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    [ trigger warning: domestic abuse - implied sexual assault ]
    You don't exactly remember when it was that you stepped into this strange, strange place. You were headed for the subway system, surrounded by other people that were doing much the same as you were, on their way home from work, from school, or from both. And then they were gone and you were alone, and things were strange and dark and... different. At first, you think that you're finally starting to let it all go and to lose it, but you stop and attempt to recompose. You take a deep breath. And then you start at the beginning.

    Your first memory is from when you were twenty-two months old. You, a man, and a woman are on a boat in a Japanese bay; the woman is watching you carefully, making certain that you don’t fall over the edge, and the man is assuring her that he isn’t going to let anything happen to you. You have a hard time remembering his voice, or the way that his hands felt when they wrapped around you to pick you up. But his skin is tan and weathered, and he’s young, wearing brown, green, and beige camouflage, his blonde hair shimmering in the sunlight as you start to fuss and he tells you to calm down. You’ll be okay. It’ll all be alright. Everything will be alright. He’ll always be there to make sure you’re safe. He’s your dad, after all.

    Well… that was a lie, even if he meant it at the time.

    The next thing you remember is a few months later, after your second birthday. You’re maybe two and a half now, and you’re learning quickly; you’ve taken to water like a fish, and you doggy paddle in the bathtub like a real champ. Mom and dad are proud of you. It’s early in the morning in the summer when they get word that he’s being deployed. You don’t know what that word means, and for some strange reason, no one will tell you. Maybe it’s because you’re a toddler and you don’t understand, but you understand the long silences between mommy and daddy and that mommy is crying herself to sleep at night. You don’t understand why daddy has to leave. You’ll never understand why he had to go.

    A week later you and mommy are in the big city, at the airport, saying goodbye to daddy. You’re crying, she’s crying, and he can barely hold it together. Whenever he takes one look at you his tears well up, but you don’t notice because you’re so young. It gets even worse when you shout after him as he goes to board his plane, crying out for him not to go. You don’t understand why he’s going, where he’s going, or why he isn’t going to be around all the time anymore. Your cheeks are stained with tears by the time that your mom is able to get you to leave the terminal, holding you close to her chest and caressing your head in her hand the way that she does. It doesn’t take long for you to fall asleep.

    You remember moving to America, where grandma and grandpa live in a town called Boston, but mom is determined to keep doing things on her own and knows that dad will be coming back to you one day, and hopefully soon. You don’t like the plane ride because it feels like it takes more than a day but really, you slept through most of it and the issue was that your ears were uncomfortable due to depressurization. Boston is a weird place because all of the people talk funny and a lot of the time they rely more on the cars. The apartment that mommy finds is smaller than the small house that you’re used to, but you adjust.

    You remember being four and waking up to a loud banging on the door. You remember mom falling to her knees sobbing and asking what’s wrong. You remember being told that daddy wasn’t going to be coming back, and most of the rest is a blur. You remember trying to get him to wake up when you see him lying in the casket, still as he ever has been, all color drained from his face. You don’t understand the finality of such things, you’re a preschooler and you just want your dad to come back. But everyone keeps telling you that he isn’t going to come back, and asking you if you’re okay. It doesn’t really set in until the end of the day and you see mommy asking grandma and grandpa for help. You break down when close the casket and bury him.

    Grandma and grandpa do help, but they don’t do it invasively. They offer money every now and again so that you and mom can get by. You’re seven now, and mom explains to you that you’re her whole world and that she couldn’t be doing any of this without you. You don’t quite get it, but you smile and nod; everyone that knew your dad keeps telling you that you look exactly like him, especially when you were his age. You’re beginning to resent it, but you ignore it. Your uncle is training you and your cousin in basic hand to hand exercises, but then she gets attacked by a bunch of chickens and you have to stop while she recovers. At least your swimming is going well. You recently got accepted into a juniors’ swim team.

    When you’re ten your mom gets told that you aren’t paying much attention in class, and that you have something known as ADHD. You realize it’s probably true but you don’t like the fact that the label is getting thrown at you without your permission, so you lash out at your mom and at the school guidance counselor and wind up at the park for three hours. You’re found by a police officer that has your picture, but remarks that he recognized you especially because of the freckles on your face and the fact that he knew your dad when he was your age. This just makes your cheeks redden as you get mad and begrudgingly agree to let him take you home, defeated and almost ashamed.

