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    [Trigger Warning: There's some implied and not implied child abuse involved with this story]

    You let out a sigh of relief as your destination finally comes within your line of vision. The four mile trek all the way over to your grandfather's house was a long one and you were visibly shivering from the cold. You were cold, wet, and all you wanted to do when he answered the door was to curl up in bed and forget the last twelve hours of the day.Your legs were sore from all the walking and your knuckles were bruised from knocking on the door heavily. You wanted to just collapse on the spot and cry, but you didn't cry.

    You were stronger than that or at least that was what you liked to believe. It took all of your effort not to rush in and hug your grandfather the moment that he answered the door to see who was there. His eyes soften when he looks down at you, and even though he notices the split lip and the bruises on your upper arm he doesn't say anything about it. That was perhaps what you loved the most about your grandfather. He doesn't ask you about your problems before you feel like you're ready to open up and instead he's just there for you. You see his eyes harden and try not to flinch as you know what he's going to say next.

    "Mich-" "Zephyr." You cut him up before he can even finish saying your birthname and you insist that you would rather be called Zephyr. You never wanted to be called by the name that your parents gave you as long as you lived. It only reminds you of the resentment that your mother feels towards you for ruining her chance at an acting career by being born. It only reminds you of your father's drunken rage and how he feels trapped in his marraige with your mother. It only reminded you of how your parents told you to 'cut it out with that queer nonsense' when you corrected them on calling you their little girl by saying 'They'. Your parents knew that you were different than the other girls and so did you, but they just weren't able to handle it.

    "Zephyr, sweetie. You can't keep running away from home like that," Your grandfather started out in his best attempt at a stern voice. "I'm working with my lawyers to get legal custody of you, but if people find out you were over here without your parents' consent it could ruin my chances." Your grandfather would have went on with that trail of thought, but your body hugging his leg quickly caused him to soften up. "Well you better come inside. You're going to catch your death out here." He said before he ushered you inside and shut the door behind him.

    After warming up your bones a little bit you find yourself sitting on the sink in the tiny little bathroom of your grandparent's two story house. You make it a point not to flinch at the contact as your grandfather rubs ointment over the new set of bruise. Your willpower isn't as strong to resist flinching when he rubs a cotton swab dipper in peroxide over the cuts on your lower leg and your scraped knees in order to disinfect them. He doesn't say anything, but you can feel the disapproval in his eyes. If there's a few things you can say about yourself it's that you're resilient and you can read people easily.

    "W-Which of them was it this time?" He almost sounded afraid to ask that and on some level you could understand why. It wasn't always easy to hear that a person you raised and cared for had grown up into a terrible excuse for a human being after all. Your response is almost inaudible as you watch him finish bandaging up the worst of your cuts. "Mom." You think you can see tears well up in his eyes at that, but the look is gone before you can decipher it. Looking up in concern, you place a hand on his arm as if to say that it will be alright.

    "I hate to say it, but your mother takes too much after my sister," You look up in surprise at your grandfather. As far as you knew nobody in your family even liked mentioning your alcoholic Great Aunt. Grandpa thinks that you don't know anything about that side of the family, but you do. You've read the newspaper articles concerning the day your uncle disappeared though the date was faded with time . You've read about how your uncle went missing after she left him on a park bench and after awhile was assumed dead. You like reading. It's your only distraction from the loud fights that your parents get into every night.

    A few hours later and you're curled up on the couch in the living room looking through a photo album he let you look at. A mug of hot chocolate is sitting on the table a few feet feet away and you're practically a coccoon of blankets at the moment. Your grandpa wanted to stay up to read to you some to help you sleep, but you insisted that you were fine. Despite how much you liked the comfort you just really needed to be alone right now. You liked being alone because no one could ever hurt you when you were alone right.

    The TV was idling in the background as your gaze stopped on the most recent picture of your uncle that your grandpa was able to take. It was rather amazing just how alike the two of you looked. That wasn't to say that you looked boyish or that he looked girlish. It was just that the similarities were uncanny despite how gender ambiguous you both looked. Eventually, without even realizing, you fell asleep clutching your uncle's picture while white noise played in the background. You were hoping that things would get better when you opened your eyes in the morning.

    Ike's Freeform
    A kind and friendly Ikkakumon who found Zephyr when they showed up unconscious right next to the bay of Coela Point. After dragging his newfound charge to the relative safety of Native Forest, he proceeded to watch over the young child until they woke up. This was the start of a beautiful if not mostly silent friendship. While his human may be a mostly silent person, Ike makes up for it by being very loud. He is also a very positive Digimon who generally tries to look on the bright side of life.

    He is also a very protective Digimon. Perhaps a bit too overprotective at times. At times he can resemble a sort of father figure. Zephyr's tendency to push themselves too far tends to him a lot of concerns. His demeanor usually resembles that of a big fluffy dog who wants to have some fun. Still if someone threatens the safety of his charge then he'll do his best to look intimidating. Growling and bristling fur all included. Clearly the best guard dog.

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