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    [CW] Gets a bit sexual towards the end, you can stop before the ***** break

    He knew he owed a few posts to a few threads on another site, but Jorniel has long since broken his rule of answering threads in chronological order. He had enough deadlines and structure with his day job- the overlap would have been suffocating for anyone else, but he was very sure to keep those two worlds separate. Writing with others was supposed to be a leisure activity (although with all the forum drama and feelings, Jorniel sometimes questioned how relaxing it was supposed to be). It was still a lot easier than writing for his day job- his editor was pushing for him to finish up chapter seven of his fifth book before the end of the month.

    A flicker of irritation emerged in his chest, and that was before he read any replies for the latest OC (who was definitely gonna try to be a spotlight stealer, but that was an issue for another day). His editor would undoubtedly go on about displaced effort, but if he didn't understand that it was much easier to respond to a post as his character to someone else's that was his problem. It was easier to know what one character was going to do than how an entire setting and story would pan out on his own. Even Jorniel himself wasn't sure if Castiel would survive the end of this book (though he strongly suspected that unless he sacrificed his hold on Emerald Quay, the dragons of the Chainbreaker's army would wipe his forces out completely...).

    Ignoring the c-box, he checked his notification to see if had missed anything. There was once a time he was neat and organized, but it had gotten increasingly easy to just ignore the clutter of his accounts across different websites. At least this site was a familiar host, and it was second nature to find everything. The admin was one of the old school types who just commissioned skins- it was all window dressing on a very familiar template. He scrolled past a few random notifications, before his heart gave a start.

    Oh god, this had to be his favorite thread, but then he thought this about every one he had with this one guy. This particular RPer went by the handle MYSTER and though Jorniel would never, ever admit it, he had been stalking his thread for weeks before mustering the online courage to ask him to thread with him. It was all by chance- he hadn't even been looking for another community to join when he found the jcink site for one of his oldest fandoms. Jorniel had been in love with this particular series since he was a child, and with the latest remake, there had been enough resurgence in its popularity for someone to go through the effort of making a forum.

    And that's how he had struck up an online friendship with this "Myst" fellow. Now, Jorniel liked to think himself a decently well adjusted person, all things considered. For someone who wrote books for a living and wrote for fun on top of that, he managed to carry a semblance of normalcy. None of his "RL" friends had any idea of his immensely nerdy online hobbies- there was the roleplaying yes, but also the table topping, the anime streams, the online gaming, and the very bitter, heated forum discussions on absolutely stupid levels of speculation he had to personally correct. (He had once dove into his own serie's fandom drama, but quickly had to separate himself. For some reason, people insisted he was queerbaiting with the witch prince Amorys. Which was definitely untrue- the boy was so fucking gay, but then his publishers wouldn't let him put in sex scenes and it hadn't quite come up yet in universe...)

    He was nervous to check the latest reply. The thing he liked about Myst was that were was very little fore-planning for threads between their characters- it all sort of just happened. So he wasn't quite sure where this particular plot line was going, but it had reached a point where something was going to happen. There had been a worry that he may have had to label the thread with an M, but they never really talked about it- if it was going to happen, now was going to be the moment. His guts rolling in his chest, Jorniel clicked to read Myst's reply (or rather his character, Kevin's next steps).

    Jorniel read through the post once. Then again, and finally a third time. He expected the nerves that were making his hands shake to settle itself, but still he was reeling. Jorniel knew himself to be very fortunate to be an actual published writer, but times like this made him wonder just how much undiscovered talent was out there. He only knew a bit about Myst's offline life, tidbits of who he was beyond words on a screen, but Jorniel had been enraptured by this guy's writing. There had always been books he had been obsessed with, his bookworm childhood still surrounding him with the shelves of his lifetime library. He was always willing to retreat into someone else's world, fantasy or nonfiction, contemporary or old epics, but there was something about writing collaboratively that was so much more intimate. It had been part of the agenda for the talks he gave at the nearby university, the frank vulnerability that made his job an art...

