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Noriko Ishida

Partner: Nyx the BlackTailmon, Female, from Digital World

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    Noriko Ishida's Quick Facts

    Gender / Pronouns
    Female | She, Her, Hers
    Current Location
    Digital World
    Los Angelos, CA
    Class (Digivice)
    Tactician (D-Ark)
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    Nyx's Quick Facts

    Base Form
    Black Tailmon
    Gender / Pronouns
    Female | She, Her, Hers
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    Noriko Ishida's Freeform
    • Ambivert Nora is is a connundrum when it comes to socializing. While at first introverted and shy, she can eventually come out of her shell and begin talking. This could be due to the increasing loneliness that comes along with being thrown into the other world. She may not offer much up in the way of communication, but she will speak up if she has something to say. After being around people for quite a while, she does require down time to recharge.
    • Brooding If left to ruminate on her circumstances, decisions, emotions, or interactions, she will often pick herself apart, leading to withdrawing into herself. This is an unhealthy trait that comes from being scrutinized for her actions for so many years. After some time, she will eventually become irritable and easily annoyed.
    • Impressionable Due to a combination of her age and her naive nature, she is easily-influenced and pulled in different directions by those she meets. She has a hard time standing up for herself and often follows others lead.
    • Intuitive Although she is quite introspective and spends much time analyzing herself, she is extremely bright with a wicked intelligence. She has excelled in most subjects in school and has an uncanny ability with hacking, almost to the point she can lose herself in any computer work. This is one of the few times that she actually feels comfortable in her own skin. She has been known to flaunt this one ability at times.
    • Loyal Despite having a hard time forming meaningful relationships, the few that she does manage to secure, she can become brutally loyal, almost to the point of clingy, but she may find herself drawing away if she fears that she gets too close. In the worst of times, however she will stand by her friends and those she cares about (or those who had left a lasting mark and claim to be her "friend")
    • Socially-Inept Despite speaking a mix of three to four different languages, Japanese and English being her best, she lacks a way with her word and is often socially-awkward, almost to the point of being blunt and less than tact with her conversations. She is easily flustered and can become anxious in a social setting quickly.
    • Suppressible Not exactly quick to explode at first, but Nora does hide away her feelings until they overflow. She has a tendency to cry (albeit trying to hide the tears) when frustrated and angry.
    Early Life Birth to 5-years old
    • Full name Noriko "Nora" Ishida
    • Born in the Los Angeles to a Japanses father, Tamaki Ishida and a Caucasian mother, Jacquelyn Emma Hawthorne.
    • Her father was an consul from Japan where her mother was a first year lawyer.
    • She spent the first six years of her childhood in Los Angeles while her parents continued their jobs and began her education at an early age learning basics along with the Japanese language (at her father's insistence) and a couple of other languages, art, music, technology and some kendo.

    Childhood 6 to 11-years-old
    • At six-years-old, Nora's father was called back to Japan and they began traveling once more.
    • She traveled to various countries due to her father's job, but was extremely sheltered and never made any friends her age. She quickly became more withdrawn.
    • Her parents argued increasingly about their lifestyle and how Nora was never going to grow up with a "normal" childhood.
    • Returned to LA briefly to visit her mother's side of the family for the holidays, but this was also when her parents announced their intention of divorcing.
    • Although devastated, Nora rarely said anything about the divorce and ended up moving back in with her mother's side of the family until they were able to find a place of their own.

    Teenage Years 12-17
    • Her mother eventually found work with a small firm and they moved into a fairly spacious apartment together.
    • Nora continued her studies, but began slacking due to the lack of challenge and this continued on into high school.
    • Upon entering high school, she told herself that she would try a little more and did join a computer club and an after-school kendo club, however the computer club was where she felt most comfortable.
    • Became "friends" with a group of computer nerds who taught her about programing and hacking and was briefly involved with an older girl, a junior, who "liked" her, but has never really mentioned to her mother that she might be bisexual.
    • She quickly became known for her skills as a mediocre hacker and programmer and would often charge students to hack into the school data base for a "fee." At first she questioned these behaviors, knowing she had been raised different, but due to the distance between her and her mother and the need for her friends approval, she shrugged off the nagging feelings

    The Game Digital World-Current
    • A new game was announced that her friends were in a frenzy about, some kind of "Digital World."
    • Although not much of a gamer, she fell into the hype and attended the opening night.
    • After playing around for a little while and being amazed at the realness of the "virtual reality," she and some friends planned to hack into database for extra items and cash.
    • One late night, after texting a few friends to confirm plans, she plugged into the game. Several hours into their gameplay they found a hub center and Nora set to work however she felt like something was off, but before she could mention it, she blacked out and woke up inside a dirty alleyway of an unknown city.
    • She found a strange purple and grey device in her hands, another silvery device that flipped open and a stack of cards and a thin corded necklace around her neck with a strange symbol like a cross. She was still in her school uniform where she had plugged into the VRMMO after her classes. The next thing she knew a strange pink-puppy like creature had pounced on her chest, announcing that they were partners and her name was Plotmon, but went by Nyx.
    • Nora had been in the "digital world" for a week or so, during the time Nyx has digivolved into a BlackTailmon after a run in with a pack of Gazimon. She occasionally drifts into the woods, but mostly sticks to herself doing odd jobs as she sees this the only way of surviving. She has a acquired a messenger bag to store her small collection of items and has tied the digivice around her neck.

    • Gray messenger bag
    • School outfit with purple hoodie and converse
    • Gray and purple D-ark Digivice (on a string that rests right below the other "strange necklace")
    • D-terminal
    • Strange Necklace (Crest)
    • Deck of cards (Dark Aura, Fridgimon Subzero Ice Punch, Hyper Wings, Alias, Speed Plugin, Defense Plugin, Snimon's Twin Sickles)
    • Nonworking Cellphone with a pair of purple headphones

    Nyx's Freeform
    Nyx is an old soul that has existed for quite a long time in many different forms, even into the early history of the Digital World, although she remembers very little. Occasionally she will get glimpses of her old self, but they are blotted out with bursts of white light. At the present time, she is a little rough around the edges. Unlike her human partner who is thoughtful and reserved, she is rash and energetic, sarcastic and biting in her tone. While at first, she was unexplainably drawn to Noriko, she views her as a gateway to fulfilling her lost glory, but she is somewhat fond of the girl.

    Despite her growing attachment, her current goal is to become as stronger as possible. She found Noriko having just digivolved to Plotmon and having left Primary Village with a wild urge to head to the city. She didn't understand, nor really question the drive to go roaming. About a week into traveling with the human, she was able to digivolve to BlackTailmon when her human swiped an odd card. Somehow she has a vague understanding of the Digivice and humans, even though she has never encountered either.

    Nyx's Evolutions


    Baby I


    Baby II









    Ophanimon Falldown Mode

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