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Exploring the digital world! Mar 6, 2018

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Mar 24, 2018
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    The digital world
    The forest region of the Digital World
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    Crested Digimon
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    Long long ago, deep within the forest server is a sparkly castle surrounded by sparkly clouds to give off that illusion of floating midair! Inside lives a beautiful and yet, "sparkly" princess known as Liliummon. This female Lucemon variant sat on her comfty pink throne which was surrounded by her adoring subjects: her dolls. There were six to be exact: A bunny named Titus, A cat named Lunis, A bear named Claudius, A mouse named Meilor, a dog named Bitor, and an angel named Lucretia.

    Did I mention that she had a caretaker? His name was Sorcermon. He was such a kind and gentle body guard for the princess. He never left her side and would always join in on the royal tea parties! Liliummon loved Sorcermon dearly as he would always keep her safe and happy. However, Sorcermon wasn't the only one that adored the princess, Prince Mamemon had his eye out for her! Mesmerized by the princess's beauty, he sought out for her hand in marriage. He would send her gifts, candy, jewelry, anything a girl would want. Unfortunately for him, Liliummon was simply not interested in his offerings. She only cared for Sorcermon. In addition, she was creeped out by Prince Mamemon's looks.

    This only angered Prince Mamemon as he finally decided to raid the castle and kidnap Liliummon. "If I can't convince her to marry me, i'll force her instead!!!" Prince mamemon quoted. So, one night, while the princess was fast asleep with her beloved dolls and Sorcermon guarding the fort, Prince Mamemon's henchmen known as Big mamemon and Metal mamemon surprised Sorcermon with a barrage of attacks, overwhelming Liliummons precious bodyguard.

    Prince Mamemon became jealous of Sorcermon and wanted to teach the wizard a lesson as he and his henchmen beat the poor digimon to near death. Liliummon who awoke from the commotion rushed to see what the source of the disturbance was coming from only to see Sorcermon beaten to a pulp. Prince Mamemon gave Liliummon an ultimatum: To either come quietly with him or, he will exert force. Liliummon chose the latter as she rushes in to fight Prince Mamemon, only to lose to him due to level difference. Knowing that Liliummon would continue to resist and refuse to take Prince Mamemon's hand in marriage, he became even more enraged.

    "If I can't have you...then no one can!"

    He ordered his henchmen to destroy the castle while he grabbed all 5 of her dolls and sent them flying in different directions throughout file island and blowing up the castle. The force alone caused Liliummon and her remaining doll Titus to be sent flying off to the unknown..


    Liliummon (aka Lily) is a female Lucemon Variant

    1. Despite her cute appearance, she can be rather manipulative as she uses her cuteness to take advantage of other if need be.

    2.She enjoys trying on different outfits and would attempt to blend in with other humans.

    3.Also, she loves to use the word "Sparkle" in her sentences.

    4. She imagines her dolls can talk to her.

    Goals: To rebuild a new kingdom for her and to find the other 5 dolls so she can be reunited with them again. She misses them dearly.


    Puttimon Type: Mini Angel Atrribute: None level: Baby

    Cupimon Type: Mini Angel Attribute: Data Level: In-Training

    Liliummon Type: Angel Princess Attribute: Vaccine Level: Child

    Darcmon Type: Angel Attribute: Vaccine Level: Adult

    Luminamon Type: Fairy Attribute: Vaccine Level: Perfect

    Venusmon Type: God Man Attribute: Vaccine Level: Ultimate

    Junomon Type: God Man Attribute: Virus Level: Super Ultimate
    1. Liliummon
      Exploring the digital world!
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      Mar 6, 2018, Utility
      Disables an enemy's body part, e.g. a single wing, arm, or leg.
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      Next attack hits without fail.
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      Duck & Cover

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      Dodge enemy's next attack without fail.