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    Hey teach!

    So I'm all moved in now, I can't believe this is actually happening! The neighborhood here seems nice, there's a block party every month, apparently. You wouldn't believe the deal I got on this apartment! Like it's really nice, spacious enough I can do my art, free utilities... I can't believe how low the price was! I mean, I guess a lot of people were put off by the blood stains all over the floor and the chalk outlines but I think it gives the place character. Besides, it's not like there's gonna be ANOTHER triple homicide here, right? People worry too much.

    Either way, I'm gonna be super busy turning this apartment into a home, so I'm probably not going to be able to write back until class starts. I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay and, well, to thank you for this opportunity. It means more to me than I think I can describe. But I mean, you know that already. I just had to put it in writing, you know?

    Love ya,


    Hi Teach,

    So, a few new developments since the last time I wrote you! First of all, I got a big rug to cover up the chalk and the blood stains because they were making my guests super uncomfortable. Plus, I... I don't think my neighbors like me much. I mean I guess I have a reputation as 'the girl living in the murder apartment". It's okay though. I'll win them over.

    And it's not all bad! I made a friend! There's a sweet old lady who sits in a rocking chair outside all day. She doesn't speak a word of English but she's so happy to see me every day! She just starts shouting at the top of her lungs whenever she sees me and I'll linger and say hello and tell her about my day. It's nice, I enjoy our little talks. Sometimes she leaves me food, but to be honest I never eat it cuz it smells kinda rank.

    I got a skunk! His name is Nergal and he's the cutest thing. He makes the place feel less lonely. My parents would've never let me have a pet, bad enough they have to keep me alive and all. But hey! I'm free now and it's great! I'll write you again soon.




    You remember that old lady? The one that would talk to me all the time? She thinks, THOUGHT I was a witch.


    Because, um, I live in the murder apartment. And because I dressed like a witch for Halloween. And because I guess she thought Nergal was a black cat? Oh, and because I survived all of her attempts to poison me. ...yeah.

    Nergal... Didn't. He ate some of her food and had to go to the vet. We... We had to put him down, Teach. I didn't think I could possibly feel worse, but…

    I went to go see the old lady later. I didn't know she had been trying to poison me at the time. I just... Needed to talk to someone, you know? So I talked to her, and I decided to actually walk up and sit with her, right? And she's shouting away, like she's never done before, and I'm talking about Nergal, and I sit beside her and she just goes quiet. And I talk and I talk and when I'm done she doesn't say anything because, um, she was dead? I... I gave her a heart attack because, you know, witch. Real up close. I…

    I'm okay. The, the cops and the paramedics said it wasn't my fault, but…

    I don't know.


    What's the haps, Teach?

    Okay that was bad, I promise I won't use that one again. (Or will I? Oooooooo)

    My last letter was kinda depressing, huh? I thought a lot about what you said and I don't think I am gonna get a new pet, at least not for a while. Nergal was, IS special to me, and I'd prefer to remember the fun times I had with him than try to replicate them with another pet.

    I got a makeover! People have told me I'm trying to reinvent myself, but honestly I'm just dressing how I've wanted to dress for a while. Kind of a punky, sorta kinda goth look, you know? I dyed my hair and everything too, because, uh... It's going grey. But it's okay! My stylist told me that grey hair is totally something that can occur naturally in girls my age. Or, well, okay she said mid twenties but still! I've just been through a lot lately, I'll be fiiiiine.

    I enclosed a picture if you want to see how I look now. Don't show my parents. One of my classmates told me I looked "kinda hoey". I called her kinda fat but APPARENTLY she's just pregnant. They have pregnant teens here, can you believe it?

    Anyways, I gotta work. Write you soon!


    Hey Teach,

    I appreciate your concern about my hair. I really do. But honestly, grey hair is so much easier to dye! And I know, there's the slight chance that I'm going grey before I turn twenty because of, you know, stress. I get that. But I mean, a therapist? I don't need a therapist, I'm totally fine! Besides, those guys cost big money, don't they? I can't afford that. And I'm not taking a handout from you to pay for it. You know me, I don't take handouts from nobody.

    I mean it, Teach. The day this girl goes to a therapist is the day where I literally cannot find a single thing to be positive about. Like THAT'S ever gonna happen. Psh.


    Soooooooooo, Teach…

    Therapy, huh?

