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Oct 19, 2017
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January 4

Ramiro G. Eldgridge

Restless Vagrant, Male

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    Hokkaido, Japan
    Évora, Portugal
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    Tactician (D-Ark)
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    Hisao Nakai, Katawa Shoujo

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    Ramiro G. Eldgridge's Freeform
    (There's a TL;DR below that I recommend if you want to avoid this long winded mess.)

    I've never been someone who's good with words, that's something I can easily admit.

    It's almost ironic, given the amount of words I know, that I never know the proper time to use them.

    Does that make sense? I think it does... maybe that was a bad start, let me try again.

    Hi, my name is Ramiro G. Eldgridge. I was born January 4th, 2010, in Évora, Portugal, youngest in a family of six brothers, where I lived for the majority of my life. Portuguese is my native tongue, but early on in Kindergarten I started learning English and Mirandese as well, Mirandese as my father was from Vimioso, and English as my mother was from London, and they both wanted our family to keep up with our heritage.

    Aside from that, my early childhood was spent pretty lazily. My parents' attention was always on my brothers for their academic and athletic successes, and there was nothing I was motivated to do, so I didn't do much of anything. That was alright with me.

    Friends weren't something I had a large amount of, but In my 7th year I tried to change that, by fitting in with one of the more popular cliques.

    I guess they weren't the best choice. I won't go into detail, but I ended up getting suspended because I took the blame for some shit they did. I didn't really try to make friends after that. They were never punished for what they did to our teacher's classroom, and I resent them for that.

    My grades up to then were a series of barely passing, and my attendance had been worse than spotty, but after that I somehow cared even less than I already did about school, and I ended up failing my 7th year as a result and had to stay back.

    The worst part wasn't that though, I could deal with taking the same classes again. It was that my parents didn't seem to care. I told them expecting to get yelled at for being the worst of the lot they had seen, and for being nothing like my older siblings, but got none of it. Instead, they reassured me that they're proud I'm just doing my best. I don't know why that pissed me off so much, I should've been happy that they weren't upset with me, right?

    Our family was poor, even for our family size, so we never had much in the way of technology. I knew what computers were, I had heard of them, but I never actually used one until my 8th year, age 14, when I took a computer class out of disinterest with any of the other enrichment courses.

    That led to video games, which led to the internet, which led to anime. It was something I could keep my attention on. There was a professional computer programme my teacher told me about that I could take in secondary education, but I'd need better grades in order to be accepted for the classes. Had nothing else in mind, so I suddenly dedicated all of my time to school.

    From when I was awake to when I collapsed in exhaustion I studied and worked, and started pushing obligations familial and personally both aside. It was worth it, I thought. Nothing else mattered. In my 9th year I took Spanish as my foreign language class.

    10th year, age 16, it was the first time I received excellent on my grade list, in every class save physical education. Athletics weren't necessary for computer work.

    At the end of my 11th year, I took an exam for two of the subjects of my course, physics and chemistry, and scored a 96. I showed the score to a few of my schoolmates, who insulted me by saying it didn't count, as I was a "repeater," so I should've already known the material. I showed the score to my family - the brothers that had always reigned their academics over me were disgusted that I thought I was better than them, while I only wanted to be on an equal level to them, and my parents who were somehow proud of me failing a year seemed just as disinterested as back then, only proud that I had apparently found what I wanted to do, but not enthusiastic about my success.

    I wasn't sure what I was working so hard for. My peers didn't care, my brothers didn't care and my parents certainly didn't care. I wasn't even sure if I cared. But, technology was a gateway to a better life, and a better world, that's what I was taught. A world meant for me. One day they'd know my face, and my name, and they'd know that that was what I worked for. What I deserved.

    Portugal wasn't where I'd find that though, I had decided. It's not that there's anything wrong with Évora, other than it's too hot, but there's nothing right with it either. Nothing ever happened there. Every day was the same thing, and no amount of knowledge would create opportunity there, so I made a plan to leave to a land with more of a fantastical reputation.


    I wouldn't abandon my history, it was my family's negligence that strove me to better myself, and as such I would carry their name and heritage with me. I kept up with Mirandese and English in whatever spare time I could manage as a result.

    At the end of my 12th year, age 18, I took an exam for Portuguese, and one for computing and mathematics. I aced both.

    I applied to Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, a polytechnic institution, but the idea was to get accepted into a transfer program with a Japanese university for my second year.

