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    Shibuya Rin, The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls

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    About Me...

    I suppose you could say that I’m the least qualified person to be sent to another world as a potential savior. I’m not the bravest, or the smartest. There’s nothing special about me, right? If you saw me on the street at any random day of the week, you’d maybe stop for a moment, but it’d only be because I had tripped over my own two feet. Clumsy. Yeah, if there were an award for that, then maybe I’d come out winning. It never really bothered me though. We are what we are - every single one of us. The good and the bad. That doesn’t mean we can’t be better or keep improving, I’ve certainly tried as much as I can, but it’s okay to accept the parts of ourselves that aren’t perfect.

    Those little imperfections are what make us who we are. So, long story short, I’m clumsy. I often run late. I get nervous and shy when I don’t know what to do, and large groups of people can make my heart race. When it comes down to it though, I’m also passionate. There’s always a solution to every problem, a way to fit the pieces together that maybe no one else sees, and a means to communicate between people who are too lost in their own differences to notice the similarities that are so much more important. If I knew what this odd pendant and its pretty symbol meant, I think I’d be mortified by the implication that all of this made me somehow stand out.

    Compliments are usually something I give to other people, not the other way around. Yet, there’s something that feels right in my heart whenever I’ve had to step forward in this strange place. If I were honest with myself, it’s been like that ever since my sibling fell into a coma while playing a game. There was a part of me that just knew intuitively that something was wrong, that it was something they were all missing, and that it wasn’t just a bad reaction to the gaming equipment or unacknowledged health problem. I didn’t know back then I had been searching for answers to a question I hadn’t even voiced in my own head, let alone out loud. Maybe there is a reason why it’s all happened though. Every part of it. The good and the bad. The joy and the fear. I have to believe that, otherwise I know I’ll spiral into impossible questions.

    Why is this happening? Why me? Why us? Why… Why… Why… It’s a constant in the back of my mind that I have to cut off before it overtakes everything. I have to keep some spark alive, not quite hope, but maybe a light in the darkness to follow when I feel lost. I’m scared. Then again, I think most of us are scared. No one seems to know the answers to the questions we really want to ask, like when we’ll get to go home, or what will happen to us if we stay too long here. All I know now is that I’m here for a reason. Even if that reason is to just find my sibling, to follow a chance that I might see them again, I have to hold onto it!

    The Story So Far…

    Wren grew up in California with an older sibling and two parents. It was a semi-sheltered life in that most of their needs and wants were cared for, and she didn’t have to deal with major loss or tragedy all that often. Her parents were free-spirited, or so they proclaimed quite frequently and rather loudly to anyone who seemed to be critical, and the pair were frequent activists in their community and held a down-to-earth, hands-off parenting style. Wren’s older sibling was big into gaming whereas she was more into writing, journaling, and books.

    Only nineteen at the time, she had been starting to consider transferring from a local community college to a university when her sibling fell into a coma one night while playing a game. The family barely held itself together in the aftermath, and she soon found herself escaping the house anytime it was possible. When Wren heard that others had also fallen into a coma playing the same game, and on the same night, she started trying to hunt down any information in a frenzied need to explain why her sibling wasn’t responding.

    She had assumed it was a malfunction that the company wanted to cover up, but when a meeting between others who held similar concerns suddenly became the location of a Labryinth Event, she was sucked into the Digital World. Wren woke up to an injured Devidramon crash landing nearby. Strange how sometimes a single choice can change your entire life. Instead of running away from the strange creature, she ran toward it and stubbornly stood her ground when it hissed and warned her off.

    She’d later claim it was hysterics making her think it was some sort of nightmare, but not even her dreams could conjure up the odd pendant glowing enticingly in front of her, or the weight of an unfamiliar device in her hand drawing her attention down to the nearly blinding light of destiny. The Devidramon de-digivolved to its child state, a Tsukaimon, too exhausted and injured to hold onto consciousness. Its form crackling with exposed code before it finally settled and the danger of slipping away passed.

    Something must have changed with that brilliant light, a truth that neither human nor digimon understood completely, but felt drawn to discover. Together. Wren didn’t see Devi - as she started to call the digimon - as evil. Whatever things he had done before, they were in the past. He had every chance to go down a different path. It was a couple of days until he accepted that it might be true, brought on by the fierce need to protect the human that had looked after him and endeared herself despite his better judgement.

