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    Pidge Gunderson, Voltron Legendary Defender

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    Finn Gardener's Freeform
    Among the vast internet span of competitive gamers, there is Finnigan Gardener. She is a die-hard fangirl for all things of the Fantasy genre including games, books, and tv/movies. She is a very open nerd and constantly purchasing things for her collection (paraphernalia, memorabilia, etc.) with her family's wealth. She has a wild imagination, is curious by nature, and she possesses exceptional book-smarts on all things Fantasy.

    Finn's love for fantasy and role play can often get in the way of her life. However, she is learning to put it aside for her studies and grades. She can get quite competitive and seeks a true rival, and a best friend. What trips people up is her personality. She is not a snotty rich girl, instead desiring to hide it.

    Family wealth is not the only thing she wishes to hide. Her tomboyish nature mixes with laziness and low-maintenance. Finn is nothing like most girls and it shows with her ragged, androgynous appearance. Instead of upgrading her beauty supply of make-up and hair care products, she prefers to upgrade her technology. She is so much better with concepts and ideas than computers, burying herself in her imagined adventures and technology. With the realm of online computer gaming (including online Dungeons & Dragons), Finn has acquired the skills of a Techie Geek in order to help the internet create better open-sourced software for gaming. She is a high-ranked member at a college computer club where she helps to develop and program codes & apps for the local college.

    *Loves food
    *Goes barefoot whenever possible
    *Dresses like a boy
    *Proud Ravenclaw/Pukwudgie


    Her family, the Gardeners, are quite wealthy and she has been spoiled with that wealth. Because her parents are big names in Texas production and commerce, they sent her to a private educational institution. The students had access to the latest technology where Finn first discovered gaming. There was a clique at the school of boys who liked to play games such as Dungeons & Dragons, or video games. Finn's gender made a rough road for her to join (the boys were suspicious, as all kids are, of a girl hanging out with boys), but she endured because she was fascinated by what they were doing. Being the only bookworm of the group did not help her case. They were more willing to accept her as one of "the boys" after she got into a fight at school with a bigger kid bullying the group of nerds.

    On her eleventh birthday, her life changed forever when she got a special letter in the mail. Finn had been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was a fun way for her parents to announce that she would be attending a new private school. Although she was very happy for her parents' acknowledgment that she was a nerd, she was unhappy about changing schools. Upon attending the new educational institution, she found she had a lot in common with a numerous amount of nerds there. Whereas her old school had only a handful, this school (which was three times as big) had several cliques for her to be a part of. In the end, because many of them had a very negative rivalry going on, Finn ended up becoming a loner and doing her own thing.

    This withdraw pushed her to the online world where she discovered online gaming and communities. MMO's, Dungeons & Dragons online, Steam games with online play, chat rooms, League of Legends... She explored it all. Without friends, Finn had a lot more time to dedicate to her online life. Her aunt, a great influence on Finn's obsession with books, visited one Christmas with an entire set of a new fantasy series called [i]The Arcanum Libre[/i]. The sweet girl curled up for the rest of the winter reading the series and neglected her games for it. After many months of diligent practice, she devised a better time-management process through the art of bullet journaling and learned to balance school, family time, online gaming, and reading.

    Her parents eventually became disturbed by Finn's lack of social activity and set up play-dates with other teenagers. This was a childish notion, and none of the children or parents involved benefit from it. They had to accept that their daughter was a loner, and would likely spend her life gaming and reading. During the middle of her high school career, Finn started to consider college and a career. She went through several phases of what she wanted to do with her life and her parents were pleasantly surprised that many of her options had no relation to games or books. They started to help her plan and went through a limited list of very reputable universities for her to attend.

    However, after the tour of a local college, Finn knew what she wanted to do. Her parents did their very best to persuade her to stick to the list, as it was only proper, but the girl wouldn't listen. It caused a sort of family spat. Trapped in her parents' home until graduation, Finn earned a scholarship playing a MOBA and paid for her own tuition. The day she turned eighteen, she moved in with her bookworm aunt who supported her decision to live her own life freely. Finn acquired a college dorm and has earned extra money on the side from her fanbase (over 75k followers and growing) on YouTube and Twitch. She is studying Digital Anthropology with a focus on the Digital World and online gaming communities. Whenever the Digimon World VRMMO came out, she was one of the Alpha and Beta Testers for it. She reported bugs, presented fair critical feedback and constructive criticism, and kept in constant contact with a developer to help out.

    She went home for the summer holidays, staying with her aunt rather than her parents. Their most recent visit brought up old spats between both her aunt & her mom's tense history, as well as Finn's current life decisions. Her mother's shrieks that her sister was "a destructive influence" on her daughter sent the whole family into a frenzy. Finn rushed to her room to put on the VRMMO headset and [i]literally[/i] escaped into the Digital World.

    Asher's Freeform
    Asher's personality is difficult and complex. He is antisocial by nature, but has adapted to work on a team as a healer. Rarely does he ask questions unless it pertains to his quest. Asher does not care to know the "how's" or "why's". He does what must be done and only acquires enough information in order to get paid, and he has a very realistic approach to life. There is a code by which he lives, his own "rules of life" and lessons that he often recites to others. He is a survivalist above all else, with a grim and unimpressed personality. He is resourceful, intelligent, proud, uptight, and street-wise. He repels others with his disagreeable personality and he is an opportunist, always seeking money or payment in some way for him to get involved with anything that is not his business.

    Within the Digital World, there are many cultural norms, many of which he is critical of. Firstly, Asher does not believe in "the bond" between human and Digimon nor having a human partner. He is not racist against humans; he dislikes everyone the same. He has no desire to form a bond with a human, or anyone for that matter. While Asher does know the difference between right and wrong, he is not a martyr and he has achieved the goal of making everyone else's business only that: business. He does not get personal with anyone. Asher comes across as apathetic, cynical, overly-critical, and rigid. However, many of those descriptors are wrong and Asher likes to keep everyone's impression of him the same: that he is gruff and doesn't care. In truth, he is a good-hearted Digimon with a soft exterior.

    Asher's Evolutions


    Baby I


    Babay II


    Asher takes on the form of a white-haired boy wearing dark gray armor underneath a pretty white medieval overcoat. He also wears charcoal colored gloves & boots. He has a permanent brooding expression on his face.





    Medieval Dukemon

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