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General Information
This page contains all of the major information for Shinka!!! Potential members are expected to read this entire page thoroughly. Quick links to the different sections of the information are below: Members should also read through these pages, which contain supplementary information that pertain to the site's universe and point system:
The site's golden rule. Any form of harassment—including flaming, trolling, or baiting—is not permissible on Shinka!!! and will be dealt with harshly. Members are asked to respect the beliefs and identities of all site members and members who cannot follow this guideline will not be tolerated. Additionally, we ask that members keep sensitive material, such as discussion of religion and politics as far away from the chat as possible. Additionally, please attempt to keep spoilers for recently-released works of fiction out of the chat. Members who do not feel comfortable on the site due to another member's behavior are encouraged to contact staff.
Content & Rating
Shinka!!! is rated 3-3-3 on the RPG Rating scale, meaning that all types of content are permissible. However, all explicit sexual content requires a thread to be marked with a "[MATURE]" prefix. This prevents the thread from being viewed by members under the age of 18 and unregistered viewers. The site is geared toward an adult demographic and it's recommended that members of the community be 16+. Emotional maturity is expected of all members, regardless of their actual age.
Shinka!!! does not have activity checks. However, members that have been completely absent from the site for long periods of time (one month or more without logging into any account or posting a leave of absence ) will have their applications archived and their accounts switched to a MIA group. These accounts can be reactivated at any point in time.
Is not allowed in any capacity. This includes things directly copying and pasting descriptions of attacks from wiki pages. Write things in your own words. Additionally, members should remember that face claims are meant to be a visual representation of their character—do not copy canon characters and adapt them to the setting.
OOC Accounts
A separate OOC account if require if you wish to use the c-box. Even if you don't, we highly encourage creating an OOC account!
  • There is no stat or post count system to determine strength, combat, or evolution.
  • There is no word count
  • No Digimon or character types are banned, and they never will be
  • There is a level gate for the first plot arc. Currently, playable Digimon can only evolve up to Adult level.
  • Players can fill out limits/comfort claims under the UCP for their OOC account.
  • Players can link their accounts and easily switch between them. To link your accounts, first register an OOC account and a second account, log into your OOC account, and then navigate to UCP: Account Switcher and follow the instructions.
  • Players can mention other users by tagging their name in a post, e.g. @Name or @"Long Name". Typing the @ character and the first couple of letters will generate an autocomplete dropdown to help you out, but only when you're on the full New Thread or New Reply page. This does not work in Quick Reply.

Power Playing & God-Modding
Do not control other characters or assume their actions without permission. An OOC note should be made in a post where this happens as a courtesy. Additionally, members should remember that Shinka!!! is a story-based site—battles are not about winning or losing, but an aspect of storytelling. They are meant to be collaborative, not competitive. Members should remember that even higher evolutions of Digimon don't necessarily win every battle they're in, and creativity in combat is emphasized. Don't play to win!
Shinka!!! uses an episode system for its continuity, progressing through them as plot points are addressed. Members are free to role play during any point in time during and before the current episode. The site uses liquid time and characters are expected to keep track of their threads and continuity to prevent inconsistencies.
Taggable Areas
Each in-character forum has a number of sub-locations known as "taggable areas". These areas are more specific geographic locations within a greater region. Every IC thread should be tagged with one of these areas or with the name of the main location if none of the areas are suitable.

Topic Title, Description & More
  • Topic Title: Your human character's first and last name, or the Digimon's name/species if you're playing a Crested Digimon.
  • Topic Description: The name (or species if they lack a name) of your character's partner Digimon. Leave blank if they're a Warrior or Crested Digimon.
  • Thread Prefixes: There are two prefixes for threads in the application section: [WIP] and [COMPLETED]. These are used instead of separate sections for either. When you complete an application, please edit the post to change the thread prefix to "[COMPLETED]" and bump the thread.
Application Contents
While the site's application is freeform, members are expected to include the following information in their applications. Don't ignore these when writing about a Digimon partner either!
  • An understanding of the character's personality
  • Information about their character's background
  • Where in the world the character is from (if human)
  • How they ended up in the Digital World (if human)
  • Techniques do not have to be canon, though they can be!
  • Techniques should not be egregiously overpowered ("city destroyers").
  • Techniques can be "joint" attacks, usually between twin Digimon partners, where both partners combine their forces into one technique.
  • "Support" and "situational" techniques are also welcome—techniques that buff or heal other Digimon, and techniques that can only be used under certain criteria.
  • There is no limit to the amount of techniques a Digimon can have, but use your discretion! Baby-level Digimon probably aren't going to have many abilities at their arsenal.
Application Graphics
  • None of the graphics on the application are required except for the pre-made Crest image.
  • The spinning crest gif is generated via MyCode. Capitalize the crest names and when using multiple, separate them with hyphens, e.g. [crestgif]Courage-Friendship[/crestgif]
  • There are multiple different versions of the character application for different types of characters. Not all of them have an in-thread preview for the sake of saving space.
  • While an HTML version of the application is available for members who wish to use it, members should keep in mind that the application is designed to be mobile responsive. Applications edited to the point that they do not display properly on mobile will be rejected until the formatting is fixed.
  • Sometimes broken applications happen, and it's no big deal! If you manage to accidentally break your character application and have difficulty fixing it yourself, please contact a staff member so we can help out.

