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    Hatching in Tropical Jungle of the Jungle Region, the Leafmon that came out of the DigiEgg from day one lived a life of survivability, as the area was filled to the brim with insectoid Digimon much larger -not to mention stronger- than him. Still, mostly due to luck the Baby Digimon survived long enough to reach its Child form of Wormmon when suddenly his luck seemed to have run out, as a Kuwagamon had found the Larva Digimon and decided to make him its target.

    Still, though up against a foe that he obviously didn't stand a chance against, the Wormmon struggled till the very end and fought with everything he had, though the end result was something that anyone could expect. But, just as the Kuwagamon was about to finish the Larva Digimon, a clear roar followed right after by a flash of energy annihilated the Insect Digimon.

    Left momentarily silent in his confusion of what just happened, the Wormmon got his answer with a Bancho Leomon approaching. The Beast Man Digimon had seen what happened and out of simple curiosity observed the one-sided fight between the Child and Adult level Digimon, but after witnessing the fighting spirit and want to survive the Wormmon had shown the Bancho Leomon made the decision to save it. Perplexed by this logic, the Wormmon couldn't help but question this a bit, asking that why would that make the Beast Man Digimon want to save him if seeing him in trouble didn't. Bancho Leomon simply laughed at this and explained that he is not the sort of person who goes around playing hero or anything, but instead follows his own "Justice", which is that of respecting and helping those showing guts and spirit. If you didn't have those, in the Bancho Leomon's eyes you weren't worth the trouble. The Wormmon was left silent in admiration. He didn't completely agree with the Beast Man Digimon's "Justice", but he had only admiration for the devotion he had for his own principles. Because of this, the Wormmon said what he was thinking at that very moment, asking the Bancho Leomon to train him to get stronger and teach him in the way of following his own "Justice". Though it was this time the Beast Man Digimon's turn to be silent in response, soon after he simply let out a roaring laughter and agreed to do exactly that.

    Kaizer, the Bancho Leomon, gave the Wormmon at the very start of the training a strong sounding name, one that he could carry with pride: Reid. With Kaizer's guidance, Reid started training not only in combat but also in the Bancho way of following one's own "Justice". This special Bancho training at the same time gave Reid better understanding of himself, but also reinforced the admiration he had for his teacher, as Kaizer at no point told that what the Wormmon's "Justice" should be, instead encouraging him to discover it on his own and stick to it.

    With time passing, Reid reached his adult form of Stingmon and while he still had yet to completely understand what his own "Justice" was, Kaizer every time told him that he was in no hurry to find out what that was, because it had to be something you had to think about long and hard, as it was supposed to be something you could live by. Still, as he was now a Stingmon, the Bancho Leomon started to see that the training was nearing its end, telling Reid that they will have to soon part ways. Though a bit sad to hear this, the Stingmon was ready for it, as this was an opportunity for him to start traveling around File Island to find his own "Justice".

    Sadly, the goodbye the student and the teacher were going to get wasn't the one they had been planning, as one day while training all by himself, Reid was attacked by a Gran Kuwagamon. Seeing that fleeing was impossible and not knowing at all if his teacher would be around to save him, Reid stood his ground just like that time with the Kuwagamon and fought bravely, the result being extremely similar to the last time he fought a desperate battle with him being at death's door. Just as the Gran Kuwagamon was about to deal the final blow with a blast of darkness, Kaizer yet again arrived to his rescue, blocking the attack. Praising his student's efforts, the Bancho Leomon told Reid to rest and started to battle the Gran Kuwagamon. The battle was on a completely different level of everything that Reid had seen before and he couldn't take his eyes off of the fight, looking at every single moment with deep admiration for his teacher.

    Things took a turn for the worse, however, as the Bancho Leomon begun to lose ground, being outlasted by the Gran Kuwagamon. They had been about equal in strength, but the Insectoid simply had more stamina. The fact the Beast Man Digimon had taken a couple of severe blows didn't help. Seeing this, Reid stepped in, and though at first Kaizer told him to stay out of the battle, through the stubbornness of the student the teacher had no other choice but to let him do what he wanted. The teacher and student duo then fought the Gran Kuwagamon together, ultimately standing as the victors, and while Reid roared to the heavens in their survival of that ordeal, Kaizer remained silent as he slowly started to disappear. Noticing this, the Stingmon turned silent in an instant, simply frustrated at the fact that there was nothing he could do except to respect his teacher's final moments in silence. Right before the last remains of his presence were gone, Kaizer told that he was glad to have met Reid, hoping that they would cross paths again, even if the Digimon meeting him wouldn't be Kaizer himself, and gave his last words of encouragement to his student, telling to live a life that he wouldn't regret while following his own "Justice". And with that, Kaizer was no more, leaving a mourning Reid behind.

