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    Seoul, South Korea
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    Tactician (D-Ark)
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    D.va, Overwatch

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    Hyun Mina's Freeform
    見 Hyun "to be visible"


    Mina has learned how to adapt to her mother's demands and constant derogatory remarks by adopting an alter-ego she refers to as "Gongju (Princess)". Because the personality has developed over time and consumes her every day life, Mina has Dissociative Identity Disorder. However, her parents are unaware that their daughter and Gongju are two different personas and she has not seen the doctor to be officially diagnosed with this.


    "Gongju" is the persona developed by Mina to adapt to her parents' expectations and avoid negative consequences. This alter-ego is active on a daily basis, even around Mina's closest friends. This is a "mask" and a facade to hide the true personality of Mina. Gongju is extroverted, responsible, and has an enthusiasm for life that makes others envious. She's a team player, a straight-A student, obedient, and sociable, always going out to do spontaneous activities with friends. She is also quite materialistic. Gongju loves attention. Karaoke is her favorite past time.


    The real Mina is more calculating than her emotional alter-ego. She is extremely private and does not communicate her feelings well, if at all. Although vulnerability is not something she is familiar with, Mina is not easily stressed out. There is a certain enthusiasm, flexibility, and spontaneity to her personality that gives her the innate ability to perform well under pressure. In fact, she thrives on it. She takes her side-projects very seriously: trading card games. Mina's experience of trial-and-error and experimentation over the years, combined with her natural talent of analyzing patterns, has resulted in her triumph at Nationals. Of course, her parents know nothing of this victory or her national fame. She makes sure to cover her tracks carefully so as to avoid being caught.


    Mina's parents, Ji Yun and Tae Won, were married by the arrangement of their parents. Tae Won provided a good life for Jun and she was expected to give him a son, who would eventually become an heir to his insurance company. Mina was born shortly after their second year anniversary and from the early age of three, she was taught to be obedient and how to act. As she aged, her parents expected much of her. When their expectations were not met or Mina did not comply with their commands, as a typical child would do, the consequences were severe. Derogatory remarks and emotional trauma followed by long periods of neglect. They thought if they ignored her antics, they would eventually stop. They were wrong. Their ideals backfired once Mina reached middle school. She would get into fights, her grades dropped, anything to get their attention. When at last she got what she wanted, her mother called her worthless and threatened to disown her. She spent three months with her maternal grandparents with no calls from her mother or father.

    When Mina came home, she discovered that her mother was pregnant. Before the year was out, a son was born: Joo Won. He adored his older sister. Although the now middle-school student wasn't sure what to think of her new baby brother, she grew fond of him and became responsible towards him. She was also quite clever, having developed an alter-ego to adapt to her parents' expectations. "Gongju" it was called. A mask that would hide her true self and protect her from the harsh expectations her parents had thrust upon her. It worked and within a few short months, Mina had achieved higher grades and made several friends. Instead of her life becoming easier, however, it only got worse. Her parents decided that since she had "straightened up", it was time for her to aim for new goals. They piled more school work on her, chose her extracurricular activities, and started taking her to social events.

    Upon reaching high school, one of the clubs her parents signed her up for disbanded. Mina took the opportunity to join a TCG club. At first, it was out of a mix of rebellion and curiosity. Slowly, it became a hobby. Through trial-and-error, lots of deck experimentation, and hard work, Mina climbed her way up the ranks of the club until she beat experienced players. They decided to enter her into local tournaments. This started her on the path where she would one day become the Korean National Champion. While her fake persona of Gongju was more interested in material objects and karaoke with her best friends on a weekly basis, the real Mina would sneak off to TCG tournaments to make her some extra money and acquire the next rank. Once she started to make the newspapers, which her family thankfully did not read, she had to dress differently during tournaments. She used the alias Gongju.

    One evening some weeks after graduation, she received an email from an anonymous sender. It was a profile of her with lots of personal information: her address, her family, her school grades, her tournament log, and even a picture of her just before changing into her costume. Someone knew she was the now nationally famous TCG Champion. Fearing her parents would find out, Mina replied asking what they wanted. The anonymous person sent her combat simulation which she had to solve. Confused, she did as she was asked. They said "thank you" in response and there was not another word for almost a year.

    The night before she was to meet her future husband, picked out for her by her parents of course, her father received an email from the Korean Military Academy concerning Mina. They sent the profile of Mina and her tournament logs, as well as her secret identity as the TCG National Champion, and asked to see her in person. Her parents were furious with her for wasting her time with such things, but they accompanied her to the designated meeting spot nonetheless. When they arrived, they were given a nice dinner over which an official of the KMA offered Mina the opportunity to attend the military school for her spectacular tactics used in the TCG and her grades. Her parents declined the offer almost right away and they left without asking her what she wanted. Mina was furious. There was a big fight at the house only two days later. At last, she told her parents off, hugged her younger brother, and left home. She was swallowed by a digital wave some miles from home.

    Mork's Freeform

    Mork is a gruff character and difficult for anyone to really like. With such a callous exterior, this Goblimon comes across as a bully, apathetic, and tough, yet somehow still very confident in himself. He has a dominating, assertive personality and a blunt way of talking to people. Since most don't want to hear the truth without a far amount of sugar coating, he has very few friends that he can count on. Despite these qualities, this particular Goblimon happens to be quite insightful towards others (most specifically his tamer), has a range of emotions bigger than a teaspoon, and an unwavering sense of justice, loyalty, and (in a surprising turn of events) patience. Mork is not like typical Goblimon because he has a much bigger pool of patience than most. He can sit around waiting on someone to make up their mind about something for hours. His temperament is hot and his fuse short, but Mork is not a savage and will wait for someone to explain before he goes to swinging his club around and going berserk. However, this Goblimon, while he believes in "tough love", is also a bit protective and he has a mean reckless streak if any he cares about is harmed.

    Extra Notes

    While Mork uses a Mace, he also happens to be skilled at grappling and unarmed combat. He won't need a weapon to disarm or severely injure an opponent. On another note, Mork loves to eat. His favorite dish is fried Cockatrimon, but he also likes any type of bird Digimon cooked as well.

    Mork's Evolutions


    Baby I


    Baby II


    Mork stands taller than most of his species. He is a full head taller than his tamer, measuring him at 5'8" feet. His weapon is a mace rather than a simple wooden club.




    In his Perfect form, Mork's skin continues its green tint and his armor remains the simple natural hues of the earth: various shades of brown and green.


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