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    Contrary to his gruff, often looking pissed off demeanor, he was born under more reasonable conditions. Typical enough Ferghus grew up as a farm boy in Gear Savannah. While not in a family regarded as famous by any means, his parents and siblings managed well, with the young Ferghus doing his best to assist. In his youth as an Elecmon he developed a strong sense of work ethic, though the strapping young 'mon was often confrontational when strangers were near his family. There was a moment or two where a fight almost started. Maybe three, he changes the number nowadays. Irregardless his parents were not fond of this behavior. Ferghus was not the oldest child, right under his sister, but he considered it his duty as the eldest son to remain protective of his weaker siblings. Living outside of civilization meant the chance of bandits or more unsavory types coming to their doorstep.

    He came to enjoy children after dealing with his younger siblings. When not tending to the fields, as he often remained stubborn about getting tasks done, other digimon in the area requested Ferghus babysit their young ones. His so called charming, 'country boy' attributes may have had something to do with it. Older women were always pleased to hear the Elecmon give some snark filled comment and take in somebody for the day. His own mother had a few things to say about the flirting the young creature insisted was far from the case. Ferghus's life in his youth remained stable, albeit boring. He enjoyed wrestling with other boys his age despite these bouts becoming a little too intense for their parents' tastes. Aggression was not the way the Elecmon was taught. Hard work and dedication were the family values, and though he was not pleased about this all the time, he caved in and got off his butt.

    Of his entire family, his older sister, a Prairiemon named Lucille, brought him to the side at one point. Ferghus was not sure if a severe matter had occurred, since it was rare she opted to not reveal something to the entire family at once. Regardless he gave her no quarrel. Lucille revealed that she managed to give him a special gift, one of the few anyone has gotten since there was little time or funds for such most of the year, and wanted to keep the moment as personal as she could. Despite it being rather large for an Elecmon, she gave Ferghus a survival knife for purposes designated by him. Ferghus was shocked by this at first, scowling as he questioned how she managed to save up for a gift that was a bit on the expensive end, but let the small stuff slide by as the young creature took his gift in good will. The value he placed on the sacrifice his sister made is one of those things he never tossed away.

    Around his twentieth year of living, his farm was beset by a gang of bandits insisting they obtain whatever they desired. His parents were unable to take down the group, despite being Adult levels themselves, and caved in as the bandits began to ransack the farm. It took a bit of holding down so Ferghus did not retaliate. No need to cause a bigger problem. And yet, Lucille confronted the invaders and pleaded they at least leave the family with something to continue living with. Regardless of how much she tried to convince them, the bandits continued to ransack their belongings and even made the bold move of kidnapping the Prairiemon. Of course, Ferghus was not going to have any of that, and as he escaped and tried to take the bastards on, was beaten and thrashed around until he was set in bed for a few days.

    That was not good enough for the stubborn, hotblooded Child level. In a manner of secrecy he fled home and went after the bandits. Rage set itself in his eyes, a few things packed and his gifted survival knife ready for use. Ferghus used a few skills he picked up over time and discovered where the bandits were hiding, sneaking in and ready to deliver a beating they deserved. Most of the scenario was a blur. He remained getting his ass handed to him again, the constant blows, and a roar coming from himself as he digivolved to Leomon during this incident. At one point, however, he was restrained by the bandits and forced to watch his his older sister was slain right in front of his eyes. Terror rushed into his mind, creating a slow change in attitude until a continued rage spiraled in Ferghus's mind as he slaughtered the bandits in the most brutal ways he could think of. He was disgusted by their existence.

    Returning home lasted for a short time. His family, at first shocked that Ferghus digivolved, could do nothing but despair at the news of their eldest daughter's end. It turned out they planned to move away and leave their farm behind. Ferghus disapproved of this, arguing with his parents until it became an unending feud. All that work to gain vengeance upon the bandits, and they just wanted to run. No matter how hard the Leomon insisted, his parents kept their ground, refusing to remain out their just for another group to ransack their property. Hours went by with one argument after another, until Ferghus snapped and backhanded one of his younger siblings.

