, provided they meet the requirements for their Crest. It also allows Tacticians to see through their partner Digimon's eyes.

Card Slash

Tacticians can use their D-Ark to swipe Cards for advantage in battle. Tacticians start with a variety of cards and can earn more through the site's point system. Cards come in five broad types: Digimon Cards, Item Cards, and Plug-In Cards. Additionally, all Tacticians also have a Blue Card, which is used to trigger evolution in their Partner Digimon. See Hyper Colosseum Cards for more information.

Digimon Sight

The D-Ark allows Tacticians to briefly see through their Digimon partners' eyes.


Tacticians have an additional D-Terminal function, the analyzer. This serves as a Digimon encyclopedia of sorts, capable of fetching and displaying information on many standard species. The analyzer can display the attribute and family of a species, as well as a short description.

Matrix Evolution

Tacticians' variant of Super Ultimate evolution. Matrix evolution involves a Tactician and their Digimon merging into a single entity, similar to how Jogress works with two Digimon.


Warriors utilize the D-Scanner Digivice to perform a unique form of evolution. While Warriors do not have Digimon partners, they can store the spirits of deceased Digimon in their D-Terminal and use them to transform.

Spirit Evolution

Warriors' D-Terminals is capable of storing spirits and using them to evolve. When a Digimon is incapable of regeneration and is thus permanently destroyed, it may leave behind an impression on the Digital World that then coalesces into a "Spirit". This Spirit can take a variety of forms, such as a "node" of data that a D-Terminal can tap into or a physical representation of the Digimon that the D-Terminal converts to data. These Spiritscan be used by Warriors to catalyze their evolutions. The Spirit used by a Warrior to evolve doesn't necessarily have to be the same species as the one they evolve to. Warriors have up to four types of spirits: a Human Spirit, a Beast Spirit, a Hybrid Spirit, and a Legendary Spirit. A Warrior's Human Spirit can be either Adult or Perfect level, while their Beast Spirit fulfills the opposite level, e.g. Adult level Human Spirit and Perfect level Beast Spirit or Adult level Beast Spirit and Perfect level Human Spirit. The Hybrid Spirit, created by combining the Human and Beast Spirit, is Ultimate level. See below for more information about the Legendary Spirit. See Evolution: Spirit for more information.


D-Scanners can scan the data of Digimon that have been destroyed to ensure that they return to an appropriate Village of Beginnings and are reborn properly.

D-Terminal/Digivice Digitization

When Spirit Evolved, Warriors can store their D-Terminal and Digivice inside of their DigiCores and manifest them on-demand. D-Terminals and Digivices that materialize and dematerialize in this way appear to "pixelate" in and out of existence.

Legendary Spirit

Warriors can obtain Legendary Spirits to evolve to Super Ultimate level. These Legendary Spirits are the remnants of ancient, supremely powerful Digimon.


Arbitrators wield either the Digivice iC or the Digivice Burst. These Digivices are capable of harnessing DigiSoul to empower both the human and Digimon partner. The Digivice iC and Digivice Burst are distinguished by their different Super Ultimate evolutions: the iC allows for normal Super Ultimate evolution while individuals with a Digivice Burst can trigger Burst Evolution instead.


DigiSoul is emotional energy harnessed and used as a destructive force. DigiSoul can be used to physically empower both the human and Digimon, allowing them to perform feats of strength that they wouldn't normally be capable of. DigiSoul is also used to evolve Arbitrators' Digimon partners. However, due to the volatility of DigiSoul and its susceptibility to intense negative emotion, Arbitrators are more prone to dark evolution than other classes are.

Digimon Storage

Arbitrators can store their Digimon partner inside of their D-Terminal by converting their partner to raw data. Due to the close proximity to DigiSoul (which is also stored inside of the D-Terminal), Digimon stored this way can recover more quickly from wounds.

Super Ultimate (iC)

The Digivice iC allows Arbitrators' partners to evolve to Super Ultimate. This functions identically to standard evolution, where a Digimon transforms from one unique form into another.

Burst Mode (Burst)

Arbitrators enfuse their Digimon partners with massive amounts of DigiSoul to achieve Burst Mode as their Super Ultimate level. A Digimon that reaches Burst Mode keeps the same species as its Ultimate form but emanates a visible aura of DigiSoul and may feature minor aesthetic differences.


Hunters wield the Xros Loader, and their D-Terminals are capable of storing the data from defeated Digimon. This data can be used to empower the Hunter's Digimon partner in a process called Xros Up.

