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    Flaky, Happy Tree Friends

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    Rosalie Fawkes's Freeform
    Rosalie is a ten year old little girl, who's grown up with a loving and protective family consisting of her parents, plus her second oldest brother, Adrian. She has an older brother Tyson, though he had moved out shortly after she was born and is living on his own.

    For siblings, Rosalie has a very close relationship with her brother Adrian. He's done as much in helping to raise her as their parents, if not more, and seems to spend every free, waking moment of his time with her. He works a lot, and she understands he's devoted to helping their family and all, and she holds a great deal of admiration for him.

    Outside of family however, she's somewhat shy and easyily intimidated. She's typically pretty helpless when if comes to defending herself, usually resorting to running or hiding behind others if she's threatened. She's pretty well a doormat and usually goes along with what other people want her to do regardless of her own wishes, especially if she thinks disagreeing is going to make them angry with her.

    Its not for lack of wanting to be brave however. Rosalie in fact, is quite a dreamer and likes to imagine herself as being stronger and more heroic. It's just, a lot easier to write about it into stories or act things out in video games, than to really put it all into practice, so that's where a lot of it goes. Fanfiction, drawings. She's actually quite the artist.

    Still, her wimpy nature has made making friends to be quite difficult for her. Bullies take advantage of her, and nicer people still eventually grow tired of constantly defending her and not really being able to rely on her for the same. Finding the courage to protect herself and her friends has proven for a long time to be a significant challenge.

    It is a challenge she will soon have to overcome. After an incident with the MMO VR game she'd been playing has left her unconscious in the real world, she's now found herself trapped in the digital world unable to logout, with a new friend who's intent on pushing the matter.
    • Her brother Adrian is actually her father, but she is unaware of this
    • She typically carries a backpack with a notebook that she keeps for writing down ideas and story excerpts.
    • She has a severe allergy to strawberries
    • Would really like to own a cat, but their apartment isn't pet friendly

    Ignis's Freeform
    Ignis' early years were peaceful ones, lived under the protection of a motherly Hackmon who had taken him in. She had doted upon the little Jyarimon, and protected him, fighting off anything that dared threaten them. Ignis grew up, always feeling safe with Hackmon always there to keep him that way. Even after digivolving to Gigimon, he wasn't very interested in fighting for himself. He took his mother's guardianship for granted, and one day, he'd come to regret ever taking her for granted.

    It had been an angry Ogremon that had been the end of her. It came, looking to expand his territory, and decided he wasn't going to tolerate the presence of their den on the land he sought to claim. Hackmon had fought viciously, but the Ogre was far too much for the dragoness to handle on her own. Standing no chance of being any help, Ignis could only obey her command to run, and so he did, not daring to look back to see the digimon who had cared for him being reduced to digidust.

    The experience had hardened the once joyful and friendly young digimon. He became less sociable, and more cautious about making friends and forming any sort of attachment to others. He became more obsessed with getting stronger and becoming self-reliant. He wanted more to be able to protect himself and others, before he allowed himself to open up. He wanted friends that he didn't need to rely upon, but could rely upon him.

    His attitude is quite bitter however, and he quickly becomes resentful of those that more freely rely upon others more than they do themselves. He wants them to learn better, and tends to distance himself from those that prove to be stubbornly needy. He speaks bluntly, and cares little for what others think of him, and often comes across as a bit of a jerk and kind of harsh and even aggressive. Its a very thick layer of him, but deep inside he does care more than he really likes to admit.

    He's lived a fairly nomadic life, not in one place for all too long, and simply working towards training himself and building up his strength. It'd be a quiet and lonely for him, but eventually that would change. He'd wake up with a strange feeling, an instinct that drove him into File Island's jungle. There he would come across a small, human child. Despite his reluctance to be involved with someone who quickly proved to be heavily dependent and sheltered, he found himself unable to turn away from her.

    Ignis's Evolutions
    Baby I
    Baby II
    Guilmon X
    Maintains the red and white coloring and black markings of his previous form.
    Super Ultimate
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