    He was an embarrassment. Rash decisions caused him to strike back, causing the lion to leave home, never to return. Living on his own was the sole choice he could make a rational consideration for. In the end Ferghus was a danger to his family, his own willpower and newfound capabilities meaning little with his habit of uncontrolled lashing out. A week went by until the man calmed down. He would go back and apologize. Yeah, that made sense, as it was the mature thing to do. Unfortunate that he came back too little too late. The farm was a ghost town, the remnants of the home picked up and moved out of there. Was he abandoned? Perhaps. After the Leomon's own behavior it was the reasonable course of action. Nobody wanted to be around a monster, not one who failed his own family on numerous accounts. The door was left wide open, and the Adult level sat at the kitchen table with a single chair left, sobbing at the one seat which he could call his own.

    Years went by afterwards, Ferghus opting to place himself as a mercenary for hire. Within reason, of course, such as refusing to take jobs involving harm of any sort to a child. He took to drinking in his spare time, decent sums of his funding going towards being an alcoholic. Some digimon grew concerned, as he did have regular clients, but he would not have any of their pity. He made enough bad decisions to send him to hell and back a few times over. Blood was on his hands. Smoking became another habit when he was unable to drink, and when he could Ferghus would do both. If it were not for his reputation as a mercenary who go he job done with little in the way of screw ups, his terrible habits would have caused others to refuse his service. In addition he was up for doing odd jobs here and there. Being capable of a multitude of things had kept him not going hungry for days on end, albeit, he learned what camping outside most evenings had entailed.

    If he continued his path of lonesome travels and odd jobs, all on top of having to kill the random bastard who tried to one up Ferghus, the Leomon might as well have isolated himself and spoke to nobody ever again. He was a grumpy asshole who told people off more than recommended. Ferghus had seen the absolute shit stains the world had to offer, and figured the amount of listening he should be doing was kept to a bare minimum. Until he met a fancy lady on one of his jobs, a Pucchiemon named Jane. At first the lion man figured she was stalking him just to piss him off, though after she saved his sorry behind from a few misfortunes he began to open up to her, becoming more willing to suffer her presence. The first few years of them were a slow start, considering they were distanced by physical barriers while on the job, but managed to create a compromise and went on jobs together. Saving up some of their money they decided to settle down and force themselves away from the mercenary life.

    They found a nice little house, part of it reminiscent of the Leomon's childhood home. Just without the farm. Any odd jobs the pair had to do were much less blood and dirt. In a few years time they had a child, grown up to be a young Gaomon they named Randy. Ferghus during this period had invested much less time and money into drinking, though he still retained his smoking habit his wife demanded he do outside. He slept on the porch a few evenings. Most knew of the family's reputation, and as such did not attract the most desired folks. Despite his best efforts there were still recurring forces that Ferghus could not remove from his life. At first it was nothing he and his wife were unable to handle. Yet, something was off. More and more seemed to come after them, and more than once did the subject of moving away come up. Ferghus should have used his better judgement. They could just wait and see, and if it got too rough they could always gather up a few belongings and hit the road if push comes to explosions.

    Stubborn decisions over logic proved to be his downfall again. A conglomerate of those Ferghus and Jane had brought down in the past swarmed their home. The first few were no issue, but when property damage and blind spots allowed usable advantages, everything goes right to hell. Most of the digimon who had an issue were due to Ferghus, who beat and bruised him bloody until he could be held down without an issue. The criminals who wanted the lion to suffer cut down Jane, and despite his own desperation, Ferghus did not have the energy to allow adrenaline to rush through his body. However, the brutal punishments continued to be drastic. Randy, his only child, now blasted into data, the pain and shock something no child should ever feel. It came down to the Leomon after that. His wide eyes pleaded for some form of mercy, but he was not allowed such a pleasantry. A sword was drawn, his sword, grasped by a Greymon with the plating on his head cracked. In a swift stab, Ferghus felt the weapon drive into his left eye, through the back of his head, then pulled out and clanged onto the ground.

    Ferghus was left there to die, bleeding out as the left side of his face was massacred. Part of him wished he did reincarnate at that moment. His body held too strong a will to live. Yet, having to live through the pain was a far worse punishment than death.

