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    Digital World
    California, USA
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    Tactician (D-Ark)
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    Yata Misaki, K

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    - Humours - Imaginative - Clever - Modest - Friendly

    Negative Traits
    - Unstable - Stubborn - Narcissistic - Quiet - Unmotivated


    Kaiden was born to a mother by the name of Amber and a father sharing the same name as him. For the first two years of Kaiden's life, his family was the picture of perfection, they were living the American dream. Not that Kaiden actually remembers any of that, nor does he remember the day his father walked out on him and his mother. It was actually two weeks before his third birthday, but that day held a far more lasting effect on the young adult than he cares to admit. It crushed his mother when his father left, and she was forced to support the young child on her own. It was a struggle. So much of a struggle that sometime after that point she began to ignore him. If only to escape the responsibilities thrusted so heavily upon her shoulders. She would instead place Kaiden into the care of her father. who for several months was the babies’ only real source of survival. Being in the care of his grandfather didn't last long, however, as his granddad grew strict with his daughter. She had Kaiden, and thus was required to raise him; no matter how hard it was going to be for her.

    So she took the three-year-old and moved away from her hometown. Perhaps a fresh start away from those memories would do her good. Which it did, if only slightly. These memories of his mother working hard day in and day out, are always fresh inside of Kaiden's mind. From a young age Kaiden was always a bit of a troublemaker, small things at first you know? He'd get caught sneaking an extra cookie or drawing on the walls. Actions his mother attempted to fix using things like timeouts and taking away his privileges. When these things began to fail to enforce the idea that he wasn't supposed to be doing bad, she began to spank him. The threatening of spankings became the go too in order to correct his behavior. Time passed on and a new person began to enter into Kaiden's young life, a woman by the name of Cynthia. It was explained to Kaiden that Cynthia was his mother's girlfriend and that she would be staying with them for a while. It was something which his four-year-old mind didn't quite understand.

    It would also be around the age of five where Kaiden made his first real friends, although their 'friendship' started out more as bullying. You see Kaiden wasn't a very tough child when he was younger. Something that made him a very easy target for bullying. He just wanted friends and to get along with everybody. Kids can be quite cruel. Often times these two friends of his would play games and then utterly abandon the young boy to go do other things. He would cry a lot. In response to this Kaiden's mother told him to toughen up, and that he shouldn't waste his tears or his time with them. He kept coming back though, kept attempting to play with them. Eventually, it paid off for him, and he did indeed become friends with these two. Playing games like the 'Power Game' where they would each pretend to have magical powers and duck it out with one another, and weave together amazing stories. In fact, Kaiden's always had a very imaginative mind; it was wilder than it probably should have been. If he wasn't playing he was thinking of amazing stories within his mind. Most of the time he was really doing both.

    It was by the time he entered elementary that Kaiden began to really feel the effects of bullying, not only because he was slightly different, but because of his mother. He would tell his mom and she would tell him the same thing she used to. That he needed to toughen up. He just couldn't though; he couldn't find it within himself. So he allowed it all to bottle up, placed it away. That little began to grow fuller and fuller as the years went on. It would finally reach its peak during his fifth-grade year, where it overflowed and all of his pent-up problems came rushing out an on a poor boy that had pushed him too far. A lot of the fight is a haze within Kaiden's mind, but the end result was the other boy being badly harmed. He felt bad afterward. Like there was a pit inside of his stomach, he wasn't a bad person like that right? He didn't just hurt people for no reason.

    Life went on, and as he reached his early teens Kaiden began to withdraw himself from the world. Something just didn't feel right with him. He was moody, felt as though there was a heavy weight placed inside of his chest. He began to keep a journal where he placed all of his thoughts, and they were dark. Depression at its earliest stages really. He still hung out with a small circle of friends, and hell he even dated a couple of girls during middle school but it all just felt like he was acting. None of it felt...truly good. So he told his mom how he was feeling, and she sought him help. Help that came in the form of a therapist whose help he did not want, and thus didn't use correctly. He made up fake problems and wasted her time. So much to the point that she actually left. He didn't want someone to fix him; he just wanted to feel normal.

    As he entered High School Kaiden problems with school and life became more apparent. His grade its utterly dropped and it got to the point where he would even sleep during his classes, teachers wouldn't even hand him his work. He began to skip school with his friends, drink, do drugs, and variety of other things that fit your typical 'bad boy' persona. While these helped to fill the void it was only temporary. It was around this time that he began to develop mood swings, going from happy to sad, to anger and anything in-between quickly. Bipolar is what his mother called, and it was something that the two of them had in common.

    Speaking of parents Kaiden's father made a reappearance within his life at the age of sixteen; promising that things would be different. He had reentered several times before this, but this one...it had more of an effect on the young boy. They were going to do things together, actually be father and son. Then his father left again. Before any of that could even happen. So he began to hate the man, hate everything that he stood for. When his father ended up in prison he refused to talk to him, refused to even write. Why should he be there for him, when he couldn't be there for Kaiden? His mother told him that he needed to be the bigger man, but this was one time he refused to be it.

