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    Sometimes, life just shits on you. Hinawa has a lot of experience with that, really, and it has only gotten worse with time. Born as the daughter of an immigrant and a Japanese man, she already always faced isolation and a lot of scrutiny in Japan - but at first, her rather amazing grades in academics and multi-faceted talents impressed people enough to make her rather well-liked despite that.

    The problem was that Hinawa HATED this kind of lifestyle. Move through school, get into a good college, join the workforce, never once stand out with anything besides your results... It was a sickening pressure on her, one that caused her mental health to begin to deteriorate. The pressure eventually became so bad that Hinawa began to lose her grip on reality, together with developing crippling headaches whenever she was surrounded by others.

    Nobody seemed to notice just how utterly lost and devoid of self Hinawa became. One day after school, she climbed the stairs to the roof of her highschool. She doesn't like thinking about what she would've probably done, if she hadn't met THEM up there - a group of delinquents, practicing with their instruments for their little rock band.

    In possibly her only spur of the moment decision in her entire life up till that point, Hinawa virtually forced her way into the group. Her talents enabled her to learn how to play the guitar within a week, and within the second week, she was the new focal point of the band - their singer! However, the empty feeling inside still meant that she couldn't write any songs, and so relied on her best friend in the band - an older upperclassman who had been held back more than once, always wearing his uniform fast and loose, with bleached hair that looked like her natural blonde hair... All in all, what you'd normally call a 'bad influence'.

    But looks can be deceiving. As their bassist and de-facto leader, he was always a nice and friendly guy - even as they got Hinawa completely drunk on their first night out on the town, he made sure nothing happened to her. With them, she felt accepted and at home.

    That all ended when her new best friend (and possibly soon-to-be boyfriend) suddenly disappeared. At first it was said that he had fallen ill, but some searching revealed the awful truth - he had actually disappeared without a trace. Their band fell apart shortly after that, without him to hold it together, and Hinawa felt partially responsible for not being able to step up to the task of keeping them together.

    Bitter and angry, Hinawa herself was a full delinquent now - despite her good grades, she was despised by teachers for either not showing up or outright sleeping in class, mocking them, having the foulest mouth in the entire district and openly breaking rules and laws regarding smoking and drinking. But she never, not even once, lost her passion for music.

    Her luck seemed to turn around when she was approached over her samples of their old music she had put up on the internet were found by an agent, right as she was about to graduate highschool. Instead of enrolling in college, Hinawa jumped at the chance, but it came back to bite her - hard.

    Her new agent didn't want a rockstar. He wanted yet another idol, vapid and lacking in self-respect and artistic authenticity. Singing empty songs, recording terrible records, it ate away at Hinawa's very soul - but her contract and her desperate hope to at some point find the spark to write her own songs and break out of this life kept her going.

    And as she moved towards yet another stage to play on in her costume, Hinawa got lost - on a straight line. At first questioning if she had accidentally dropped a few drugs instead of headache medication, she soon saw strange beasts, running from some, towards some others, trapped in a virtually endless maze that made no sense - even with her sharp mind, trying to understand the geometry of this place gave her the worst headache she had ever felt, as if her brain wanted to explode... But eventually, she found a strange amulet and two devices propped up on a table. As she picked them up, she blacked out.

    Waking up in a strange new land, Hinawa was greeted by a strange, talking cat - wearing her hat. After some shenanigans to get the poofy hat back - she LIKED that part of her outfit even if the rest looked silly - she learned that she was now in the 'Digital World', near a place called 'Neon City'. Her new acquaintance introduced herself as Lilim the FrostGatomon, and with her 'Digivice' Hinawa was now officially the partner of the strange cat - not that either really knew what that meant, but Lilim was one of the people Hinawa could stay with without developing headaches again, a kindred spirit.

    Settling down in Neon City, the two earned their keep with odd jobs here and there, becoming the closest of friends they could be - life without the other quickly became an impossible idea.

    However, destiny wasn't done with kicking Hinawa to the curb. On their way back from a courier job, the group was attacked by a horrifying monstrosity of the desert... SkullGreymon, a Digimon so filled with the desire of fighting that even its body rotting away only made it more dangerous. Fleeing into a cavern while Lilim kept the beast busy, the FrostGatomon was about to flee inside with her... when she was hit with the special attack of the Perfect level Digimon.

    The explosion that rocked the area closed off the cavern's entrance, as Lilim was consumed in the fire of the organic thermo-nuclear explosion, completely annihilating her... Or so it seemed. By the time Hinawa awoke, deep inside the cave after getting flung inside, she was alone once more... She had lost someone she cared for deeply once again. But as despair caused her to curl up in a ball, all alone... A gentle light broke the darkness.

    Through tears, Hinawa saw Lilim one last time. A gentle, yet cold paw pressed something into her hand with a smile. Taking hold of her Beast Spirit, Hinawa's Digivice transformed.

    Together with what remains of Lilim now, Hinawa sets out once more...



    Beast Spirit (Adult)
    FrostGatomon is a rare subspecies of Gatomon only found in the coldest regions of the Digital World. Not concerning themselves with questions of good and evil, they're tricksters and free spirits. When threatened, they defend themselves with ice-elemental versions of the Gatomon-species attacks. Appearance wise, they have cyan-blue instead of purple fur, their gloves carry a deep blue and grey scheme, while the holy ring on their tails is lined with frost and rime.


    Human Spirit (Perfect)
    Sometimes, the heart of a LadyDevimon turns so cold and distant that they evolve into IceLadyDevimon. Using frost-themed versions of their original powers, they rarely leave their lairs. IceLadyDevimon's entire body is covered in eternal frost.
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