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Jan 9, 2018
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Sami Raines

Brave Maiden and the Hero


"We're here to save the day!" "Or not." Jan 14, 2018

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    Despite growing up in Japan, Sami takes on the last name of her American father; Martin Raines. Even though he was never present in her life, and most of her dominant traits are from her mother, Sumire Aoizame. She had a particular interest in American culture. Her mother was a prominent figure in the company she worked at, and even though she always made sure Sami was taken care of, her work came first. This gave Sami quite a bit of time spent alone trying to watch American videos online and entering English chatrooms despite not knowing any English.

    In school, Sami was always quiet and had few friends. With no parental figure other than a babysitter and no siblings, Sami was always content with spending time by herself. Quite frankly, she simply didn't know how to socialize with her peers, and she honestly didn't want to. That wasn't to say that she wasn't active, however; Sami found a particular love of various athletics. She found she played her best in sports that didn't involve teamwork, and her particular love of tennis came about that.

    Ever since Middle School, Sami's mother was absent so often that she practically lived alone. She received money to live off of every month, and some extra yen to splurge on whatever trendy accessories or outfits that were stylish at the time, but Sami never found much of a point to keeping up with the latest fashions. She decided on a much better use for her spending money. Perhaps she just wanted to meet her father for once, or that she wanted to have at least one parent that paid attention to her, but during her first year of high school, Sami decided to flee the country.

    It was fortunate for Sammi that she looked just like her mother, as with the right hairstyle and liberal use of her mother's makeup she managed to get herself to look similar to her mother's passport photo. She had enough English-speaking skills to communicate, and had a Japanese-to-English guidebook just in case. Having tracked down her father on the internet, she took a flight to Los Angeles, California. With only a map and her luggage, she tracked down her father, only to be turned away at the door at his place of business. The security made it clear that he had no interest in meeting her. Even so, Sammi wasn't going to give up that easily. She had flown across the ocean in order to see him, and she wasn't going to leave until she at least saw his face. She attempted to slip past the security guards, but in the end, she left without seeing her father. In the back of a police car.

    On the way to lockup, Sami's escort drove straight into a labyrinth event. The police car stopped up and outright died, and the officers went out to investigate. By the time they returned, they didn't find any traces of the girl, as she was now in the Digital World, handcuffed, crying, and now more lost than ever.

    Vee's Freeform
    In many sections of the Digital World, it is customary for young Digimon to select their own names, in an attempt to help identify themselves from the rest of their kin. After struggling to come up with one for many weeks, one young V-Mon decided to call himself "Vee", proud in his incredible originality. This is the tale of the incredulously idiotic Digimon with a heart of... well... something shiny.

    Despite being a combat-loving Digimon, Vee has a heart kinder than any Digimon of his kind ought to be. He seeks battles for thrills and strives to become stronger, but he's never willing to finish an opponent off due to his gentle nature. Because he actively seeks battles and desires to protect the world at the same time, it was only natural that Vee would aspire to be a hero of justice!

    While certainly not an intelligent Digimon, Vee can be oddly intuitive when he decides to use his instincts instead of his brain. And while his constant talks about heroism and justice can get grating, most people around him tend to understand he means well, and the more patient people can even learn to appreciate him for it. That said, despite Vee's generally goofy and grandiose in his mannerisms, when actual villainy is afoot, he becomes serious in terrifyingly stark contrast. That said, even when fighting the bad guys, he isn't above adding on a few more adjectives when calling out his otherwise mundane attack names.

    Lately, Vee has a strange habit of always wanting to remain in his Chibimon form. He claims it's so he can conserve as much energy as possible, but it's most likely that he likes the attention of being the most adorable Digimon in the room.

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    1. Sami Raines
      Sami Raines
      "We're here to save the day!" "Or not."
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