    After that, the Stingmon left Tropical Jungle behind and begun traveling around File Island, searching for his "Justice", and while he made some progress in realizing what "Justice" meant for him there never were any clear thoughts or answers in his mind. For a long time he struggled with this, more than a bit frustrated, but everything started to become clearer for Reid one day as he woke up in somewhere completely foreign to him. It was almost like a forest of cement, with plenty of things that seemed like something out of a completely different world to the Stingmon. Confused, yet curious, he started to explore the area around him and even came across other Digimon, who were just as confused as he himself was about this all. The biggest surprise in this all however for Reid was his discovery of beings similar to some Digimon -yet fundamentally very different, and not only in size- who were being targeted by a Dark Tyranomon. Something at that very moment clicked in Reid's head and before he even knew he was attacking the Dinosaur Digimon to protect the beings who seemed as fragile as a Baby Digimon in the Stingmon's eyes. Successfully protecting these creatures with the Dark Tyranomon disappearing, the two creatures seemed at first afraid, but after Reid introduced himself and asked if the two were okay, they seemed to relax.

    The creatures turned out to be something called humans, human children to be exact, and their names were Arata and Kikyo. They were apparently from somewhere called Tokyo, Japan on Earth and had no idea how they ended up in this strange version of the area they lived in. Though neither side was sure of what was going on, Reid made the proposition to stick together for now, as he could protect the two if other violent Digimon were to come. The children had nothing against this idea and so the trio began exploring the Labyrinth. During their explorations, Reid ended up fighting with a couple of more Digimon and the human children ended up finding two Child level Digimon, with whom they seemed to bond unnaturally quickly.

    Things ended up taking a turn to the stranger, as the group made a stop to rest, suddenly they found themselves -without even noticing at first- back in the Digital World. Though relieved to find himself back in his own place, the children themselves now found themselves in a world completely foreign to them, and to add more to the confusion they had strange devices and pendants now, which Reid as well had, though he had one device less.

    Figuring that he couldn't leave the children alone, as two Child level Digimon weren't going to be able to protect them if things took a turn for the worse, the group remained together while Reid did his best to teach them about the Digital World, helped immensely by one of the devices they all had, which had a map of File Island in it.

    While their travels were going fine for the most part and Reid actually started to realize what his "Justice" was, thanks to his experience in protecting the children -which was to simply help those that lacked the strength to protect themselves, to carry the weight they can't for them and such- one day the group was attacked by a group of four Adult level Digimon. Reid fought bravely, encouraging the children to run, but while he was able to take one of the foes down the Stingmon was starting to be overwhelmed. At this, the children couldn't run and as they tried to help Reid, they ended up in danger themselves. Things would have ended tragically if it weren't for the Child Digimon suddenly evolving and saving their partners. Now with two Adult level allies, Reid was able to take down the rest of the foes, and with the battle over the just-evolved Digimon reverted back to their Child forms.

    It would take a bit of time for the whole group to fully understand what was going on, but at the end, the children and their partners were now able to willingly access into a temporary evolution. Seeing that the children now had access to strength to protect themselves, and with assurance they'd be just fine with their partners, Reid left the children behind, trusting their words. He did tell them to contact him if they ever needed help though.

    Well over a month has passed since then now, and now with a clear idea of what his own "Justice" is, Reid travels File Island in search of those who need help, be they Digimon or human.

    + When parting ways with Kikyo and Arata, Reid received a scarf from the two as a thanks, though it was a bit too small for the Stingmon. Thankfully its data could be easily rewritten and ever since then he has been going around with a dark red scarf wrapped around his neck.
    + Reid likes to do witty banter during a fight and spouts (in his opinion) cool lines, especially when evolving or finishing a foe.
    + He plays a theme song in his head during fights and evolutions.
    + He has befriended plenty of humans ever since he went separate ways with Arata and Kikyo, helping a lot of them and telling every single one to contact him if they ever need help.
    + He will never willingly go to any of his pre-Stingmon forms. There are many reasons for that, one of the biggest ones being that having hands is too convenient.
    + Falls for your typical beautiful Digimon (Angewomon, Lilamon, etc) at the drop of a hat and has been rejected plenty of times (actually every time). He's very insecure about it.



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      As a true man, I live for my own "Justice"!
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      As a true man, I stand for my own "Justice"!
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      As a true man, I stand for my own justice!
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