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Nicole Whittaker

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    Asagi Asagiri, Makai Kingdom/Disgaea

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    Nicole Whittaker was born under the name of Sam to a 'normal' middle class family in a 'normal' neighbourhood. Her father was a personal trainer with a passion for movies and mixed martial arts that never managed to break into either professionally. Her mother was a film critic who always seemed to find more success online than anywhere else.

    Life in the Whittaker household was warm, loving, but most of all, lively. Sam was a bundle of noise, energy and boundless imagination. Between her seemingly endless supply of energy and her father's enthusiasm, there was always something going on. Sam's mother complained about the noise, but deep down she found it endearing.

    Sam's parents were sure to rub their shared passion for film onto their son, and Sam took to it swimmingly. She was making her first movies by the age of seven, and she had been watching countless films long before that.

    Despite a happy home life, Sam struggled to connect with others at school. She was considered weird and abnormal by most of her peers, and her firm sense of right and wrong made her unpopular with the other children and a frequent target for hazing and bullying. Sam never outwardly showed a problem with this, stating that some things are more important than being liked. Besides, if she changed who she was so that other people liked her, it wouldn't really be her that they liked.

    Sam was ten when she came out to her parents and explained how she felt. She told them about how she saw herself in her dreams, how she felt different from the boys her age, how... Right it felt when she went as Sailor Mercury for Halloween, how she still secretly wore the skirt from time to time, how it made her feel.

    Her parents didn't understand. But they loved their child and knew that they had to do something to try and understand.

    Transitioning was hard for everyone in the Whittaker family, and Nicole's trouble at school didn't help. The bullying she went through only intensified as she grew up and came out. Nicole went through several high schools, transferring to and from them until she finally gave up on them entirely and finished her schooling online. It took a long time, but the constant harassment and ridicule slowly got to Nicole, and while she tried not to let it show, it gradually wore down a great deal of her optimism. No matter how bad things got, Nicole refused to change neighbourhoods.

    Now in her early twenties, Nicole has grown into a spirited and compassionate young woman with more energy and passion than she really knows what to do with. She pours a lot of her time into getting into film school, as well as expanding her generous collection of memorabilia and knick-knacks. Her affection for film is still as strong as ever, and she's grown to deeply love anime, manga and tokusatsu shows as well - particularly ones with themes of transformation or change. The friends she does have are few and far between, but she would do anything she can for them if they were in need.

    But it's not just friends in need that Nicole is willing to help. It had been a warm summer day when she came upon one of her worst bullies and harassers from school, frantic and distraught. Their younger sibling - they said - had been caught in a Labyrinth Event a block over, and the police couldn't or wouldn't go inside to try and find them. Nicole didn't think twice, she charged towards the Labyrinth Event like a bullet, sliding past the police blockade and diving into the bizarre, warped space inside, oblivious to the fact that she was being sent on a deadly snipe hunt that she wasn't expected to come back from.



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