    This time when Tsukaimon digivolved to Devidramon, Wren was amazed to see a pale creature towering over her. Still terrifying in his own right, and yet she felt no fear as she soothed the growling digimon back to its previous state - the danger of a territorial foe now dealt with. It would be like that every time Devi digivolved, but Wren wasn’t about to walk away. They were in this together now. Whatever ‘this’ was.

    Devi's Freeform
    From His View...

    I was never the best behaved digimon. When I played, it was too rough. When I wanted something, I didn't share. In a way, I suppose this was exactly what I was meant to be.

    Fantastic, right?

    Dripping sarcasm over there, but she never seems to notice. If she does, it slides off of her like water. I think I sorta like that though. There's a vulnerability there that contrasts against the strength I saw the first day we met, and it makes me want to protect her all the more for it. Me though? Well, I guess I'm just another digimon who got in over their head. Bit off too much, ended up choking. That sort of thing.

    All I wanted was my freedom. The best way to do that was power, and if it hurt someone else in the process? Well, there are things I regret. I can't deny that. It's not a comfortable feeling either. Tastes sorta like blood in my mouth if I knew how blood tasted. That's the right sort of idea at least. So, yeah, I went about fighting and claiming things for myself, and like I said, I don't share well. I still wanted more.

    Eventually that led me to pick a fight with the wrong digimon. It kicked my tail and sent me running as fast as I could go. I didn't want to. I hated the very idea of running away, but something kept telling me that I needed to live. Funny considering how I'd always had a, "die trying" sort of mentality before that. Usually I wouldn't even flinch at the idea of being erased in combat. It was the sort of thing I lived for.

    Instead, I made an eloquent nose dive right into some dirt and snarled at the little snippet of data that dared chirp at me. Said her name was Wren. Said it was a type of bird when I snapped back that it didn't sound like much of a name at all. Figures. Little, chittering.... why do I want to protect this girl again? Right. Power.... At least that was what I thought at first. It was the only reason why I silenced my snarls and became Tsukaimon again.

    Here's the really ironic part though. When I woke up, I felt safe. It was the sort of safe that I hadn't felt since those far-off memories of being in the nursery, and that power, it slipped out of my mind as I got to know my human. Still "little human" despite the change in size and my newfound enjoyment of riding on her shoulder. So, you can imagine the tantrum I was just about ready to throw down when some digimon started chasing us.

    I needed to protect her, not because she meant greater power than I had ever known on my own, but because it was her, and she looked at me with an expression I had never seen before. A part of me was almost afraid (imagine that!) of her hating what she'd see if I digivolved into Devidramon again. Little twit must have known it too because she looked at me and said a single phrase that I still haven't forgotten.

    "I'm not leaving you."

    Little, annoying bird that knew just what I needed to hear. She was the light in a lifetime of darkness.

    Weird how that kind of acceptance can change everything.

    Note: Devi goes between Free and Vaccine attributes. Digivolving with the Crest of Light has changed him a lot physically, and it's started to effect his personality too as he goes forward with the knowledge that he can still choose a different path. Usually he acts with either Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good motivations because of this depending on the situation.

    Devi's Evolutions


    Baby I
    Acid Bubbles

    Typical appearance of a Botamon.


    Baby II
    Bubbles | Bite | Acid Bubbles

    Typical appearance of a Tokomon.


    Purple Fog | Fluffy Attack | Friendly Fire

    Typical appearance of a Tsukaimon.


    Crimson Claw | Red Eye | Dark Gale

    Since meeting Wren and re-gaining his adult level, Devi appears fairly typical except for being a very light gray that's almost white rather than the normal black, and his eyes are a dark, sapphire blue rather than red - a change that only came after he became a partner digimon and his attribute shifted. His wings are not quite as torn as they once were either, and although he still maintains much of the menacing appearance of his species, he's smaller than your average Devidramon and comes to about two-thirds of their typical size.


    {Locked} Perfect
    Desolation Claw | Cyber Nail

    As a throwback to his Devidramon form, Devi will maintain the pale white-gray tones. They are mixed with slightly darker gray coloring as well on the armored parts of his body, though it can be hard to tell between the two colors depending on the light. His wings have also changed from the typical red color that Cyberdramon usually have, and show as a dark blue-violet.


    {Locked} Ultimate
    Wyvern's Breath | Dragon's Roar | Dragon Collider

    Typical appearance of a Dynasmon.
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