    Look, I'm gonna level with ya. I… I'm at my limit here. The neighbours keep walking across the street to get away from me, somebody's been spray painting stuff like 'Witch' and 'Murderer' on my door and I have to pay for it, I haven't been able to afford laundry in a month, I've been trying to get a job but I don't have a resume, I just… I don't wanna leave, Teach. I don't wanna quit and go home. I could do it easily, and I know it. But if I give up now, if I drop outta art school and come crawling home with my tail between my legs… mom and dad win. You get me, right? I don't want that. I can't live with that kind of a decision.

    I need your help, Teach. Cuz I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this on my own.

    Steph (Help me please!)


    Dr. Saxton is a GODSEND, Teach. I've had two sessions with him so far and I still feel like an elastic band about to snap but it's REALLY HELPING. It took me a bit, but just being able to talk about my problems helps a lot. He recommended some medication and I'm gonna be honest, I'm not really sure if I want to go through with it. I mean… I'm me. And I like me. And I want to be the real, natural me, not whoever it is these pills will make me become. Am I making sense? Probably not, when do I?

    And yet, you understand me anyways, even when I don't really understand myself. Funny, that.

    Any who, I just wanted to let you know that things are going great for me, and you've really helped me out of a jam. Thanks a million, Teach.


    Hey Teach

    So, bit of good news bad news. Good news is I finally got a job and I've been working steady hours. Bad news is the job sucks and I hate it. I've been working at this coffee shop by the college. You know, the kind with the fancy Italian coffees or whatever. Espresso. Did you know it's Espresso and not Expresso? I know this because despite thinking it was Expresso when I applied for the job, I now feel the insatiable urge to punch someone in the throat if they call it that. Ninety percent of my customers are super pretentious teenagers or upperclassmen who think they know everything about the world and espresso but don't know anything. The other ten percent are people who don't know anything about espresso, know they don't know anything about it, but still think that somehow makes them superior to me.

    Did I mention I hate this job and that I want to punch people in the throat? Yeah okay I just wanted to make sure.

    Honestly, I'm thinking I should try this whole internet thing. One of my classmates (the fat one who called me hoey and said she was pregnant. She totally wasn't pregnant Teach, she was just fat, I knew it. I mean… it was mean of me to call her that, but also she called me a hoe, Teach. Pardon my French, but bitches gotta learn.) told me that you can make and sell art online for money. Can you imagine? Getting commissions on the internets, with your computer! I'm going to give it a try.

    Do you remember when you commissioned me? I mean, I can never forget it, and I'm sure you probably remember it too. I was… I was a pretty angry kid, huh? I guess in some ways I still am. I was always a troublemaker. I guess it'd be safe for me to say that I was… let's be real and honest here, a little piece of shit.

    But you saw something in me. You could've just pressed charges and I would've been out of your life, probably slaving away doing community service until the next time I decided to deface a building. But you… you really liked my art, didn't you? Instead of just seeing some punk who wasn't gonna amount to nothing, you saw something that could grow, something… I dunno, beautiful, I guess.

    I don't know if I ever thanked you for giving me that job to do the school mural. For all the times I've thanked you, I don't think I ever have for giving me a chance. Giving me a DREAM, something to believe in and work towards. So… while it's probably cheapened some by me doing it in writing instead of in person…



    Smurf porn.

    I have spent the last three months being commissioned to make nothing but Smurf porn. I cannot make this up if I tried, Teach. I WOULD NOT make this up if I tried. There are clear boundaries in my imagination that I would never dare cross and Smurf porn is well and truly beyond every single one of them. Why are there people on the internet sexually attracted to Smurfs!? Why are those people more invested in my artwork than any of the sponsors at school!? WHY DO THEY HAVE ALL OF THIS MONEY TO SPEND ON ART OF GAY SMURFS HAVING SEX!?

    I'm sorry Teach I needed to get that off of my chest. I've drawn what feels like my hundredth blue dick and I really, really, REALLY just want to scream. I want to turn these offers down but I really need the money, Teach. The truth is, if I keep churning this schlock out I probably won't have to work full time as a barista, but… God, is my dignity worth it, Teach? Do I even HAVE any dignity, left? Oh my god I sent you that letter about you commissioning me to do the school mural and I put all of these feelings into it and it felt so cathartic to write AND THEN SMURF PORN AND I DON'T EVEN FUCKING KNOW WHAT I'M DOING ANYMORE YEAH THAT'S RIGHT I SAID FUCK I THINK I'M ENTITLED TO IT RIGHT NOW!?

