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    Kiyoshi Nakahara's Quick Facts

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    Male / he/him/his
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    Shibuya, Japan
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    Warrior (D-Scanner)
    Gestalt Warrior
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    Black, Pokemon

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    Base Form
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    Kiyoshi Nakahara's Freeform


    Kiyoshi is incredibly confident about himself, even if at times it might seem like an over-exaggeration. He doesn't like to rely on other people or objects to do things for him, and will only utilize anything as an extension of himself. However, he is not absolutely reckless in nature and will think about the current situation instead of tackling it directly; he is a patient individual and can think on a relatively clear mindset.

    His dislike of having to rely on something else comes being distrustful, his lack of trust in others stems from points in his history dealing with fake friends and a family who hasn't entirely been supportive of his goals. As a result, he feels as though being close to another person will eventually lead him to inevitable betrayal, and as a result would just rather not deal with it. His flippant attitude certainly shows this, as he is not an overly respectful person and has the tendency to try and play things off less serious then they actually are. His sarcastic remarks are certainly a reflection of this, and he is a pretty big fan of satire.

    Despite his lack of trust, teamwork is still something he isn't against working in (provided he considers the team to be competent), he is highly innovative; being good at coming up with new ideas, as well as taking approaches to things that from his perspective most people wouldn't do (taking the road less taken). He's a show-off at that, and likes to prove people wrong and put a name out for himself. The last thing he'd want to be considered is obsolete, or in other words useless. As a result, he ends up being self-assertive, especially of his opinions and ideals, and will shove himself into a situation to make himself known. He adores the spotlight, because he hasn't gotten it at home.

    The farthest thing he would be is a coward, and while he is very much vengeful spirit with the vindictive power to hold grudges for longer than one would say is healthy, he is a valiant person. He is courageous, almost to the exaggerated extent of the word. He isn't easy to frighten or intimidate, in fact he has a tendency to forget not everyone is supper tolerant to horror-related things. He will run into a room filled with corpses, and then joke about it, however at the same time; his own fears end up being unbelievably horrific. This tends to include things like body horror. Still he is capable of sympathy, and one of the things he wants to do is express kindness towards other people, even though he hasn't quite seen it in return. However, he's not the easiest person to feel guilt, meaning the extent of understanding he can give is heavily limited.

    ▸Can speak both Japanese and English, however he's not the best at speaking English and will sometimes struggle with more complicated words.
    ▸Allergic to seafood
    ▸Very good at self-defense, and has some skill in hand-to-hand combat. Also very resourceful, with a high adrenaline output.
    ▸Good Singer
    ▸Will pull hood over his head to cover his face if he's embarrassed or flustered.


    For the longest time, Kiyoshi had a rocky relationship with his parents. While it didn't always start out that way, the tables seemed to turn as he got older and began gaining his own dreams and goals in life. HIs parents viewed his sister as the perfect child, a trophy, and when Kiyoshi seemed to follow on a different path they started complaining. Suddenly, he was a dilinquent.

    It was the last straw for him.

    See, growing up Kiyoshi was a nice child. Something that still shows its remnants today, although not in its fresh form as it once had; becoming ever more a wilted flower instead of the beautiful blossom that came before. He was that person always willing to help, going forth and showing his leader role; a significant agenda. However, this kindness was taken advantage of rather quickly. There were a few who teased him, and at the end of it he was very quick to lose friends almost as quickly as he supposedly regained him. Most people seemed to just want something from him, and it was far too many in the eyes of a child still learning how the world worked.

    He wanted to be a singer. It was a talent of his, and yet with his heritege that career was frowned upon. It wouldn't bring in a steady income, it didn't have an immediate long-time prostperation like what a normal workplace would have, or even sports for that matter. As a result, he slowly felt it harder to trust others around him, and instead took up the habit of getting into social media. His "job" quickly became streaming and video games, and it was the most social normalcy that he really had, and compared to school it made it easier for him to learn english. Something he had been perpetually struggling with.

    He found out a few skills of his; he had good detective skills and puzzle solving. He didn't really get much fear from horror, and develged in it as a cheap thrill and rush. The new motivation lead him into taking up self-defense courses in order to keep at bay the bullying at school, or potential harassment that he had once been concerned about facing. His parents still frowned upon this, as evident by the way they started almost ignoring him for his sister in certain talents.

    Then one day he came across that game. The one he'd regret shuffling through his pockets for enough yen to buy. He planned on streaming it, while it was a VR game it wasn't something new to him being able to set up. It might convince others to buy and meet up; which he was sure would get people's attention. At the time it had excited him, that was until he actually managed to get the thing going. Because once he did, things would never be the same for him; and when he'd finally awoke, he'd fall into an immediate fit of panic over what he was seeing.

