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    Keith Kogane, Voltron Legendary Defenders

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    One of the greatest things about gingerly cultivating a reputation of complete and utter mediocrity is, no one needs you for jack: fights, favors, long-term company. As far as Indy is concerned, he is free to ponder the real meaning of his life: the DOOM VFR remake, the Xenoblade 2 sequel and of course, the upcoming FFXV episode release.

    Regrettably, haplessness warrants its own set of risks, and it's on this count Indy discovers he just so happens to be settled over the cross hairs of some professor who's got it in his confounded mind that he in particular is - why on earth, off all the cruel jokes, why - a responsible student.

    So responsible, in fact, one Mr. Indy Evans can be trusted with discarding of the half-full old bottle of Pincer vodka that a now-reprimanded classmate had brought in this afternoon. Idiot, everyone knows you keep the stuff in your locker, not your desk, sheesh.

    Certainly, Indy will do the just thing after school lets out and tactfully dispose of the incriminating booze as the teacher threatens the offender with suspension.

    Allegedly, discretion includes telling someone - of all the days for his friend to be out 'sick' - and inflicting this alcohol for them to deep six. A sacrifice was needed: Li we knew ye well.

    Now that they had options ahead of them: the good, saintly path of halos and moderation - or they could surrender to their virtues and take up good, honest drink. About five seconds into wholeheartedly sitting on the fence with their decision, they've settled with the bottle in an abandoned beach hut (or secluded ocean side grotto - always tough to tell at what point the seashore shifts from inconvenience to poetry) and they're approaching middle school levels of elegance by sharing expensive vodka in party cups. It holds its shape, but it still cracks and nearly spills over.

    First sip is too sharp for a clear vodka and they frown because the aftertaste burns, but no where near Scottish fame - then Indy steals a glance Li's way, because, it's obviously been watered down. But then things start to glitch, go all technicolor, he's not sure if it isn't some vision the vodka gifted him or things are really happening and he's falling through some hole when the sky ripped open.

    When Indy lands he's still smashed off his seat and lucky too, because it numbs the pain from the fall. He gets up and doesn't get it.

    ...I don't get it.

    Well, he doesn't.

    ◦Pretty handy D-I-Y kinda guy, he's like the resident repair man on his floor.
    ◦Can't swim to save his skinny little life, he takes to water like a cat.
    ◦Has his motorcycle license and no surprise, a Kawasaki Ninja H2R.
    ◦Not quite an eidetic memory but he can readily pick out details in voices and conversation.
    ◦Still waiting for his acceptance letter to Hogwarts.
    ◦ Giant closet NERD.



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