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    From the start, he was the 'little one'. The youngest of their little group by a bit over a decade, found and hatched as an egg and immediately, inevitably, welcomed. After all, it wasn't right to just leave a baby digimon, freshly hatching, to the world alone! So, as it was, he was the youngest one, the 'little one', the one that needed protecting. In some sense, he was, effectively, the group's future generation... for as little as that meant to a mismatched bunch of wanderers.

    In all honesty, some part of it made him slightly bitter, that he hadn't the power to do much himself... and yet, Varius still couldn't help but care deeply for those that cared for him. As they protected him, kept him fed, he swore he'd do the same for them... someday. Not for some time, though; not when he was a mere baby Yukimi Botamon.

    One thing Varius quickly noted, however, was that the little band of digimon liked to keep to their own, away from others, away from populated areas, just taking care of themselves... and picking up a few things along the way. Little trinkets, bits of info heard from passing. Even as he grew and digivolved, Varius never fully understood it... but they were his family, so it didn't really matter.

    So he started picking up the 'tricks of the trade', as it were, looking out for bits of info or anything useful to pick up, continuing along with his nomadic family, and continuing to grow and digivolve. For some time, it seemed as though he'd just be stuck as a Lunamon, a youngling, still the band's 'little one'. From territory to territory they continued to wander, Varius occasionally starting to wander off alone, curious of his surroundings, of the others around. Mostly, just curious, if remaining just about as distant as his family always did, unfamiliar as he was with interacting at all with others that weren't them. Then there was one of... those things. Pale-skinned, strange-looking... and nothing he wanted anything to do with, at least yet. Unfamiliar as he was with other digimon, whatever this was -- which he was certain, somehow, was not a digimon -- it was not something he could handle.

    So he spent a bit of time on his own, now truly separated from his family who'd seemingly run off somewhere since he'd last left them a short time before then. Cautious and careful... but all the same training himself, growing a step further into a Lekismon where he started to gain the confidence to actually fight, should he need to. All to help protect his family, should he manage to find them again... which, in all honesty, he'd relatively little confidence of, with how much he already knew of how often they wandered to somewhere new. Like that, he was all alone and on his own... a lonely life, but he'd manage, somehow. All the same, it left him free to explore his way as a Lekismon, to start meeting others and determine his own route forward, even if he missed those he was now away from.

    He'd find them, and perhaps something more... all in time.

    • Much as his family never knew it, he'd developed a great interest in music since first hearing it from afar. Occasionally he recalls a melody he's heard for a little humming and practicing a (rather clumsy) dance.
    • Loves sweet foods, though he's always had to be careful about following the scents
    • He's constantly keeping his large ears out, trying to gather info from every little thing he might hear... though it can often make him seem rather distracted


    Yukimi Botamon

    Baby I


    Baby II





    Volt Lekismon

    Adult (Slide Evo)
    A lightning-powered variant of Lekismon. Faster, if not as physically strong, and able to fire off lightning arrows from the 'quills' on its back, along with small bursts of blinding light from its gloves.





    Grace Novamon

    Super Ultimate
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