Xros Up

Hunters can siphon small amounts of data from defeated Digimon as they undergo regeneration. This does not harm the regenerating Digimon. This data is stored in the Hunter's Xros Loader and can then be used to empower the Hunter's partner Digimon by giving it the defeated Digimon's abilities. For example, a Terriermon that evolves to Galgomon and uses a defeated Greymon's data in Xros Up may feature Greymon's bony plating.


To reach Super Ultimate level, Hunters enfuse their partner Digimon with all of the data they've siphoned in a process called DigiXros. DigiXros creates a Super Ultimate form similar to Omegamon, where the form features traits from all of its components.

Crested Digimon

Crested Digimon are Digimon that do not have human partners or Digivices but have experienced a Labyrinth Event, thus imbuing them with a Crest. Crested Digimon have greater stamina than partner Digimon and can permanently maintain evolution levels higher than Adult.


Once a Crested Digimon evolves to a new level, it is capable of maintaining that form indefinitely. Significant wounds and trauma, however, can force the Crested Digimon to revert to an earlier, weaker form.


Crested Digimon have a greater level of stamina than partner Digimon. While no stronger than other Digimon of their level, they can last longer in combat than partner Digimon before needing to rest or degenerating.

Super Ultimate

Crested Digimon can evolve to Super Ultimate level. This functions identically to standard evolution, where a Digimon transforms from one unique form into another.


Paragons are Digimon that do not have human partners or Digivices but have experienced a Labyrinth Event, thus imbuing them with a Crest. Paragons have a unique ability to harness digisoul to drive powerful but short-lived evolutions.

Digisoul & Burst Modes

Digisoul is emotional energy harnessed and used as a destructive force. Digisoul can be used to empower the Paragon, allowing them to achieve Burst Modes of increasing power or perform self-destructive feats of strength. However, due to the volatility of digisoul and its susceptibility to intense negative emotion, Paragons are more likely to dark evolve than other Digimon.

Paragons can evolve into short-lived Burst Modes that are fueled by their digisoul. These Burst Modes are always the same species as the Paragon's current form (Agumon → Augumon Burst Mode) and are in between levels in terms of strength, e.g. a Child Burst Mode would be between Child and Adult, while an Adult Burst Mode would be between Adult and Perfect. These half-level Burst Modes are both emotionally and physically exhausting to maintain.

Paragons may also evolve into full-strength variants instead of their typical next form, e.g. Agumon → Greymon may opt to use Agumon → Agumon Burst Mode instead. Perfect and Ultimate Burst Modes follow the normal Perfect and Ultimate requirements, i.e. activated crests.

In-character usage should differentiate between half-level and full-level Burst Modes, e.g. by explicitly stating such or representing them with digisoul auras of different colors.

Healing Factor

Paragons recover from injuries at a quicker rate than other Digimon. This healing factor only comes into effect when the Paragon is not in immediate danger, e.g. being pursued or in a fight.

Super Ultimate

Paragons enfuse themselves with massive amounts of digisoul to achieve Burst Mode as their Super Ultimate level. A Paragon that reaches Burst Mode keeps the same species as its Ultimate form but emanates a visible aura of digisoul and may feature minor aesthetic differences.


Mavericks are victims of circumstance who weave destruction just by virtue of existing. Somewhere between the individual first entering a Labyrinth Event or experiencing the VRMMO maintenance and materializing in the Digital World, the process goes inexplicably wrong.

The glitch is just plain bad luck, triggered by anything from walking into the wrong wall at the perfectly wrong angle and speed to touching something and having it all fall apart. The glitch prevents the Maverick from manifesting a crest and thus corrupts their D-Shell and locks their Digimon partner out of crest-driven evolution. This D-Shell instead allows the Maverick to utilize a range of unique abilities known as Dark Materials.

Prestige Class

To create a Maverick, a player must have been active on Shinka!!! for at least one month or otherwise receive permission from staff.

Dark Materials

Dark Materials are tools for a Maverick to better control their partner, stunt evolution for others so as to bring everyone else down to their level, and harness their negative emotions. See Dark Materials for more information.

Void Gate

The D-Shell allows the user to open a gate into a different world. Mavericks can traverse the shores of the Dark Ocean to cover huge amounts of ground in mere moments. This gate can be used anywhere on File Island where there is not a large concentration of Digimon, e.g. File City, Neon City, or Primary Village. See Dark Ocean for more information.

Super Ultimate: Digital Hazard

A form driven by emotional turmoil and desperation. While all forms of Dark Evolution are born from the depths of negative emotion, a Digital Hazard can only occur when a Maverick has hit “rock bottom”—so consumed by their own despair, desperation or malice that they relinquish what very little control they have left. Digimon who achieve this form display the Digital Hazard symbol somewhere on their body. Their very presence weakens the fabric of reality in a localized area around them, causing reality to shift and distort.