    I was accepted into an exchange program with Hokkaido University, and was to be sent over when my second year of higher education started, September of 2029, as that's when school starts in Portugal, as opposed to Japan's start in April. It'd give me around 8 months to adapt to the place, and to my host family. I didn't say goodbye to my parents, nor my brothers, all of who were still living in the same shack we grew up in. I packed my things and went on my way. I didn't know what to say to them, as they were mostly strangers to me.

    My new family lived about 40 minutes away from the university by train, still in Sapporo, right by the Hokkaido University of Science funny enough. They had one son but he had already moved out. They were kind, and I was polite and respectful in return, but I didn't feel much for them. There were other things to keep my mind focused on, after all, such as talks about the future of virtual reality coming soon. I don't care much for hearsay, but even I get somewhat invested in rumors like that.

    January 4th, 2030, my host family bought me one of the new VR headsets that had just come out, to welcome me into their home, and for my birthday obviously. The only thing worth buying this for was a game that'd come out later that month, at least the alpha for it anyways, Digital World. That was the name of it, generic but it sells the point across well, a life that's supposed to be better than this one. I'm not much for MMOs, or any multiplayer game really, but with a name like Lazarus, the company had sold me to at least take a test run.

    The world was like something you'd imagine while under the pressure of oncoming exams and coffee. Virtual reality was a new venture for me, and the possibilities for this technology were endless. Unfortunately the gameplay itself lived up to as much as I thought it would, it was just a large social hub. Until they came out with newer updates, like anything more singleplayer based, I figured I'd stop playing. More important things to do.

    Shortly after the game's alpha launch, there was an explosion of news about something that occurred down in Tokyo. Parts of a park started experiencing weird anomalies, with the ground phasing in and out of reality like a hologram, trees and benches turning into jumbles of binary and 3D polygons, and strangest of all were reports of monsters - crimson red stag beetles and dinosaurs with cannons for arms the size of semis - appearing and vanishing around the vicinity. The media was trying to cover it up, but word got around fast. It was definitely some story, UFO and bigfoot sightings weren't a pastime of mine though. A couple weeks later Digital World was going under maintenance to fix some issues they were having, not that I was playing it, just keeping up with the updates to see when something interesting was being added.

    March, 2030, people that hadn't logged out before Digital World shutdown were apparently in comas and couldn't wake up, even when the servers came back up. Who could've guessed that a machine that takes over your nervous system could cause such a catastrophe? Coincidentally rumors of these events where areas digitize and monsters appear were more prevalent than ever. People really wanted to ride off the scare.

    April 1st, 2030, school at Hokkaido University starts.

    April 12th, 2030. Today.

    My day started typical. I changed into my school clothes, left my room, having stayed up through the night studying, skipped a shower, skipped breakfast, grabbed another coffee, and didn't say goodbye to my host parents as I walked out the door at around 4:30 am.

    I had to be in class for 6, my usual route consisted of walking from my house through Hoshimiryokuchi Park (lit. star view green space park), down to Hoshimi Station, take the train to Seon Station, and then walk through town to the University, all taking about an hour and twenty minutes.

    The trip probably could've been shortened by ten minutes if I didn't walk through the park first. It was largely just trees and dirt roads, but the stone walkway hoisted far above the dried up creek was compelling for some reason. It wasn't anything complicated, a bridge of sorts with three paths leading to our street, the park, and Hoshimi Station, lit up by lights embedded into the railings on the sides, meeting at the center into some kind of stargazing spot. It just felt nice to stop and look over the town and sky on my way to school.

    On the way out of the door, I noticed that it felt chillier than it should've for April, even for this early in the morning. Glad I brought my school blazer, and my sweatshirt was always in my bag, just in case. I walked down the street, onto lone dirt road, and up the white-bricked path to the semi-circular vantage point and turned to look over at the buildings in the distance.

    20 years brought me here.

    I'm sleep deprived, filthy, out of shape, almost 11,000 kilometers away from my home country and anyone I used to know, and I haven't made a single friend since I arrived to Japan.

    And yet I don't think I should regret any of my choices. I'm more educated than anyone in my family, I'm experiencing that which many only fantasize about, and soon enough I'll be pursuing my ideal career field once I graduate. Above all else, I made it here alone, without anyone's support. I should be content, right?

    I should be happy.

    Backing away from the edge, I started walking to the other side of the three-pronged bridge, prepared to carry on with my new life.

    As I did, a couple of the bricks underneath started flashing and flickering like broken computer monitors. Japan wasn't the world for me after all.


