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    17 1/2
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    Digital World
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    Tactician (D-Ark)
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    Shiro, K

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    Demi Devimon
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    Tai's Freeform
    The first thing that people seem to take from meeting Tai is his courteous nature. Age, generally most behaviours, most jobs and species aren't taken in to account when Tai is interacting with someone, whether he has a small distaste for the persona or job of whom he is talking to, the young male will always try to remember his manners. He will always try to remain polite, kind as well as considerate to the needs and wants of others around him. He is generally and sincerely a really nice guy and this can be seen and heard in his speech. Always one to hold the door open for those behind him, to stand up for others whom are incapable of standing up for themselves and to help those whom are generally in need. His main concern though is his shyness, though easily able to talk about work and inform officers or follow/give orders, when talking about his own life he becomes rather shy and timid, not really sure what to say and tripping over his words. Alas such a nature can also lead him to become easily swayed by others, due to his own sincerity and kindness, he is easily led astray and can be manipulated by those whom do not have the purist of intention, coupled by his vast curiosity and risk taking nature, well this can put him in some dangerous situations. With such an easily manipulated mind, this reveals Tai is incredibly trusting in nature, he is open to trusting anyone he meets to a certain extant. Though to those whom he deems worthy enough, trust becomes unshakeable. Willing to do dangerous things for those he cares about or for those whom are in charge of him, Tai is slightly too ambitious when it comes to fully documenting his own adventure, Tai wishes to complete a photographic memory album so that he can retain all the information he needs. Such an ambitious and somewhat impossible plan right? Being a dreamer Tai tends to look on the brighter side of life and rarely focuses on doubt. Not being the most observant person in his every day life, he misses things normal people would see, like dangerous things when his mind is focused on other things. For someone so unique, one would expect a high level of honesty, expectations can sometimes be too high. To get something he really wants, Tai is willing to lie his little heart out to document an experience. When people deny him what he wants, Tai becomes rather hurt by this, thus his kind persona becomes somewhat dented, he will cry, lie, demand and become some what violent if his way is not given to him In terms of his friends, his family, Tai finds himself full of love and loyalty towards those whom have a special place in his mind and heart. It is impossible to manipulate the young man against his close friends and his allies, his loyalty to them knows no bounds. Tai has a slight fear of snakes, having been struck by a poisonous snake in his younger days, the fear of being in that much pain again caused by such creatures terrifies him. His fear of them can be quelled due to his companionship with his fellow officers, though this fear can lead to freezing up in battle or simply running away.

    Demi Devimon's Freeform
    Demi Devimon can be a rather nice and caring partner who has a silver tongue for sure, able to act all smooth and relaxing to coax information out of you. He likes to act as though he is pretty much the funniest digimon in the world and does so generally by allowing either minor secrets to fall from its abnormally large mouth OR by giving cryptic pieces of information out before covering its mouth in faux shock as if something naughty had just been said. He likes to know what is going on at all times. Though there is a few ways to shut him up, the first is feeding him. He loves food and well, with his mouth full he can't be heard properly though this does not mean he wont try to speak. The second is by bringing up his appearance in a negative light Note to all tamers, I don't recommend bringing up his appearance. It seems to be one out of two of the only things Demi-Devimon is incredibly self-conscious about and if his appearance is brought up and there is even the slightest possibility that something negative might be said then either Demi-Devimon will erupt in tears, sobbing his poor wee heart out until quilled with food and cuddles. The second this is.........singing. GOD HE LOVES TO SING. Overall when Demi-devimon was a botamon and having just hatched from his digiegg, he knew something was missing, a whole deep within the 1's and 0's that made up his heart. Whenever he would sleep, he would see the outline of a figure that made him feel such warmth. Even as he digivolved through his life into Pagumon and into Demi-devimon that hole still remained, as a Kosomon he wondered if the hole was simply out of his need to gain information, but as time passed he began to frantically search for information on the mystical silhouette. Never gaining anything his spirits have been dashed, until the day that he finds what he is looking for, may the little Demi-Devimon find piece within.

    Demi Devimon's Evolutions


    Baby I


    Baby IIl










    Super-Ultimate [Matrix Evoloution]
    [b]Dark Evo Line[/b]


    Adult [Dark Digivoloution]
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    Shiro, K
    1. MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster

      MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster

      Feb 6, 2018, Technique
      The target exhales a blast of cold air which has the potential to freeze its mark.
    2. Shellmon's Hydro Blaster Shellmon's Hydro Blaster

      Shellmon's Hydro Blaster

      Feb 6, 2018, Technique
      The target expels a high-pressure stream of water.
    3. Digmon's Drill Digmon's Drill

      Digmon's Drill

      Feb 6, 2018, Equipment
      Gives Digimon Digmon's drills on hands.
    4. Crest Dampener Crest Dampener

      Crest Dampener

      Feb 6, 2018, Tier I
      Limits target’s ability to evolve beyond Adult level. Does not work on Digimon already at Perfect level or above at the time of use. Does not prevent armor evolution.
    5. Berserk Gene Berserk Gene

      Berserk Gene

      Feb 6, 2018, Tier I
      Force any Child Digimon to dark evolve to Adult level; the Digimon will then indiscriminately attack any visible Digimon until it is either defeated or tires itself out. Does not work on crested Digimon.
    6. Omega Blade Omega Blade

      Omega Blade

      Feb 6, 2018, Equipment
      Grants the Digimon a replica of Imperialdramon Paladin Mode's Omega Blade that is especially effective against Demon Man Digimon.
    7. LadyDevimon's Darkness Wave LadyDevimon's Darkness Wave

      LadyDevimon's Darkness Wave

      Feb 2, 2018, Technique
      The target conjures a swarm of bats which siphon data away from the target when struck.
    8. Sticky Web Sticky Web

      Sticky Web

      Feb 2, 2018, Utility
      The user expels a sticky spiderweb to trap its target.
    9. Power Surge Power Surge

      Power Surge

      Feb 2, 2018, Utility
      The Digimon's next attack is treated as if it came from a Digimon of one level higher, if applicable.