    Somehow he managed. Replacing a good chunk of his left face was a brutal scar, the data permanently damage, with an eye patch the only thing protecting the eyeless socket from further harm. Depression spiraled into nights of drinking again, and forcing the Leomon to take up more odd jobs in order to stay alive. It was worse this time, his becoming a drunk who was often kicked out of bars until he sobered up the next day. What were a few hangovers compared to the throbbing pain he felt? Ferghus was no longer the lady charming farm boy he was in his youth. He made too many mistakes, too many problems for everyone who involved themselves with the Leomon. More often than not the lion man found himself getting into way more unnecessary brawls. His temper grew shorter, and the more he fought the more he felt his power surge. Few of the morals from his upbringing remained in tact. No longer did he have someone to look after, and he never wanted to deal with that responsibility again.

    This repetitive depression continued to last, and then humans started to rise.

    Ferghus kept a distance from these invading forces, both young and old, despite part of him being curious about the reasoning behind such appearances. If he did not involve himself then less problems would arise from this predicament. Good. Some of them seemed like brats anyways. Other Digimon began to claim they witness odd events of going to another world, which at first the Leomon waved off as a bunch of drunken idiots. Despite his claims of course some weird event happened to the lion man, out of nowhere and far from desired. Ferghus was not sure whether he was drunk or somebody was playing a prank on him. The world around him faded until he ended up in some kind of backwater alley. Gun shots were firing behind him, the sounds of yelling, crying, and pain more than enough for him to investigate.

    As if he could not get away from family related issues enough. Cornered were a couple of human parents and their children, a rifle off to the side and injuries running down the defenseless couple. To Ferghus's annoyance their attackers were a random gang insisting on paying up. What pissed him off the most, aside from the fact he was having severe flashbacks of his wife and child's murders, was the gang using another digimon who somehow got to this world. Just the way the bastards taunted this family, using a Kabuterimon to try and get their way, it just irked the lion man to where these fools needed to be removed. By force. In the most violent way Ferghus could think of. A roar escaped he Leomon as he rushed towards the insectoid monster, slamming it into the ground a few times before taking out his survival knife and slitting the bug's throat.

    When it came to the rest of the gang, who clamored about at the sight of a giant lion man obliterating their power card, they tried to step up to the Leomon. Wrong move. Petty little knives weren't going to do a thing, and those metal pipes were just meager thuds. Broken arms were nothing once the blunt trauma of being slammed into a brick wall killed a human flesh bag. Ferghus was done with their crap. The final gang member tried to flee, but the lion was not done until he was certain it would be finished. Grabbing up the rifle off to the side, he gave it a once more, aimed it at the fleeing gangster, and pulled the trigger.

    Bang. Dead on the ground.

    The job was done, and Ferghus set the gun down to check up on the injured family. He remained silent, unsure of how to speak to these humans, yet the moment he opened his maw the world reverted back to File Island. The Leomon was confused, regaining his composure before taking a look at himself. What he witnessed and did was not an illusion, the blood from those assholes still on his hands. Literally. For once Ferghus was able to do something good and not have a terrible consequence happen to him. Yet, he also knew these humans were far from the invaders he thought them to be. The fact of the matter was something was going on, and his experiencing a Labyrinth Event caused a peek of curiosity to rise with the lion's being.

    But then, who the hell decided it was funny to give him some random, probably useless objects!

    • Though he wears an eye patch in all forms to cover up his missing left eye, the scar left behind overextends past the patch, indicating how severe the injury turned out.
    • While the big lion is not looking for a spouse, he prefers dudes nowadays.
    • Has a constant stench of booze and cigarettes. Obvious why.
    • Speech patterns are akin to someone born and raised in the United States' southern region.
    • Due to Ferghus's age he has known digimon who claimed to be from a mainland outside of File Island. Over the years, however, he gave up trying to establish contact from said mainland.
    • While a Leomon's anatomy is naturally a muscular form, he is somewhat bulkier than the usual digimon of the same species. Granted this only applies to his Adult and higher forms. However, all of his forms seem to have a more ragged fur and-or mane.
    • Wears a belt with a few different pouches, holding various things. One of his usable keepsakes is a survival knife he can pop open for various purposes such as throat slitting wood cutting.
    • Has been known to swear enough worth ten sailors.



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