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May 18, 2018
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My character name is ominous or at that his self-proclaimed name anyhow. His digimon species is more of his unwanted birth name so to speak. Apr 12, 2018

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May 18, 2018
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    Digi world - wandering the forest region
    Digital World
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    Ominous Devidramon's Freeform
    Personality - Deep down he is a very caring and loving digimon that would risk his life to protect his friends and allies if he had any or makes any that is. Knowing the digi-world to be cruel of which he thinks is the real world and this new one the false. Ominous Devidramon hides his emotions under a mask of rage or a controlled false happiness. While under his false happiness of his barely controlled rage his behavior is erratic at best. At worst that control he has maintained breaks and his wraith is set loose as he goes berserk. Wanting nothing more than to have someone to share his love with Devidramon is in heartache. His rage nothing more than him acting out from his pain from the loss of his friend. Not knowing it yet but needing it none the less Devidramon needs a friend to cry on.

    History - His life as monodramon was a rough life where he served the digimon demon lord Lilithmon as a scout for information. Far below the ranking of all digimon under her command even if not many as she once had. Monodramon was always scared yet never showed at instead putting up a front. To hide his fear monodramon sought to fight as a way to prove he wasn't afraid. This was his entire until the day he found he wanted to protect a wounded black gatomon. She was a also information scout same as he was only she was of higher rank. Yet their own leader demanded her deletion over faulty information. This triggered monodramon digi-evolution into devidramon as black gatomon was deleted in front of him. In his new form devidramon deleted black gatomon's killers. After which he ran away knowing his own deletion wasn't very far away after actions. Yet by chance or fate he was caught up in a labyrinth even and transported to the human world. Abet the stay in the human world short and temporary he didn't completely leave the digital world. Almost as if being dragged back into his proper home Devidramon was soon back in the digital world. Not long after he was found himself with a strange looking piece of data.

    Evolution Line

    Neo Devimon

    Species: Artificial Fallen Angel
    Level: Perfect
    Attribute: Virus


    Species: Demon Lord
    Level: Ultimate
    Attribute: Virus

    Beel Starrmon

    Species: Demon Lord
    Level: Super Ultimate
    Attribute: Virus
    1. Ominous Devidramon
      Ominous Devidramon
      My character name is ominous or at that his self-proclaimed name anyhow. His digimon species is more of his unwanted birth name so to speak.
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    Face Claim:
    Like my ominous my mind is unstable and broken if I don't feel safe and as such I am driven insane during those time. During those moments I grow violent and cold hearted. I lose all but the potent of emotions or rather I ignore them. To that end my Ominous and my RL self are not so different at least to that extent anyway.

    If you ponder the reason why the last digi-vovle is female? Yet all before are male it is simple I hate the rules society presses on us. As such I chosen the final form available to be a female. Despite the fact I am a man and have all desire to be, I still want to be feminine. Nobody looks twice at a woman choosing to be masculine, yet all stare judging at men doing the same.

    P.S. Please don't think of me as mentally challenge for stating my reaction to violence. It is simply a habit formed from bad parenting, wrong life choices and a unhealthy natural love for a fight. It took me a great many years to learn to control myself for that brief moment I described.
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