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    Where should I start these things? From the beginning? Well, alright then.

    To be honest, I don't remember much as a kid. I can pull up flashes of a place, or a person's name or face, but not much of what I ever did there or what we did together. I remember the apologies, my father getting upset. I remember the boxes that were never unpacked, I remember being introduced to yet another school, even more kids my age. I remember occasionally writing letters to friends from the place I'd just moved from, who I'd never hear from again after I moved again... and that cycle repeated.

    I always knew that it would, but that didn't stop me. Someday, all of it would end; someday, I'd actually be able to keep the friends I made. So did any of it stop me? Not at all; it just made me try harder. Mostly, to get my mother to stay, or somehow let me stay, but 'work was work', as she said, and 'work' meant moving around a lot. I didn't like it, but at the time, I didn't have any say over it.

    That was for 16 years of life. How any of us even managed all that and still stuck together, especially as I became a teenager... I have no idea. I won't lie, I got pretty bitter, and wasn't too pleasant for either of them to be around; especially her. Sure, she got me occasional gifts to try and 'make up for it'. Incidentally, that included occasional lessons for things that interested me, like the guitar, or a few different forms of martial arts. Not much of it stuck, sure, but I still keep up with some of it. Gotta keep in shape and keep having fun with hobbies, right?

    Once I was 16, though... I won't say everything changed. Something did, and looking back, I can't really say what. Maybe it was just all the piled-up stress from knowing that anywhere we moved to wasn't going to be where we really lived; not for very long. Or maybe it was just me, making as many efforts as I could to get out of that... well, all of it! To just have a home that I could count on being there for more than a year!

    Then again, maybe it was just a 'birthday present'. A small, studio apartment; nothing even slightly special, but I was growing up even more, my parents knew how sick of everything I was, it wasn't far from school, from the grocery store, from anywhere I might need to go... it was mine. I'd like to say I didn't get out of hand and ruin it soon after the parents left to move somewhere else again, but well... that'd be a lie. What can I say; I was young, I had freedom, I decided to abuse it. Anyone would, right?

    Thankfully, though, the parents didn't come back to have to fix my mess, and I wasn't nearly enough of a screw-up not to finish high school with good enough grades. So I graduated, and moved on to... um... bigger and better things.

    Well, I started making money for myself, alright? That's what counts, especially while I couldn't afford college; not if I wanted a car of my own.

    And a good gaming rig.

    And a few other luxuries.

    I never said I was completely responsible, alright?

    Still, as far as I was ever concerned, I had enough talents to build something out of, and a good group of friends that I was kind of at the head of. One of whom was able to hook me up with a 'super alpha' of a game that sounded interesting... and oh, how 'interesting' it's turned out to be. But taking a break from the real world isn't so bad, right?


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