Images & Their Sizes
  • The small avatar that's at the top of the screen and displays in the chat is 50x50. This must be uploaded through this page.
  • The large avatar that displays when you post is 250x400. We recommend that you make this a picture of the human character. Direct link an image in the edit profile section.
  • The circular icon that displays when you post is 100x100. We recommend that you make this a picture of your character's Digimon. Direct link an image in the edit profile section.
  • The banner image on the app is 600x250
  • The square image on the app's first tab are 150x150
  • Images on the tabs for humans and their Digimon are 400x200
  • Icons for equipment and a Digimon's evolutions are 100x100
Face Claims
Shinka!!! uses "animanga" style graphics, meaning that any 2D artwork is permissible, as long as it meets our guidelines about what constitutes appropriate graphics. See below for more information. Celebrity face claims are not permissible. Additionally, multiple people can use the same character as a face claim. We simply ask that you avoid having the same avatar or other images.
Appropriate Graphics
Please keep all graphics tasteful—PG-13 images are the absolute limit, and even that may be pushing it. Members with R or X-rated graphics will have them removed, no questions asked. Additionally, images should be stylistically appropriate for a Digimon site. While photorealistic art can look amazing, we would prefer stylized artwork for graphics.
Unwanted Redistribution
When using fan art or original art, please check the original source if possible to make sure that the artist has not said that they don't want the image redistributed. Additionally, we ask that members avoid using watermarked images.
Post Templates
Shinka!!! allows for full HTML to be used in out of character sections of the forum by wrapping them in [html][/html] tags. However, members should keep in mind that most post templates made on resource sites are not mobile friendly and may not display properly for mobile users. Because of this, post templates are not allowed in in-character sections of the forum and members should be advised to use templates at their own risk. Simple, premade templates for plotters and trackers that are mobile responsive are available on the site.
Original Artwork
Shinka!!! is member-created art friendly! Members who want to draw their character(s) or get commissions of them are encouraged to do so. The application can have the images in it removed without altering its overall structure to encourage people who may be interested in doing artwork, but intimidated by the graphics on the app.

Custom Digimon Policy
Shinka!!! allows for custom Digimon in a limited capacity. As a general rule of thumb, all custom Digimon must be based on existing species of Digimon in some capacity, i.e. canon Digimon with some of the details altered slightly. Using images from other series or artists' original work is not allowed in the interest of immersion and keeping the site lore friendly. Below are examples of what's considered permissible with respect to custom Digimon. Contact staff if you're unsure if your idea would work.
  • Pallet Swaps: A Digimon with colors different from its canon appearance,
    • ex. A Black Seadramon.
  • Alternate Attributes: A different Attribute from whatever the Digimon is assigned in canon. This doesn't have to be accompanied by any physical changes.
    • ex. A virus Dorumon.
  • Elemental Variations: A Digimon with a different elemental affinity than their base species.
    • ex. An Ice Meramon
  • Mode Changes: A non-canon Mode Change, especially with respect to Burst Mode.
    • ex. A War Greymon Burst Mode
  • Aesthetic Differences: Changes to a Digimon's aesthetics that aren't covered by pallet swaps or elemental variations.
    • ex. An Omegamon with parts from Mirage Gaogamon and Shine Greymon instead of Metal Garurumon and War Greymon.
  • Custom Fusions: Be it Jogress, DigiXros, or Xros Up. Custom fusions of some sort are encouraged if you have a Hunter character.
    • ex. A completely ade up fusion between Mirage Gaogamon and Shine Greymon
Graphics for Custom Digimon
Graphics are not required for custom Digimon. A written description of the aesthetic differences in your application will suffice while either providing an image of the original species or not having one at all. However, if members want to make graphics of custom Digimon, an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP is recommended. Some artists online also create pallet swaps and redesigns that you're free to use, as long as they meet the requirements of our graphics policies. Members should also feel free to do artwork themselves or commission it if they want to.

  • About Shinka!!! a Digimon roleplay

    Shinka!!! is a stats-free Digimon roleplay where we emphasize storytelling, character development, and player freedom. Evolution and cool powers aren't locked behind post count requirements or other tedious mechanics. Roleplay as a variety of character classes, including the D-3-wielding Chosen, and Xros Load-wielding Hunters!
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