    I'm gonna buy a carton of blueberries and then smash it with a hammer. Bye.


    Hi Teach,

    Please ignore my last letter. No, it was from me, and no, it wasn't written as a prank. I just… Please forget about it. Burn the letter. Put it through a paper shredder. Put it through a paper shredder and then burn the paper shredder. And then put the ashes through another paper shredder. Okay? Okay. Great.



    This is one of the hardest letters I've ever had to write. Even harder than that one letter that I never sent you that you better have destroyed all evidence of. I'm… I'm being serious here, Teach. I need you to just… please read everything and… and please don't hate me.

    I met someone. Like, MET them. In bed. And… it was a girl.

    I know what you're maybe thinking, and… yeah. I didn't know either. I honestly didn't know until it was actually… happening, you know? And then I just kinda thought to myself… "wow. …yeah, I'm actually doing this."

    I'll… spare you the details on that part. Obviously. I'm sure… I'm sure you really don't want to hear about that. Because you're a good guy and I'm way too young for you to be thinking about in that way and we're kinda… I mean… you're Teach. And I'm me. And honestly, right now I'm scared out of my mind, not because of what this means for me, but because I'm scared that… you won't like me anymore. That what I am, what I think I might be, that you won't like it. I mean, things are better now than they ever have been for the gays, but…

    I… I don't think we're supposed to call them the gays. Call US the gays. I'm really bad at this, Teach.

    Maybe I should just… start from the beginning. I was at a party, see? One of the few I actually get to go to. And I'll admit, I was unwinding, having fun, your usual 'girl at party things'. And… there was this boy. And even though I've literally never met him before, I kinda liked this boy. He was charming, kinda cute, he made me laugh. So… yeah. Eventually he asks me to go back to his place, and… god, I'm so stupid, Teach. I said yes.

    Nothing happened between us. Just so you know. I guess… they would've happened, but they didn't. This guy, he takes me back to his place, and it's in the nice part of the city. He takes me up to this swanky penthouse and I'm just… SHOCKED, you know? I mean, what was a big time fat cat like him doing slumming it up at the kinda party I'd be invited to?

    The answer, Teach, is drugs. Hard drugs. Let me make it clear, Teach. You ain't never gonna have to worry about little old me touching that stuff, no siree Bob. We get back to his place and I find out he's on stuff that I'm pretty sure the cops can arrest you for even looking at. And five minutes into me freaking out and trying to come up with an escape plan he starts freaking out even more than me. All of a sudden he's ranting about how his folks are coming and how he has to hide everything. Everything being the drugs and, you know, me. I… I'm gonna be honest, Teach. I think, in his drugged up world, he thought I was a… 'lady of the evening', so they call it.

    So this guy takes me, and he pawns me off on his neighbour, I guess she is. And I'm… I'm TERRIFIED, right? I'm freaking out and I'm panicking and everything that's been happening to me lately just comes crashing down on my head like a ton of bricks. And I'm having these images of her doing stuff like sawing me up and burying me in a quarry, or getting drugged up herself, or throwing me out the window, or any other terrible thing you can or can't imagine.

    But instead we just… watched TV and played video games. It was… it was a really nice time. And the whole time she just… listened. Actually listened, Teach. Not like the crazy old lady I accidentally killed. It felt nice. She… she made me feel better, she helped me calm down. She put up with all of my neurotic crap until finally I just felt like we were just two girls hanging out, you know? And then, she looked over at me, and she… she just kinda asked, Teach. And… I don't know why, but I said yes. So we did, and… like I said. Wow.

    Kind of a vague way to describe it, I know. But I don't know how else to put it. I, uh… I saw her again, later. I just needed to see for myself where I was going with this, what she thought of me. I guess part of me was scared that I had jumped into something I'd never do otherwise because of the night leading up to it, does that make sense? Either way, we hung out a second time, and… I had a lot of fun. This girl gets me, Teach. And at the end of our day together, she… well, she asked again. And I said yes again. And… Wow. Again.

