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    The sounds of people cheering could be heard even in the locker rooms overshadowing the ones coming from the television inside the changing rooms. You were busy getting dressed but kept being distracted by the commentary over it all. You crack a smile as you hear that a certain guy is just clobbering the other guy. It started to clear up your nerves and get the blood pumping as you were halfway dressed down already and another guy inside was just screaming at the tv. Something about a cheap and dirty move. Boy did that bring back memories.

    You grew up in a house full of noise. Older brothers that liked to play rough, older sisters that liked to gossip during their early days of high schools. A dad that was just on at every possible moment. You who blamed yourself for your mother passing shortly after your birth and showed it through crying. It was anyone's guess why a noise complaint wasn't normal around the house. Probably because they made it work. Your father managed to handle the work of two parents (with a little help from your eldest brother and sister) while the rest of your brothers did smaller work to keep things afloat and even made sure you didn't dwell too much on your hang ups. Of course wrestling probably wasn't what you were expecting.

    You soon found yourself joining a handful of guys watching the match going on with half cheering for one guy and vice versa. You were into it and it wasn't hard to not to be for various reasons. The action was great and you personally knew one of the other guys, a good friend, so you wanted them to win. However being a fan of this was a forever ago. Sure you loved to still watch it when you weren't doing it yourself, and that was it. You were doing it yourself now. You reached that point.

    Daddy dearest thought that hitting the gym with him would bring you out of the slump you've put yourself in and he was right. Literally sweating all that pressure off did the trick and you found yourself actually enjoying it. At home you joined your brothers on at home exercise routines, your sisters worried when you managed to move and pick up heavy loads that kids your age would need the help of a at least three more kids, but your dad loved your energy, especially when you ambush him constantly to rough house with him.

    The match looked like it was coming to a close, one of the guys was running on fumes at this point which meant it was almost time for your chance to shine. Of course that meant you had to get dressed first as some guy pointed out that you were in fact standing with no pants on. It was a good thing you started out as a masked wrestler so people couldn't see your face when shit like that happened. Being an athlete where your sport consisted of takng hits and dealing them didn't solve the problem you had while in the locker rooms surrounded by other guys, bonus when a few of them and even him were handsy about it because they liked teasing the baby of the company or just thought you were really cute.

    You found highschool difficult. On one hand you realized that you were gay and had trouble looking at other guys without wanting to snuggle up to them. On the other hand you were growing a bad habit of enjoying fighting too much so you always wanted to throw down with kids bigger than you. That was probably why you met him, one of the guys on the wrestling team you joined to come up to you and challenged to throw down. The following weekend was the first time you had both your ass handed to you and your ass messed up as the two of you somehow formed a bond by hitting each other in the groin and face. It was a friendship that was one of the greater things of that time.

    You were all dressed up and checked your gear to make sure everything was nice and snug. You waited patiently for the crew to finish up cleaning the ring after the other two left. As you sat there you thought about how things have been ever since you came to Japan. The culture shock wasn't as bad as your sisters were making it out to be, your dad made sure you had a tutor before coming. Plus you managed to fit in pretty well. Especially ever since you met...him

    Sophmore year flew on by as you found yourself offered a chance to study abroad thanks to some strings pulled by your ex and dad by the end of the year. At first it was exciting, a chance to go to a university overseas but once you went it didn't seem all too exciting. You felt choked by the pressure of the prestige the school had so you needed an escape. Lucky for you that's when you found a group of friends that shared an similar interest with you.

    Pro Wrestling

    It wasn't long till after school you stayed in Japan and enrolled into a wrestling club where you made strides. You practiced day in and day out when you could, got pointers from pros that stopped by to visit, and when a certain someone came along for a special exhibition match you got lucky to be a part of things only shot up like a rocket from there.

    You found yourself walking down the hall to where you'll come into the ring and you stop as you see another person coming down your way. Him. He comes to a stop too and from under your mask you smile and raise up a hand to congratulate him a match well fought. He thanked you and petted your head like you were nothing but a big kitten like your masked portrayed you to be. Normally you'd try and break someone's fingers for doing that but not him, not your idol from years ago and today, not with the guy you had a mad crush on. He left you with a pat on the back and you felt reinvigorated with new confidence and started to run out towards the ring as you heard your name being called out.

    You were sore from the match you had and weren't sure how to act when your opponent, the guy you used to geek out over with others on forums and watched all of his matches at least twice at every viewing, came in to check up on you and compliment you for a fight well given. Time suddenly was lost on the both of you as you spent hours talking before he invited you to swing by his gym to give you a few pointers as he took a liking to you. It was then that a great friendship started and you always hoped for something a little more as the two of you hung out more for just daily things.

    You were thrown against the ropes and felt a shoulder ram into your stomach as you were held up against the corner by another wrestler locking your arms up. With a headbutt to their face you managed to wriggle free and roll out of the way of the other guy aiming a kick at you and kicking his partner in the gut and sending him reeling before he himself was shoved into the corner post by you via ramming into his back. Both of them rolled around on the ground so with a moment to yourself you gave a show of confidence to the audience, not noticing the arena changing around you starting from behind. It was only when you noticed that the people weren't looking like people and a growl coming from behind you and realizing you were now fighting just one opponent.

    A gorilla with a cannon on its arm. Luckily you managed to get him down for a pinfall.



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