    After the incident with the guidance counselor, mom decided to go to grandma and grandpa again with help paying to tuition for a new school - an all boy’s prep school. You have the grades for it, and you definitely qualify. Middle school and high school classes are all held on the same campus and they’re more equipped to deal with the things that you need, and they think that it would be good for you. They agree, and though you don’t want to leave your friends behind, you agree too. After a few months here you begin to settle in nicely, make new friends; you’re a metaphorical ball of sunshine, joining the school’s junior swim team. You begin to notice that your gaze lingers on the other boy’s in the locker room a little longer than most. You’re twelve.

    When you’re thirteen you end up kissing one of your friends in the courtyard at school in the heat of the moment. You’ve been aware that you liked boys since that day in the locker room, but you weren’t exactly sure what that meant. The other boy reciprocated and for a while you were together, you came out to your mom and she was happy for you. She told you that she had known since you were a little boy. The other boys started teasing the two of you, so after a few months, you called it off. That was depressing for you. At least you have high school to look forward to.

    High school was full of new, different, and exciting challenges. You didn’t really move schools, just moved up from one grade to another and now you spend most of your classes across campus from where you did before. It’s a small change, but it’s enough that for the first few weeks of the year you and a few other students are thrown off enough to be just a little bothered by it. You’ve begun swimming competitively, and you’re the star of the swim team, which feels like something natural to you. The kids here aren’t picking on you as often as they used to, and when they do you just offer them a snarky response right back at them. As is your way.

    ROTC has made it’s way into your weekly regime; initially, you were apprehensive when your uncle brought the idea up. He had trained you for most things so he told you that he was sure that you would be a natural, just like your father had been in the army. You snerked at him and walked away, and it took Megan explaining to you what he meant to get you to calm down and actually consider it. You still don’t decide, even after going back home and talking to mom about it. She thinks that it’s a good idea, and eventually, you give in. You sign up and you’re good at it.

    Dad would probably be proud.

    Fast-forward two years; you’re enjoying yourself. You're much better adjusted than you had been before, and you're spening your time doing things that are far more productive than you had become used to. About a year and a half ago you discovered a passion for music, something that you hadn't expected - and a talent all the same. You've been harnessing that since you discovered it in your spare time. It's this talent in music, and a showing at the school talent show, that catches his eye. The new kid at school, the tall, dark, and handsome one that has a pretty clear chip on his shoulder. It's flattering. It's been a while since you had this kind of attention, since Alex left.

    He says that he likes your voice and the way that you play your guitar and he seems genuine, so you believe him. Mom is always busy and the rest of your family has had time to see you less and less, and for some reason, your friends were coming around less and less than they had before now. There was Sam, there would always be Sam, but she was so busy and you didn't want to bother her. So you fell in love, with his words and his voice and the attention that he gave you, with the feeling that he caused to appear in the very pit of your being. You fell in love with not just him, but with the idea of him, and how he made you feel. How he made you feel about yourself.

    And for a while, things were pretty great. Things got serious pretty fast even though you didn't let him get in the way of your grades or your music - you eventually let ROTC slip, but you know how to handle yourself and everyone understands. You've got more things going on, your music is your priority, harnessing your sound and enjoying the things that come to pass. You're happy, genuinely happy, for the first time in what felt like forever. Mom is happy for you, and she's nurturing her, even if you start to become busier and as your schedules mix you start to see her less and less. For the first time in forever you feel like you're winning - you're slowly becoming a Digitube star, and people believe in you. Mom believes in you. Megan believes in you. Sam believes in you. He believes in you. Dad would believe in you.

    You were sixteen when things changed between you and Him. Your seventeenth birthday is fast approaching and He decides to surprise you with a trip overseas, to London, just the two of you. However reluctantly your mom agrees, a sneaking suspicion in her gut that it may not be the right decision. You didn't do anything wrong (right?), you just wanted to go see Big Ben; you were only here for a little bit of time and you hadn't seen much yet, and you were excited, maybe a little overeager. You left a note telling Him that you would be back later, and when you got back, he hits you. He tells you that it was selfish and inconsider of you.