    By the time Kaiden was seventeen he had dropped out of school and began to fall deeper into the madness that was his mind. He shut himself inside of his room and began to fill the void in his life with video games, and anything else that was an escape from reality. Every once in a while he would hang out with his friends, he was the shy guy who was hard to get to open up, but when he did he'd laugh and joke, and be a real blast. In his mind, though he began to hate these people, he felt better than them, better than anyone. It wasn't healthy, he wasn't healthy. As if to give an even better sign of this Kaiden had his first panic attack at the age of eighteen. Then came the pills to balance him out, to make him feel better to keep the mood swings and the panic attacks in check. They helped greatly, but they slowed him down, made him feel less like himself. So he stopped taking them. Only keeping a few on his person in order to calm any panic attacks that might happen.

    The people close to Kaiden, namely his mother, took note of this and spent several months saving up money in order to do something special for her son. A copy of the VRMMO "Digital World" something that Kaiden had been talking about for awhile. Kaiden quickly found himself becoming obsessed with the game and its virtual world. It brought about a spark within him that he honestly hadn't felt in quite some time. So it should come as no surprise that on the day of the game's maintenance he had forgotten to log out. Resulting in him passing out and waking up to find himself trapped in the game.

    Ignis's Freeform
    A lot of things could have gone horribly wrong for Ignis that turned him into an awful mon that hated the world around him. Luckily he had someone within his corner that helped make sure his heart stayed within the safety of the light. He is a surprisingly caring individual despite all the hardship that has taken place in his life. He sees suffering and can't help but relate to the struggles that the ones suffering have gone through. It's for this same reason that Ignis could even be seen as an emphatic person being able to relate to a wide variety of emotions and situations. He also carries himself with a certain amount of pride if only to help sell the hero within himself. In truth Ignis is often times unsure of himself and the actions he takes.

    He doesn't let this uncertainty cloud his thoughts, however, he charges forward bravely into the face of any situation. Though while Ignis calls it bravery he has often times heard others tell him that he is reckless. He doesn't look before he leaps and is more often willing to think on the fly then come up with any kind of pre-planned strategy. He's a stubborn person often times finding it hard to let anything go. In fact, his fellow mercenaries have even said that Kamen is too stubborn to die. Which brings us to perhaps one of Ignis's more present traits. He refuses to give up hope. If he can still move his legs, his arms still work, and his heart's still beating then you can bet that Ignis is going to keep pressing on. Despite his age, Ignis can be a bit childish, and while some may be able to find this an endearing trait others might find it a bit annoying.

    The young mon hate's to be tied down. This is due in part to having spent a large chunk of his life in chains and forced to do the work of others. His time as a slave has made Ignis value freedom and become a venturesome spirit. It has also made him hate those who oppress others. This hatred burns so deep that when dealing with these kinds of people Ignis can lose himself. Ignis hates feeling weak, and this often time conflicts with how he's really feeling on the inside. Why? Because he quietly beats himself up over the loss of his brother. Ignis often thinks that if he had been stronger his brother wouldn't have needed to sacrifice himself. This very thinking is the drive behind a lot of Ignis's actions. He needs to be strong to ensure he's never faced with such a situation again. So that he can not only keep himself safe but also his tamer safe.

    Ignis's Evolutions





    Burning Greymon





    Super Ultimate [Matrix]
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    1. Power Surge Power Surge

      Power Surge

      Feb 2, 2018, Utility
      The Digimon's next attack is treated as if it came from a Digimon of one level higher, if applicable.
    2. Knight's Protection Knight's Protection

      Knight's Protection

      Dec 2, 2017, Utility
      Erects a barrier around the Digimon. This barrier is approximately 10 feet in diameter.
    3. Offense Plugin Offense Plugin

      Offense Plugin

      Dec 1, 2017, Plugin
      Makes Digimon slightly stronger.
    4. Targeting Targeting


      Dec 1, 2017, Utility
      Next attack hits without fail.
    5. Expansion Expansion


      Dec 1, 2017, Utility
      Doubles Digimon's size, increasing its physical strength and ability to withstand attacks but decreasing its speed.
    6. Meramon's Burning Fist Meramon's Burning Fist

      Meramon's Burning Fist

      Dec 1, 2017, Technique
      The target's fist bursts into flame for a devastating strike.
    7. Blink Blink


      Dec 1, 2017, Utility
      Briefly grants the target short range teleportation. The target can "blink" up to five feet at a time.
    8. Spider Walk Spider Walk

      Spider Walk

      Dec 1, 2017, Utility
      Grants the target a tenacious ability to cling and crawl along walls and other vertical surfaces.