    And just like people falling for their favorite internet personality or musician, Jorniel was falling hard for this Myst fellow's writing.

    With the same intentionality that he kept himself from being a pathetic fanboys when meeting a more established author, Jorniel resisted the urge to contact Myst and gush over things. He already spoke with his online friends more than his physical ones- he had a bad habit of keeping his social media apps open on his phone while simultaneously ignoring his business email. But the last thing he wanted was to see obsessed or thirsty. He could write up a response instead, right now, and Jorniel felt the heat in his cheeks rise. He was never his characters- in his real life he was not a reality bending time hopper romancing a medieval blacksmith in a room distanced from space and time- but he couldn't help but feel a little something. When he killed off Felicia Nieves in his last book, it had hurt like crazy, but it was a very different investment from when his OC Blake threw himself in front of hellfire arrows for his party.

    And it was a very different feeling when Kevin had just grabbed Blake by the collar and finally kissed the boy in the hull of the ship that had taken them far from the last episode's battle.

    There was a stirring in Jorniel's heart, and a stirring elsewhere too, as he drafted up a response. Because of course what else would happen between two guys in a bedroom after making out. True, Blake was still healing from getting pierced through by satan's actual spears, but the good thing about literature was a suspension of disbelief. Like not having to worry about sti's (after all Blake had a healing factor and was a healer), or lubricant, because Jorniel knew from personal experience that with enough foreplay and saliva...

    He had to stop typing now, because the heat in his face was almost unbearable. Getting up from the computer, leaving his study, he escaped from the screen's judgmental view to the living room. The truth was that he was pretty damn embarrassed, even alone in his apartment, and conspicuously "offline" and idle on Discord. He was getting himself riled up over just words on a screen, and that had to be a little too much, even for a writer. After all, he wasn't Blake the rogue-ish white mage who scammed people and overcharged for healing. And he definitely didn’t know Kevin, the sellsword that was all belligerent hateful sexual tension with his hired healer. But he did know Myst, just enough. There were a couple pictures in a "share your face" thread. The good thing about being an author with a nom de plume was no one connected your selfies with the professional portraits of author "Juno Hart", but he could put a face to Myst. And somewhere in the writing of Blake feverishly reciprocating Kevin's kiss, hands sliding on his back, pulling off tunics, it was really Jorniel reaching out to a fellow medieval nerd across the damn continent and ugh...

    Jorniel sat on his couch, cradling a cushion to his chest, in his underwear and a T-shirt he'd never be caught in public with, and wilted. What a pathetic sight- a grown nerd sitting home on a Friday night rocking an erection over online fictional boy smut, and rocking a heart boner for someone he had never met across the country. What people would think... so he did the thing that Jorniel always did when he was overwhelmed. As he fished between the seats of the couch for his smartphone, he tried to ignore the voice asking him what the hell was wrong with him.

    He had called it field research. No different than that month long sabbatical he had taken just this summer to see the Taj Mahal in person, because how else would he know to write a setting based on mughal architecture. So when he started putting himself out there, it was strictly because he wanted to 'know what he was writing about'. Never mind that this stuff never got into the final drafts of his published works, or that he had been just a little embarrassed to graduate college a virgin…

    Well, that ship had long sailed by now. And now here he was, knocking on the door of some guy’s apartment. He didn’t even remember the name- John or James or something basic as fuck... To his credit, he had tried to at least pretend this was more than a late night tryst, wearing an actual outfit this time. Probably overdressed, because the guy had answered in as few clothes as Jorniel had when he hit him up in the first place. What else did people wear at 10:54 on a Friday night when they were jerking if over fictional boys making out? Of course, the minute the door shut behind him, all pretense was off. Kisses were rough, foreign, but Jorniel was nothing if not accommodating, and his partner had whisked him off to the bedroom faster than you could say “What was your name again?” (He hadn’t, and neither really cared.)