    So… yeah. I guess I'm a lesbian now. Not really something I expected to happen when I came out here. And I guess I could've hid it from you, but… I felt like you deserved to know. More than that, I… I just really want to be honest with you. Open with you. I guess I wanna know that it's okay for me to be who I am, no matter what that is. I've told my parents too, I'm… I'm not expecting them to be receptive.

    For better or for worse, thanks for taking the time to read all of this, Teach.


    Dear Teach,

    I just want you to know that I love you. Not romantically or anything, obviously. But you've proven time and time again that you're just… you're the best, Teach.

    You'll be happy to know that my girlfriend and I are both well. She's been helping me with my commissions, you see, she has this radio show online, and she's been plugging me and giving me some attention from her fans. They don't know we're dating, they just think I'm an artist who has caught her attention. (I guess in some ways that's not entirely false, huh?) Things are actually going great for me. I've been getting enough interest now that I can tell Smurf Guy to shove off. I enclosed one of my latest pieces for you. It's a portrait of the main character of this Japanese show or something, My Girlfriend is Serial Killer? (that's not me being confused about the title, although admittedly I am. That's literally the name of the show, question mark and all.) I've got a client who is pretty into the show. She seems kinda awkward, but she pays well, treats me nice and doesn't ask me to draw Papa Smurf sodomizing anyone.

    On a sadder note… well, I guess it's supposed to be a sadder note, I honestly feel nothing about it, my parents "cut me off". Can you believe that, Teach? 'Cut me off', like it's been THEIR money that's been keeping me going this whole time. They haven't done a damn thing for me since forever, yet they think cutting all ties with me and giving me an "us or her" ultimatum will somehow win me over. I'll be fine without them, Teach. Don't you worry about that.

    Keep in touch, alright?


    Hey Dad,

    I thought long and hard about your proposal, I looked over the forms and papers you sent me, I had a lawyer look at them too, the girlfriend insisted. And… well, you got my answer at the top of the letter. I was honestly debating how to tell you that I say yes, and that was the winner. I'll admit, it feels odd to call you that. But at the same time, part of me feels relieved to do it. Let's not kid ourselves, you were more of a father to me than my old one was. You're my mentor, you gave me a dream, you gave me an opportunity, you gave me HOPE. And even when that was done and you could've easily waved goodbye as I left your life forever, you made a point of staying in my life, for my own sake.

    I guess what I'm getting at is… I dunno. But yes. I know it's not a custody thing anymore, I'm a grown woman. But… yes.

    Your loving (soon-to-be!) daughter,



    Thank you SO MUCH for the care package and birthday wishes. It's honestly one of the nicest things anyone's ever got me. Things are going great for me right now, I'm writing you this letter from the comfort of my NEW APARTMENT (!) a few floors below my CUTE, RICH GIRLFRIEND'S PENTHOUSE (!!) right before I leave for my VERY FIRST ART EXHIBITION (!!!) and then my girlfriend is taking me out on a date where we're going to have a SPECIAL TALK ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP (!!!!). Isn't that great!? She has been so distant and worried lately so I'm sure that this date will cheer her right back up! I'll let you know how it goes!


    This isn't how I wanted us to meet.

    I'm Stephanie's girlfriend. I had originally been planning to write you to ask for your blessing to marry her. I had wanted to elope because I'd really rather keep my own family out of my business, but I knew how much you mean to Steph. But now... now something's gone wrong.

    I don't know how familiar you are with the Digital World MMO. Stephanie was a fan. She had trouble stepping away from it now and then. Recently the company was going to do some updates or something to the game. I don't really know the details...

    Stephanie was supposed to disconnect before the game was shut down. She didn't. You know how she is. When things were shut down, something... something happened to Stephanie. I don't know what. The doctors don't know what.

    She's still alive, but she's not responding to anything. Not yet. I stay by her bedside as long as I can, each day. They say people in comas can hear the outside world, so I talk to her. I talk to her as much as I can, as long as I can. I'm hoping that it helps, but there's been no change so far.

    I'm sorry sir. I wish I had better news for you. I was hoping maybe you could come down and see her, maybe hearing from you is the thing she needs to start getting better. And maybe... maybe we could talk as well. If, no, when Stephanie gets better, we're going to be seeing a lot more of each other.

    Again, I'm so, so sorry.


    Garland's Freeform
    I've never considered myself a good digimon. It's never been something I've seen in myself, never been something others have called me. I've been called a lot of things in my life, "good" has never been one of them.

