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    Khatir means dangerous.

    The band of dinosaurs he lived alongside in the Ancient Dino Region named him that when Gigimon digivolved into Guilmon, bearing the symbol of the infamous Digital Hazard. Khatir was always rumbustious in his youth, and older dinosaur and dragon digimon in the region grew worried and scared that one day the symbol would glow and become their downfall. Because Khatir was a Guilmon, the residents soon found out that the dragon digimon had a knack for combat and tried to sign up for the militia around the region, but no one would take him due to the fated symbol on him that he bore. They couldn’t risk it.

    When the Dino Region came under attack by a former ruler of The Hive, a Gran Kuwagamon, trying to compete and take apart the dragon and dinosaur digimon family, the Guilmon was hidden away and not able to take part in a devastating battle. Not until his guardian was killed, and in the wake of danger he was able to warp digivolve, and into none other then Megidramon. With the strength of the newly digivolved digimon at their disposal, the Ancient Dino Region was saved. Or so the high ranking digimon thought. Megidramon lost control in the face of victory and wanted more of a challenge.

    When the day finally began and the sun finally showed its face in the following days, the Dino Region hadn’t been much more than rubble, at least the home that many had made it out to be. Even the residents, for what remained and could hide out of the rampage of the Megidramon, were left with nothing but fear as they watched the digimon become a Jyarimon. Unfortunately, the long battle left them with little to no energy and in a panic, they left in a hurry. No one deleted the Jyarimon, the biggest threat they had seen and faced, but no one would ever want him when news reached the rest of the Digital World.

    Traveling was something young Khatir was never allowed to do. But his home was in the dirt and what was left of his people shunned him, shooed him away and threatened him even in their weakest hours. Becoming Guilmon again, Khatir fled the region he once called home. He had wanted revenge for the bug digimon that provoked the attack, for provoking him and causing him to activate the very fear the others had always been worried about. Because in his core, Khatir knew he wasn’t dangerous. He wanted to change his name, but the word Khatir was all he was ever called.

    Struggling on the gray line of paths between revenge and redemption, Khatir found the enemy, The Hive, a long time after the fact. By now, it had been taken over by a dragon who already got his revenge over whatever leader had ruled. Majiramon laid down an iron fist with his rule. Khatir didn’t dare intervene on the Majiramon, though, because he too was a dragon and a stronger one then he was. The only way to take over was to release the beast within him. But then a strange event happened. As he watched digimon chase insect digimon out of The Hive, the world opened up a doorway and sucked him into it. Through the dimensional border, Khatir saw a girl with green hair and glasses, a human. She was floating through the strange world that opened between the fabric of space, as Khatir came up with, something he never imagined happening. They were never together, but the portal opened once more behind him and he swam through the dimensional space to his world.

    Dropped from the sky, it was a surprise he survived. The girl was nowhere to be seen, but the symbol that had caused so much trouble for him was gone and replaced with a new one. He was what his comrade, an ExVeemon, had once told him before the blue digimon left the region for adventure. A crested digimon, a myth for them where they received what digidestined called crests, symbols of traits that increased power within them and digimon. But no human was around to claim Khatir, and he knew by the replacement upon his body he was a solo digimon.

    Was the path of revenge still for him? Khatir debated, finally catching up to the girl and seeing how she helped the insect digimon. A fiery passion of hatred burned in his heart and out of his mouth, burning parts of the forest he was supposed to be hiding in. The path of redemption nearly too far for his clawed hands to even poke anymore.



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    The hazard symbol on his chest was replaced by the crest of Faithfulness.




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