    • English/Portuguese heritage/ethnicity.
    • Melancholic childhood.
    • Failed 7th grade and stayed back a year.
    • Took a computing class in 8th grade.
    • Graduated and enrolled into a Portuguese Polytechnic Institution for a year before transferring to Hokkaido University.
    • Planned to dual major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science.
    • Received a VR headset for his birthday, but wasn't very interested in Digital World.
    • Wandered into a Labyrinth Event on his way to school.
    • Has learned Portuguese, Mirandese, English, Spanish, and Japanese, but in terms of fluency the order is Portuguese, English, Japanese, Mirandese, and Spanish.


    • Ramiro is 170cm tall, or 5'6".
    • His favorite video game genre is grand strategy.
    • In 11th grade, Ramiro had his first and only girlfriend, but the relationship only lasted an afternoon.
    • Ramiro has a secret interest with the occult, and with ancient religions.
    • He's allergic to most peppers.
    • He suffers from Alexithymia - a personality disorder defined by the inability to identify and describe one's emotions, and insomnia.

    Calab's Freeform

    • Born in Primary Village along with his twin.
    • Evolved to Child level, and caused an accident in the village, the two to running away as a result.
    • His twin decided that their names are Calab and Freilu, though he's not really sure what the purpose or meaning of them are.
    • Wandered around File City with Freilu, conning people into thinking the two were helpless and starving.
    • They kind of are helpless and starving.
    • Decided to leave once people stopped pitying them.
    • Freilu led the two to the Arctic region, as she insisted that they would make something of themselves there.
    • Currently living in a frigid and damp cave, as Freilu insisted they had to stay there.


    • Occasionally has visions of being someone that protects others.
    • Looks to Freilu for guidance, despite trying to keep up a big brother facade.
    • After his incident in Primary Village, he started thinking that he didn't have a proper place in the world.
    • Gritty exterior, but has a somewhat childish and naive mindset on how he thinks the world should work.
    • Calab's basically nothing without Freilu.
    • Despises pity, people that look down on others, and anyone that would try to harm Freilu.

    Freilu's Freeform

    • Born in Primary Village along with her twin.
    • Calab evolved into Impmon, and had an accident in the village, causing the two to run away.
    • She evolved into Plotmon soon after, and adopted a sort of prophet persona, claiming that everything happening to them is due to the will of "The Watchers," and that in a past life she was a servant to them, but as punishment for being unworthy, she must be led down a path of redemption.
    • Wandered around File City with Calab, conning people into thinking the two were helpless and starving.
    • They kind of are helpless and starving.
    • Decided to leave once people stopped pitying them.
    • Despite all of the not-deadly options available, Freilu felt something important was waiting for them in the Arctic region, and insisted that they would make something of themselves there.
    • Currently living in a frigid and damp cave, that Freilu claims is a ritual site for the Watchers. It's just a small shitty cave.


    • Occasionally has gut feelings of needing to be somewhere important.
    • Looks to Calab as a big brother, despite the two being the exact same age, and despite her typically taking the lead with most of their decisions.
    • After Calab's incident in Primary Village, Freilu adopted a persona to try and give Calab some hope, and to repel others she doesn't trust.
    • She has somewhat of a sadistic personality towards "unholy sinners."
    • Otherwise she tries to maintain a level head, and around trusted individuals can even play around in a facetious manner.

    Beligar's Freeform

    • Has an intrinsic desire to protect others.
    • Looks at themselves as a voice of reason amidst the chaos, and tries to act as such.
    • Exists to inspire faith and morale in others.
    • Still blathers on about being a prophet, but is slightly more justified.
    • There is no mercy for those that harbor great sins.
    • They will purge the world of vile mon and man alike, if necessary.
    • In times of weakness, such as questioning their morals or actions, one of the twin's personalities may overtake the other, eventually resulting in de-jogressing.

    Calab's Evolutions


    Baby I


    Baby II



    Freilu's Evolutions


    Baby I


    Baby II



    Beligar's Evolutions


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      Peaceful Aura

      Oct 22, 2017, Utility
      Gives Digimon a protective aura. Decreases effect of Data Digimons' techniques.
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      Oct 22, 2017, Utility
      Disables an enemy's body part, e.g. a single wing, arm, or leg.
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      The target conjures a swarm of bats which siphon data away from the target when struck.
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      Oct 22, 2017, Utility
      Negates all other Hyper Colosseum Card effects, including the user's.
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      Knight's Protection

      Oct 22, 2017, Utility
      Erects a barrier around the Digimon. This barrier is approximately 10 feet in diameter.