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    Personality: Giygas often comes off as a very disinterested, almost completely apathetic individual but he's not beneath humouring others with conversation. His overall demeanor, although stranger is calm and not much seems to affect him on surface level as he will often chuckle and joke about it, often joking about serious issues. Despite what he lets out however, Giygas is one to repress his feelings and opinions for the sake of putting up a front. When left to his own devices he is stubborn and one to hold a grudge.He holds several opinions about himself, humans and the world around him that will often not share but will fight to the death for. He is fiercely loyal to his values and those who enable them, yet it can be extremely difficult to uncover just what he is about. In truth, Giygas views the world as nothing more than a meaningless construct. Being aware of his nature and that of the world around him he's almost completely consumed by nihilism and an almost irrational fear of the human world and what it could possibly do to this one. Any action, weather taken or not taken is somewhat meaningless unless the net outcome is powerful enough to shake both worlds to their core. Therefore things like morality or values hold very little meaning. Despite that, Giygas has a moral compass, albeit flawed. He has his own ideas on how the world can be 'saved'. He doesn't directly hate humans or the digimon who follow them but he is weary of them. A lot of the time he will look down on them, given that despite being made by the same material he is they lack any of the powers he has. Background: It is always strange that a weed can grow to be so beautiful in the harshest conditions. A small little tendril of greenery peeking up through the dull greys of the city streets, blossoming into a scrawny bloom despite everything life would decide to throw at it. Giygas was born just such a weed into the slums of File City. Despite a constant barrage of abuse and misfortune, he grew into a strangely charismatic character who would take misfortune in stride. The feline would put himself into social situations, despite not being quite skilled at interactions, slowly making a bit of a name for himself about the slums. He was an oddball, but a likable one. The fact that he also ran the only repair shop that would consistently not try to rip people off or steal the more valuable pieces of equipment in the rough area of the slums also helped cement the feline into the memories of the district’s inhabitants. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is broke, I’ll fix it. Half the cost, though, is you listening to my rambling.” - Giygas Unfortunately, as is the story with most weeds, despite a life of hardship being set into a comfortable pace, the outlook grows dims once humans arrive to uproot a way of life. The feline soon became obsessed with finding a partner, viewing the bond between a human and a mon as a way of self-improvement. His lack of social eloquence proved to be his downfall in this venture. On the grapevine, however, there were whispering of certain secrets used to enhance the abilities of Digimon. He latched onto this notion, deciding that his own weakness was why he had been overlooked for Partnership. In seeking these whispers, the mon was met with a strange event, a brief glimpse beyond his world and into the realm of the Humans. And in that glimpse, he came to the realization that he and the entire world he had grown up in, every mon he had ever met, were simply a fabrication. A chance encounter of numbers bashing to form a vague mimicry of existence. He realized his meaninglessness. And with that, he vanished. He left his home, he left his store, and he left those few he called friends. “Oh for the love of, fine. Here. The Hermit. Right here. He’s run off to seek things out for himself. Now leave me alone! And take your broken junk with you!” – Random Impmon Now where Giygas had vanished off to, no one is certain. But just when the very memory of the carefree creature had started to fade, he returned. Though it was not quite the same Giygas those familiar with the slums had come to know. His appearance changed, his left eye warped, his claws glowing softly with strange energies. Having reached this new stage of his life twisted him, jading him to the world around him and driving him to hover about the outskirts of File City where he peddled in cacti, though he would still repair things by request. “Humans. Mons. It’s all meaningless without the other. But in the grand scheme…– Giygas."



    Nyaromon Level Baby II


    Saladmon Level Child
    [Lay Line]: The user shines briefly but nothing much happens. Perhaps this wasn't coded right. [Petty Punch]: The user unleashes a flurry of weak blows


    InvidiGatomon Level Adult
    [Jammer]: Invigatomon's data will produce information about a random Digimon or display an error upon being scanned by a Digivice. Powerful enough detection methods can bypass this and display him as a heavily modified BlackGatomon. Attacks:
    [Lay Line Rune]: The user is briefly engulfed in intense light before seemingly gathering considerable power.... except this attack doesn't seem to actually have anywhere to feed this power into. Leaves the user panting for breath for a short period afterwards. [Electromagic]: InvidiGatomon can launch his claws forward as a fast paced, short range projectile that packs a considerable punch. Upon launching, his claws can be retracted to travel back back in any direction proximal to InvidiGatomon's gloves in a homing fashion, dealing delivering the same impact to anything caught in between. During the time his metal calws are either in travel or embedded in something, InvigiGatomon gains energy claws, enabling him to still attack at the draw back of dealing severely reduced damage. [Vault]:InvidiGatomon performs a lightning fast dash towards his target in a much faster manner than his usual movement before somersaulting over the target to strike them in an X pattern from behind. [Overheat]: InvidiGatomon's delivers a powerful punch at the target which creates a brief wall of fire at impact point and sends forth a shockwave capable of pushing most Adult or lower Digimon, as well as sufficiently light targets, several feet backwards. 1 Turn cooldown.
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