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    Klaus was born in the Dragon's Valley, one of the most territorial places in the Digital World. After hatching from his egg, he had no one but the scales he came with to call his home. As he wandered around, many dragon Digimon had different reactions. Some would try to eat him, desperate for data, others would use him as a bargaining chip since babies like him are usually born in The Village of Beginnings. After years, barely eating and fighting for his life, Klaus eventually evolved into his Child form. With the assumption that he was powerful enough, Klaus attempted to take one of the areas of the Valley as his home. He stumbled upon what seemed like an empty cave and scoured out to find any signs of life. Deep inside the cave lay a massive Digimon who seemed to be asleep. Thinking this would be an easy kill, Klaus attempted to slay the dragon only to be kicked out by a swipe of a hidden sword. Klaus soon attempted time after time again, only to be kicked out of the cave. One day, the hidden dragon had enough. He stepped out of the cave and struck fear into the poor Child.

    The dragon had been an Ultimate level, a Gaiomon. However, this sword bearing dragon looked to be very old. he sported a beard white as his hair, scales worn and his armor beaten. While he couldn't contend with many of his own level, children like Klaus were easy. The Gaiomon asked why Klaus continued to try and take his life. Klaus answered that he had nothing for himself and seeked to try and better his own life. From what he experienced in the Valley, that included taking someone's life. Klaus never knew if the Gaiomon took pity on him or saw some potential, but the dragon-man took him in as a pupil.

    For the next few cycles, Gaiomon taught Klaus everything he knew; how to fight, how to fend for himself and taught him of the world beyond the Valley. The Gaiomon, now called Master, was the only thing in the world that Klaus could call family. The years were filled with training using the other dragon Digimon in the Valley as a test. Klaus made his own territory, regularly visiting Master until one day. That one day had been the worst in Klaus'' life. The various dragon Digimon in the Valley realized their Master and attacked him. Klaus had been training in the Valley during the time and came upon the gruesome scene of his Master being overwhelmed. As much as he fought back, Klaus wished to fight. When he tried to step forward, the look in his Master's eyes told him no. Master wished for him to explore the world and make his own life, for him to get out of the Valley and find his own path. That was the last Klaus had ever seen his Master before he was slain.

    Of course, the only reaction for the poor Gazimon was to lash out in violence. Master had been something of a father figure for him for more than two decades, and seeing him struck down not only with no way of helping, but being reminded of how alone he actually was...it was painful. To some, pain brought power, and whatever had been laying in the Gazimon had forced him to his adult form. It wasn't much, but the Leomon-X soon brandished his new sword and beat down the ones responsible for the death of his 'father'. It left a damning toll on the lion-man, which left him reeling for weeks to recover from the injuries and deal with the physical and mental pain. The lion raised by a dragon had nothing else in the world, but the words of his father/master to move forward still rung clear. With a makeshift tombstone left in the cave, Klaus set out to the world.

    Klaus' travels along the years soon led him to figure out more about the Island he was actually on and what he could stand to learn. While the brash Leomon-X lacked the professional tongue to ask for information, thing that he learned from his master led him to far more seedier places to knock some heads in. The next few years of traveling, drinking and fist fighting eventually gave Klaus something of a reputation and work as security for any 'mon too frightened or unable to fight for themselves. So his clients were mostly families or merchants looking to deliver their wares without any sorts of trouble between towns. With this type of job, Klaus eventually learned how to be less of a sour mouth and more of a concerning, emotion hiding lump whenever he noticed that he was showing his hand a bit much. The most he ever had to deal with was bandits, wild Digimon, nothing that ended in death, at least to the eyes of his clients.

    The big lump of fur's life of work soon led him to take a stay of his time at the Village of Beginnings, where he got his own patience tested by not any clients, but the babies themselves. Klaus' life had been a harsh one, but playing guard to help out some of the care-takers was probably one of the best times of his life even if he'd made some of the little ones cry when he wouldn't let them play with his mantle or told them off when they wandered too far. The pangs of sadness that followed him through his years, however, were a bit too much to let him stay there any longer than he needed. Once he had his money, he was out.

    As the years winded on, Klaus' life was something of a rut of boredom that was only livened up by Digimon acting like they were hot shit and the occasional someone needing help with minor things until he'd started hearing rumors. Rumors of humans about taking Digimon through some odd space that would fluctuate and appear out of nowhere and mutters of another world on the other side. While he didn't think anything of it, the lion's interest was piqued. It wasn't his problem, but if it happened to come his way, maybe he could see what the hub-bub was all about and maybe make some money off panicked Digimon. Having taken up a job as security detail from some high and mighty (or so they thought), hedonistic Greymon, Klaus was lucky -or unlucky enough- to experience his first Labryinth event.

    The 'invading humans' didn't look like anything Klaus even could register as a threat. Some of them looked to be brats, even. A sheer cluster of them wandering around like they owned the place and looking for trouble. While Klaus wasn't exactly going to do anything and simply just see if they could find a way out of the space, his lumbering idiot of a client had another idea. The Greymon, showing some semblance of labor, decided to attack the kids because "if he could kidnap them, he'd probably make a fortune off of them" doing who knew what. At that point, Klaus' only reaction was to attack the Greymon and roar at the kids to go back where they came from in the hopes they actually knew how to get back. Something told Klaus that they didn't once he'd struck the large Greymon down near dead and they were staring at him like some sort of monster. Before he could get a word in, the area around them seemed to stabilize and the brats disappeared. With a knocked out and injured Greymon and coin in his pocket, Klaus left the scene with his body feeling odd and the idea that he should seek out another Digimon who had an idea what was going on.


    -Klaus, having traveled around, has a good idea of the Island's structure, but has barely any idea what lies beyond it other than a separated mainland. -Sounds more like a city born guy down to his cursing and his demeanor. Usually keeps quiet to himself.

    -As a Leomon-X, his lower body his just as flesh as his upper, his gauntlets and leg pieces purely armor, save for his latex like leggings that hug his quads quite a bit, resembling a gladiator in the arena.

    -Slightly bulkier than most most Leomon in general once you take a look at his broader shoulders, defined arms and torso, and only applies to his Adult forms and higher. His sword is slightly bigger as well, mimicking a greatsword in weight and swing to accommodate his larger form.

    -Loves sweet, can't get enough of them.

    -Will probably do anything for coin if he's desperate enough.

    -Remains single, but any sort of one night stands are game with him.







    Klaus' base form most of the time. Unlike most Leomon, Klaus is a bit bulkier than most of his species, and his lower body is armored at the hands, legs and feet and bears a greatsword as well.


    Just like his Adult form, this one is packing a bit more beef to compensate for the much larger snowflake themed axe in his hands.


    Klaus' highest form! Just like the forms before him, this caped lion is a tad larger and bulkier, but bears a small sword sheathed behind him and has the ability of flight unlike his other forms and bears two 'wings' on his head.
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