    He tried to lose himself in the moment, he really did. Jorniel responded with an almost animal like enthusiasm- it surprised even himself, being a explosive hornball in an innocent body that occasionally still got carded- but he couldn’t help but notice that, no, this guy had no books in his apartment or bedroom. And it really didn’t matter, when their bodies pressed together, when he pinned him down and he could breathe in nothing but his aftershave, that he didn’t really know him.

    Damn if this guy wasn’t handsy… if he didn’t stop, Jorniel was pretty sure his ass would be sore even if it didn’t get that far. Heavy hands were kneading his backside like dough, fingers trailing, definitely trying to get inside him… Jorniel backed away, freeing himself. Because you didn’t have to correct someone on foreplay, or use words, if you just distracted them with their dick in your mouth. He liked it rough, he did, but he was trying to distract himself tonight, so he guided JohnJame’s hand onto his head, deepthroating as if the ache in the back of his throat would extinguish those nagging feelings.

    Jorniel Nuesi had secrets to keep. He was a normal university student, not a prodigy author on his fifth book in a New York Times best selling young adult series. He was soft, quiet, mild mannered Jorniel, not JorNee, the cantankerous as fuck marathon poster who knew his shit but kept turning down admin positions on his RP because “After MD never again.”. He certainly didn’t crush on random nerds, texting them even while on dates with very nice, eligible bachelors in the physics department. And Jorniel was a sweet wholesome boy, and not at all a nympho who drooled like crazy and rather take it hard and fast than ease into things.

    So when Jorniel finally got up to breath, his saliva dripping down his chest, and sat on JohnJameswhatever lap, cheeks flushed and eyes glazed over, that wasn’t really him. And it wasn’t him who guided the penis of this guy he had just met against his hole, and dropped down, forcing it into himself with enough vigor to make his eyes water at the sharp pain. It was risky, definitely reckless, but it wasn’t Jorniel who grit through the pain, rocking his hips, eyes shut. Nope, because he could always heal himself as Kevin the white mage, because healing magic made it easy to be kinky, and he was pretty damn sure Myst had the same penis head canons for Blake as he did and…

    It definitely wasn’t Jorniel displacing his affections, no sir. He hadn’t swiped right on JohnJame’s profile because it was similar enough to Myst’s character. He was _not_ having shameful raw sex with a facsimile of a medieval mercenary.

    But he was definitely fooling himself if he wasn’t trying to fix the fact that he wasn’t face to face with some nerd across the country who went by Myst on a stupid canadian forum roleplay forum about an anime series they both liked.

    More info-
    5’7”, lightweight, latino/middle eastern heritage
    Still in college, studying literature
    Author of a series of young adult novels that is pretty damn popular recently
    Closet loser, few know about his achievements in publishing, fewer knows about his nerd activities online
    Compartmentalizes like crazy
    Gay sexually, sapio romantically
    Got dragged into the Digital World after he finally mustered up the courage to ask Myst for a ‘in person’ meet up through VR
    please don’t tell people how i live

    Faith's Freeform
    With a strong sense of justice and unshakable determination, Faith is a champion for peace for in the Digital World, always willing to raise her sword to defend those less fortunate. Coming for simple beginnings, she has fond memories of her childhood in small forgotten hamlet on the north east of File Island. Around her significant sixteenth birthday, coinciding with the Labryinth events, her village was attacked by malicious forces. As per her Jijimon's dying wish, she set out on a quest throughout the Digital World, swearing to protect the innocent and fight against the forces of evil. Agreeable, confident and empathic, she truly tries very hard to play out the part of a heroine. While this occasionally (well, always) lands her in the thick of someone else's problems, Faith simply can't help it. And while her chronic heroine syndrome and grandeur constantly grates on her partner's nerves, at the very least Faith carries the prerequisite (if not slightly unjustified...) competence needed to back up her lofty ideals. And thankfully she has her 'precious friend' Jorniel's support (and intervention) to see her through tough times.

    More info-
    Full name is Faith Estephania Lienhardt. Seriously.
    Born from stray RPG data
    All the justice
    "I fight for my friends!"
    Out of touch with reality virtual or otherwise
    Fights to stop the fighting

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