Takeshi Takano
Feb 4, 2018
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    Takeshi Takano's Quick Facts

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    Digital world
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    Warrior (D-Scanner)
    Gestalt Warrior
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    Gurren Lagann Kamina

    Mordred's Quick Facts

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    Takeshi Takano's Freeform
    Name: Takeshi Takano
    Nationality: Japanese

    Personality: Takeshi at first glance most people would say that Takeshi looks like some sort of thug, but when you get to know him. Takeshi can be a pretty nice guy who is very supportive towards his friends with him always there no matter how down in dumps they feel with him having a very optimistic look on things no matter how bad things look.

    History: Takeshi was born in Tokyo. He was raised in a strict military family who had high hopes for Takeshi as he was the only child from his father line which led to him being pressed continuously into doing things that his family want him to do, Which prompted Takeshi at the early age of 10 to begin resenting his family. He would lash out multiple times in school at that age with Takeshi starting fights in school and not show up to class when he on times with his most time arriving 20 mins before the class finished that led to Takeshi being kicked out of different schools.

    Takeshi life would get a bit better as he reached the age of 18 with his mother having given birth to another son with his dad seeing this as his second chance at making Worthy of the Takano line. Takeshi dad would cut off all contact with Takeshi entirely with him also kicking him out as well which Takeshi used this chance as a way to discover himself.

    So he would travel the world the next two years with him learning all sorts of things with him even learning bit of martial arts while on his travels but after feeling like he had seen enough of the world Takeshi decided he would go back to his family and at least try one more time to fix his relationship with his family.

    As Takeshi got to his home, everything would go all strange looking as everything began to look like data and strange looking polygons begin to appear around the place. Unsure what was happening Takeshi would open his door as he did that Bright light would blind him for just second as the blindness faded away Takeshi would realise that he has been transported to a strange unknown world.

    Mordred's Freeform
    Name: Mordred

    Personality: Mordred is an unusual Digimon as he doesn't show hunger or enjoyment from combat as most virus Digimon do but instead he prefers to talk things out instead with him not liking confrontation at all. Mordred indicates very high-level intelligence for Digimon who in his child form with him Being quite knowledgeable about things with him also having a thirst for learning new things as well with him also trying to get Takano into learning something with enjoying teaching new things to people lot as well But besides the good stuff about Mordred. There also bad traits in Mordred that he wished he never had, for example, Mordred is quite shy when talking or meeting new people or Digimon leading to him allowing Takano to do all his talking for him. Mordred also is coward with him running away at first sight of danger.

    Mordred's Evolutions

    Species Choromon

    Level Baby I
    Attribute Free

    Species Caprimon

    Level Baby II
    Attribute Free

    Species Pawnchessmon

    Level Child
    Attribute Virus
    Dark Digivolution

    Species Duskmon

    Level Adult
    Attribute Virus
    Locked Forms

    Species KnightChessmon

    Level Adult
    Attribute Virus

    Species Darkknightmon

    Level Perfect
    Attribute Virus

    Species Super Darkknightmon

    Level Ultmate
    Attribute Virus

    Species Tactimon

    Level Super Ultimate
    Attribute Virus
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