    At the end of the day I think the only digimon out there that're "good" are the little ones. The hatchlings that haven't figured out that they're damned yet. I know some folks tell me I'm wrong, that we've got the knights and the angels to look up to. I have to laugh. How do they think the knights and the angels of the world climbed to the top? What have any of them done for me lately? Don't look up. Look forward, move forward.

    I remember the first and last time I met a knight. That's what he told me when he saw me nipping at his heels and staring up at him like a slackjawed idiot. "Don't waste your time trying to become me." He said. "Become who you are meant to be, nothing less."

    I followed him around until I was an Impmon. He taught me how to fight and survive, but not in the way most teachers do, I don't think. He was quiet and cold, sometimes I wonder if he could even feel. I used to try and talk to him, but he had none of it. He preferred silence to small talk, action to words.

    "Most people," he'd tell me, "fear silence. They think that it means failure to communicate, that understanding cannot exist in it. Embrace silence. Listen to the world around you and enjoy the quiet, and learn to communicate without speaking. Words without thought are unnecessary."

    His lessons were silent. He performed a task, I'd emulate it. At first I didn't think he actually knew I was there, but then one night when I was struggling to understand and copy his actions, he came and stood beside me. He repeated the motions, drilling it over and over well past the point of it being a practical use of time. He didn't stop until I was able to mirror him motion for motion. Neither of us spoke a word to the other, but I think that's the moment where I came to understand him better than I ever had before.

    He left that night. I had woken up to find his camp gone, the only thing he had left behind was a message. "You're ready. Walk your own path."

    So I did.

    I still had much to learn; I had taken for granted the safety I had in the company of someone so much stronger than I. In the wilderness there's nobody looking out for your well being. Everyone and everything out there is seeing to their own survival and nobody else's, and it's easy to convince yourself that everyone else's survival is a danger to yours. No matter how strong I became, I always had to look over my shoulder for something stronger still. The wild had become my new teacher, and its lessons were harsh and cruel.

    There was a moment of respite from it all. One evening I found an egg, far from whatever home it belonged to. I was barely capable of caring for myself, but I couldn't bear to leave the thing to the danger and cruelty of the wild. I took the egg with me and cared for it as I traveled, and soon it hatched into a Mokumon. They were the most innocent creature I had ever known, and the time I spent caring for them was... It's something I look back on fondly. But all things must end, one day.

    They were taken from me in the night. I had thought my campsite safe, but a roving gang of brigands found it easy prey. They took my charge in the night, and beat me within an inch of my life for good measure. Hatred and anger consumed me due to my loss. I vowed to become stronger and hunt these outlaws down, I would take my charge back.

    I changed greatly during that time of my life. I did things I'm not proud of, and I hurt a lot of digimon in my violent quest for power. That was when I became the digimon you see now. I didn't care what I digivolved into, I only cared that I was stronger. Strong enough to take back what was mine.

    I want to say I took no joy in carving my way through my enemies, but that'd be a lie. I only slowed down when my blades were sinking into the gang leader's throat. That's when I saw them. My charge had grown since the last time I saw them. They were a DemiMeramon now, their eyes were so bright and pure...

    And when I looked in them, I saw only horror at what I had become. They didn't recognize me, all they saw was a monster that was killing everyone around them. They cried and screamed at the sight of me, and when I tried to call out to them, they ran. That's the last time I ever saw them.

    My charge was the first of many to be intimidated by my new form. For the longest time, all those that have seen me desire only to either fight me or run away. All until... This one.

    This one, strange creature from another world. This outsider came to me in the night, hand outstretched in friendship, seeking answers to questions I don't understand. She talks of things I've never seen, of ideas I've never known. She vexes me, yet intrigues me all the same. I find myself listening to her prattle and chatter like a nitwitted child. She follows me around with wide, innocent eyes and childlike enthusiasm. She admires and compliments me for things that only inspired fear in others.

    I do not understand her, yet her presence makes me feel as though I'm beginning to understand my teacher in a way I had never anticipated.

    I never considered myself a good digimon... But this strange outsider does... I want to prove her right.

    Garland's Evolutions


    Baby I


    Baby II










    Armour (Digimental of Light)


    Armour (Digimental of Purity)

    Omegamon Alter-b

    Armour (Digimental of Miracles/Destiny)
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