    He makes you promise that you'll never do it again.

    When mom asks about the bruises, you tell her that you fell off of a statue trying to get a stupid picture taken, and landed right on your gosh darn face. She believe you, only because she has no reason not to. You're her baby boy. You would never lie to her. The rest of the trip is tense and spent almost entirely in the hotel room; all you want to do is go home, and whenever he raises his arm or moves too quickly, you flinch. You expect that he's going to do it again. You're right, but the next time it's worse.

    You were just being selfish.


    It doesn't matter that it feels like something is being taken away from you, that you're being degraded and forced to become someone else that you're not. Things continue this way and the bruises become less obvious. You stop fighting it. Your smile becomes dimmer, but not enough that people really notice. Whenever someone asks if something is the matter, you don't answer them, and soon enough it's graduation. Your career as a Digitube star is booming, you have so many followers, you've graduated and you're getting into a good music school in New York, you have a guy that loves you, and you have so many friends! You have so many reasons to be happy!

    So why is it, then, that Sam finds you crying in the bathroom? Why do you tell her that everything is okay when she asks you once again what the problem is?

    No one seems to know that there's a problem and if they do then it's nothing that they can prove. You don't say anything. Your fans have no idea, and soon enough, the two of you are off to New York. He isn't going to college, but he gets a job tending a local bar with a fake ID. You start spending less and less time with him as the months and years grow on, which becomes a problem. You're twenty when it happens, when it becomes worse than it ever has before now. You've just been contacted by a major recording company about your music - they want to help you produce an album. You agree! You're excited!

    He's not. That night you get beat to the point of broken ribs - nothing that people will notice. You've been spending too much time dealing with your music and with school, he explains, but you disagree. Clearly though he is right. He can see things differently than you do. He says that you need to take some time away, and you think that he's right. You decide to go somewhere after you get your bachelor's, which doesn't take long. You're a college graduate and soon enough you're on your way to his family's home town in Alabama, and every moment on the way there, your skin is crawling and telling you that this is a mistake.

    The first night there that's proven to you. You feel violated. You feel like he's stripping away everything that ever made you, you. You feel dirty. You can't get clean. The next night is the same, and the next, and the last. Every part of you is screaming that this isn't right, and you're hurting. Your fingers are shaking and you're heart is racing when you're packing your bag in the middle of the night while he sleeps, you're worried that he's going to wake up but even more than that you're worried that the secret the two of you now share is going to get out. You need to get away. You need to get away fast.

    At least you'll always have Boston, and that's where you go. Everyone that cares for you can tell that something has changed in you, but your fans are none the wiser, and neither is your manager. It doesn't take long for him to text and to call off the hook, and he tells you that you're worthless, you don't deserve him or anyone and you can never be loved again. And he's right. You can't. You're damaged beyon repair, aren't you? No one will understand. You can't, and don't, let anyone know what has happened to you. You aren't prepared to have that conversation. This is you now, in a constant state of surviving but not living, looking over your shoulder to see if you're being followed. Being terrified of seeing him again.

    But at least you don't have any more bruises.

    You take a deep breath, and flash forward to today. You have a lunch with your mom in a half hour, but you don't know where it is that you are - it sure looks like the subway, but it's not, is it? You hear the cackling of a witch somewhere in the background, and then you're knocked over by a gale of a wind, there's a feather and a flash of steel...

    Raphaela's Freeform
    Raphaela the D'Arcmon, a digimon that prefers to go by the name 'Rae' for short, is a shimmer ray of hope in an otherwise dreary world - particularly for River himself. Though she is not exactly optimistic, instead choosing to follow a path of pragmatism, she chooses to see the best in people and believes that there is no such thing as an individual being irredeemable. She is known to give people more chances than they probably deserve, and though that in itself may not exactly be pragmatic, she believes that anyone can change if they believe they can. She speaks properly, and is rather intelligent, though she finds human beings to be rather strange - if fascinating. She cares more than she probably should, and will unrelentlessly pursue what she believes to be the best future. And what better way to do that than set an example yourself?

    Rae met River in the middle of a Labyrinth Event where she saved him from being attacked by a villainous Witchmon about a month and a half ago, and the both of them returned to the Digital World together, only to find themselves paired with one another.

    Raphaela's Evolutions


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