    Solare's Freeform
    Solare is a very high energy digimon, behaving very childish and almost over-zealous in nature. To Kiyoshi, he acts as if he's his none-blood-related younger sibling, with a childish attitude to him. Yet, as childish as he behaves he's not ignorant. He'll back up Kiyo's remarks, or simply state his own quips; not all of them are nice. At times he'll act rude, with full intent behind it, or rolling his eyes out of annoyance. His nature is fiery, not bubbly, and loves fighting and chasing baby digimon.

    Yet, he does enjoy having cat naps, and will either growl or purr depending on the situation. Purring meaning he's happy, where as growling meaning he's angry. He's highly competetive, hating to lose a fight, and will always try to push Kiyoshi into becoming stronger with him. Despite his attitude, he's a great team player and will practically bounce on his feet if he's excited enough. However, if he gets too excited, sometimes he might end up becoming clumsy or sneeze out puffs of embers due to the heat from the rocks in his body eating up too much.

    He loves to be held and cuddled, and will never allow his rocks to burn you if he likes you. In fact, he has a cat-like behavior in which he'll rub himself up against you as a way to 'claim you as his'. However, unlike his trainer he's reckless, preferring to rely on his intuition over his thoughts. Yet, he's also capable of understanding, and going through with Kiyoshi's thought processes, and refuses to go over the boundaries of pushing limits with him unless he absolutely feels he needs to. This is the same with other humans and digimon, and will reluctantly even go as far as to try and cheer others up if push comes to shove.

    He also has a very distinct taste for food. Loving food, and has taught himself how to cook and make special digidishes. Sometimes he overcooks them, but when he gets them right they're very delicious. He really wants to have a chef hat that won't burn up when he wears it.

    Solare's Evolutions


    Baby I
    A typical Zurumon, except its body is corrupted, resembling oil in color rather than the typical yellow blob. It moves by crawling along the ground, or by jumping. The trail it leaves behind is a dull rainbow color, and while it looks like stained oil, its actually just slime left behind by it. When held, it feels sticky and goey like that of slime, and can be meshed around and molded just like it. However, doing so will lead it to biting you with its elongated fangs - so don't do that!


    Baby II
    A regular DemiMeramon, a giant ball of gas and fire. Its hot enough to singe the skin of those it doesn't like or trust, however if you're one of its friends or loved ones it will not burn if you touch it. If the fire is put out, it will ignite itself within seconds.It also makes for a good nightlight.


    A rock dragon digimon with a design that resembles a Wyvern. Its body looks like cooled lava, while crystal jut out of its head like horns. Red crystals also jut out of its bet, as if they were gems within a rock. It has a ruby embedded in its armor-like chest, with red claws on both its hands and feet. Wings are attached to its arms, which it can use for gliding or for slow flight. A ruby is embedded in its tail, said tail's tip ended with a trident in design.


    Adult (Human)
    This wyvern takes on a more human appearance, however the black molten rock can still be sean taking the form of almost bird-like wings that jut out into fingered claw at the end. The claws dip down into a hook similar to the claws of a bat, allowing it to cling onto objects and climb. A volcanic-looking spike juts out of its back, as well as a smaller spike jutting from its lower back. The crystals no longer appear to be present on its back, with neon light-like crystals instead taking up its armored legs and the sides of its tail. Claws look like molten lava, shining brightly within the dark of its own volition, however, these designs and rocks are as solid as the rest of its mass. Its wings have expanded enough to allow it greater flight.


    Perfect (Beast)
    Much more drake-like in appearance, this dragon has armored plates on its shoulders that look like miniature volcanoes. The crystal on its tail appears to have morphed; taking over the entirety of the tail and turning it into a red digizoid. An orange gem instead resides on the tip of the tail. Rock-like ridges become ever present on its back, instead of the crystals that had been there before. Three horns rest on its plated head, with it overall gaining a much larger appearance. Its wings are capable of gliding, not flying, however its claws are strong enough to allow it to climb rough surfaces.


    Ultimate (Fusion)
    Lava seeps through every scale on its body, tail becoming a double-sided axe as its previously rock-like wings burn into a tissue resembling fire, till allowing it flight. The volcanic-like objects have opened up on its back and hips, spewing constant hot fires in its wake. While the fingers no longer resemble them, the claws are still capable of hanging itself to objects. The fangs on its under jaw have grown to immense lengths, with all the crystals jutting from its body creating its own source of heat.


    Super Ultimate (Ancient)
    While resembling a normal Hadesmon, the white has been charred black, while red mercury seeps throughout every part of its body. What was once angelic has become almost demonic, resembling the volcanic dragons its counterparts were. The feathered wings have become fire, appearing more like jet engines than angelic wings. The golden armor has become a fiery orange, and large fangs jut from its lower jaw, similar to how the previous forms had. However, this time, they are flowing with red mercury.
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