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Dec 29, 2017
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Michael Walker

Shy boy and loud lizard, Male


...Hey. Jan 4, 2018

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    Battle Creek, MI
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    Tactician (D-Ark)
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    Kuroko Tetsuya, Kuroko no Basuke

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    Michael Walker's Freeform
    Michael is viewed as somewhere between shy and outright lackadaisical. Having never been an outgoing personality, he was never part of many social circles. In fact, the only friends he ever had were a small circle that stayed mostly intact until he graduated high school. He was content with hanging back and derived his enjoyment from the joy from his friends. His small circle of friends had come to see him as an emotional bedrock of sorts, as no matter how stressful a situation became, he would always view it with a sense of detached tranquility. After graduating, however, Michael had difficulty adjusting to his new life. His friends had all moved on to different places, and he was left alone once more. Michael had no real hobbies of his own, and no motivations for his future. He was glad to see that his friends were in better places now, but it did nothing to quell the loneliness he felt. He wanted to try and reconnect with them somehow, but knew that there wasn’t any point in trying to dwell in the past with people aiming towards the future.

    One day, one of his friends from high school recommend that they play a new online game together, called Digital World. There wasn’t too much to do in the game other than socialize, but Michael was perfectly fine with that. He was happy again, so much so that he didn’t worry about the small things in life, like notices of server maintenance. Because of that, Michael once again found himself separated from his friends, but in a much more extreme setting now. Now, he was trapped in a world full of monsters with nothing but a few strange pieces of technology at his side. Eventually, he was saved by a strange shinai-wielding lizard child named Kenta, and have been traveling the world ever since.

    It’s been a few months since then, and for the most part Michael and Kenta have been avoiding other people. That same sense of loneliness has begun to creep up in Michael once more, and despite having Kenta by his side, he feels the need to connect with somebody – anybody.

    Despite his need for other people, Michael doesn’t interact with others very well. He rarely speaks, preferring to just nod and smile. He speaks softly and would rather not speak at all in a noisy atmosphere. When not smiling his face is practically unreadable. Some people might find it off-putting to see how detached he is, but truth-be-told, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Kenta's Freeform
    Ever since he obtained his child form, Kenta knew that the sword would be his destiny. He felt that it was a calling – a desire to grow stronger, far more than a Digimon’s natural urge to evolve to greater power. Even as a child, he disciplined himself, swinging his shinai for practice for entire days. Other days he would sit and meditate without eating just to improve his mental focus. Kenta desires more than just power; he desires mastery. After all, the sharpest sword in the world might as well be worthless if it’s owner can’t properly wield it. His choosing to remain in child form is one more example of his own sense of discipline; it reminds himself that no matter how powerful he becomes, he can always become something greater.

    After obtaining his child form he moved away from Primary Village, deciding to live in isolation to strengthen his mind and body. He found it difficult at first; he frequently had to relocate once the much stronger adult and perfect-class Digimon encroached in his territory. Yet one day he found a nice, isolated spot in the Native Forest. In this spot, he spent months of isolation until one day, a young male of a Digimon species he wasn’t aware off just sort of wandered into his little bit of territory. Kenta made no move to drive him away, but the strange creature also made no move to approach him. For several days the creature attempted to survive alone in the wilderness, but it was obvious that he had no idea how. Kenta approached the creature, only to discover that he called a human, and that he was from another world. Similar to how he felt about his sword, Kenta felt the tug of destiny when he met this human named Michael.

    Even after they began living together, he found Michael to be unimposing. In fact, the human would often go gather food, water, and firewood during the time Kenta spent training. The human would occasionally attempt to train beside Kenta, but most times he would grow too exhausted or impatient after only a couple of hours. Kenta felt himself being strangely comforted by his new lifestyle, but knew that complacency was the antithesis of growth. Likewise, Kenta began to realize that Michael was beginning to feel uncomfortable as well. Therefore, the pair decided to set out on an adventure, fulfilling Michael’s need for friends and to find strong opponents to reawaken the fighting spirit within Kenta.

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    Victory Greymon

    1. Michael Walker
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    Kuroko Tetsuya, Kuroko no Basuke
    1. Quest Pass Quest Pass

      Quest Pass

      Mar 10, 2018, Consumable
      Quest passes are used to participate in quests and can be earned by submitting completed threads for evaluation.
    2. Defense Plugin Defense Plugin

      Defense Plugin

      Dec 30, 2017, Plugin
      Slightly increases Digimon's ability to withstand attacks.
    3. Speed Plugin Speed Plugin

      Speed Plugin

      Dec 30, 2017, Plugin
      Makes Digimon slighty faster.
    4. Hyper Wings Hyper Wings

      Hyper Wings

      Dec 30, 2017, Utility
      Gives partner Digimon glowing wings. Allows flight for a short amount of time.
    5. Brave Shield Brave Shield

      Brave Shield

      Dec 30, 2017, Equipment
      Grants the target a shield that is especially effective against physical strikes and breath techniques.
    6. Knight's Protection Knight's Protection

      Knight's Protection

      Dec 30, 2017, Utility
      Erects a barrier around the Digimon. This barrier is approximately 10 feet in diameter.
    7. Sticky Web Sticky Web

      Sticky Web

      Dec 30, 2017, Utility
      The user expels a sticky spiderweb to trap its target.
    8. Repair Bots Repair Bots

      Repair Bots

      Dec 30, 2017, Utility
      Creates nanobots that heal the target by repairing minor wounds.