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    Most kids abandon their dreams by the time they grow up, so Zoe’s parents weren’t too concerned at first when she announced that she was going to be a pilot when she was older. They marked it down as a phase brought on by Zoe’s much older sister taking her to see the Blue Angels aerobatics team when she was five. However, while it was true that the show was what sparked her interest, her enthusiasm only grew.

    Still, little children tended to babble on about whatever they were interested in, so her parents still assumed she’d lose interest before long. It wasn’t until after she broke both legs jumping off the balcony of their second story apartment testing out her homemade glider that they realized that this obsession wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. Especially since the moment Zoe got home from the hospital she began trying to figure out what was wrong with her glider, confident that she had learned from the experience and would get it right the next time around.

    Zoe’s glider ‘mysteriously’ disappeared overnight and from then on her parents paid much closer attention to what she was up to, though they had to wonder why Zoe was so much more difficult to parent than her siblings. She was the youngest by a wide margin; her sister was thirteen years older than her and her brother ten, but that didn’t entirely explain why Zoe was more boisterous and accident prone than either of her siblings. Both had been quiet, bookish types, which wasn’t a surprise given that both of their parents were professors at Stanford. Zoe, on the other hand, always seemed to be moving, couldn’t stand silence for long, and rarely gave up on an idea once it entered her mind. She was just as intelligent and hardworking as the rest of her family, but she had a single-minded focus on aeronautics and was only diligent in her general studies out of necessity.

    As Zoe grew up, the constant hovering became a source of friction between her and her parents. It didn’t help that they also kept trying to push her to pursue a safer field, preferably either medicine or law, like her siblings. While Zoe was too respectful to be outwardly rude towards her parents, she began to look forward to the day where she could leave. In her teens, Zoe began spending as much time as possible with her older sister, since they got along well despite the age difference and nearly opposite personalities. Her sister was the only one in her family to support her dream of being a pilot, yet their parents deemed her responsible enough to make sure Zoe didn’t get into much trouble. Fortunately, her sister could be relied on to keep most of her escapades secret.

    Despite her parents’ insistence that Zoe go to Stanford, especially since she could get her tuition waived, she didn’t even bother applying. Instead, she focused on schools that specialized in aeronautics and was accepted into Embry-Riddle. In a last-ditch effort to push her into another field, Zoe’s parents refused to help her pay for school. Although she was offered a decent sized scholarship, the difference was still too much for her to make up alone. Fortunately, her sister stepped in and offered to help her out, so long as she never told their parents where the money had come from.

    Her first year was a challenge, but one that she was perfectly willing to meet. Easily the best part was that she finally could start training for her private pilot license, which meant that she was able to fly a plane for the first time. The first flight was addictive after that Zoe spent as much time in the air as possible. Towards the end of the school year she had completed almost all the requirements for the private license, aside from a lengthy solo flight.

    The first couple of hours went perfectly, but as she flew over part of Colorado that changed abruptly. Sections of the sky were replaced by code and several of the clouds turned into polygons. A massive beetle nearly crashed into the plane and she only avoided it by inches. The next moment there was a blast of air, almost as if the cockpit had been blown open, and the world shifted into something altogether different.


    • At 5’7 Zoe is fairly tall for a Chinese American woman.
    • When she was 16 Zoe bought a fake ID so she could go skydiving.
    • She once tried to take a girl on a hot air balloon ride for a first date. Unfortunately, she forgot to ask whether the girl was afraid of heights or not, so it didn’t exactly go over well.
    • Started playing basketball because her parents insisted she play a sport, but she ended up liking it.
    • She loves to snack and often can be found munching on something.
    • Wants to figure out why Digimon don’t have to follow the laws of aerodynamics since Caia really shouldn’t be able to use those tiny Biyomon wings to fly.

    Caia's Freeform
    Caia the Bioyomon is the chief editor and top reporter for the DigiWorld Times. Not that she has much competition for the title given that she’s the newspaper’s founder and sole employee. Regardless, she is determined to bring the denizens of the Digital World the news of the latest happenings. Constantly in search of the next big scoop, Caia tends to stick her beak into just about anything that catches her attention.

    Although Caia has been calling herself a reporter ever since she digivolved into Biyomon and left Primary Village, she hasn’t had much luck in getting people to read her publication. Part of her issue is that the places where the real news happens tend to be rather perilous for a lone rookie, though that hasn’t stopped her from trying. Still, it’s difficult to take notes when she is flying for her life. She hopes having a human partner will change everything though. If she manages to gain a following, then perhaps she will be able to build her tiny publication into a respectable newspaper.

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