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    You remember the night that he left vividly. You knew that it had been coming for such a long time now, you had spent so many long nights talking about it and trying to talk him out of it. You remember it almost as vividly as the day that the two of you met. When you’re laying in bed on your own most nights, staring up at the ceiling while listening to music, you can’t help but replay both of them in your head over and over and over again. Sometimes you wonder what you could have done differently. Sometimes, you cry yourself to sleep at night, and wake up in the morning still depressed.

    It all started four years ago.

    You were a highschool freshman; you had just joined the school’s famous women’s lacrosse team, and he was a year older, wiser… and a total contrarian To say that it wasn’t love at first sight would probably have been an understatement. You remember wanting to punch him in the face the first time that the two of you met, that day with the team on the beach. You still remember the way that he saw right through your facade; you weren’t as perfect as everyone wanted you to be and he knew it, too.

    In retrospect that’s probably why it ended up working out. You wanted to burst out laughing when he invited you, a freshman lacrosse player that had never said two nice words about him, to homecoming. You remember saying yes and surprising not just him, but yourself, and everyone who actually knew either of you. That was the night that things became real. Your dad had always been strict, you were his little girl and only kid after all. He would never accept you with a guy, especially not a local punk that you came home ranting about more than once.

    You remember laughing when he scared him witless, and you remember staying up past curfew that night just talking about the world. It wasn’t hard to let him in. He already knew that you weren’t perfect, that you wouldn’t be perfect, but he liked you anyway. It was harder for him to let you in, but what you saw was beautiful. There was more to him than meets the eye. And the rest, as they say? That was history. The two of you took the school by storm; the most popular girl at school and the rebel. It was a cliche - but your parents were the same day. Maybe it was generational.

    Things were good. So good. But he was older than you, and you knew what was coming before it actually got there.

    You avoided talking about it your entire Junior year. You refused to help him fill out college applications, refused to even acknowledge that the future was now and that soon enough, things would be changing. He’d be leaving. But just like anything else, it became real, and what had become your worst nightmare was approaching them ever faster. Saying goodbye was the last thing that either of you wanted to do, but it was going to happen regardless of what you wanted. You remembered accepting it right after he graduated.

    You recall the smell of the salty sea air from that fateful night at the end of August. You remember his arm around you, holding you tightly. You remember the warm tear falling down your cheek, and him wiping it away, and the exact moment that his kiss went from electric to somber and cumbersome. You remember the sound of his voice when he told you that this was something he needed to do, and that he couldn’t ask you to wait. You remember knowing that he was right. You remember crying, and laughing, and reminiscing about all those good times. About how the first time the two of you met was just a few paces away, a few years removed. You remember him promising that he’d come back. It doesn’t make it hurt any less. It doesn’t make it feel any less final.

    You remember telling him goodbye the next morning, groggy from the lack of sleep, seeing him off at the train station. You remember what it felt like to have your entire world shatter underneath your feet.

    Life goes on as usual. You keep in touch over text, email, letters, video chats, but not everything is the same. You keep up the facade; no one can tell how much you’re hurting. You’re perfect. The most popular girl in school, the star player of the lacrosse team, the class valedictorian. You have so much going on in the your life that you and he start talking less and less and less, through no choice of either of you. You’re busy, and he’s busy, and slowly the pain becomes numbed - at least as long as you don’t think about it.

    Before you know it senior year is over, you’ve been accepted to some of the best colleges in the country, you’re giving your Valedictorian’s speech… and part of you freezes. Things would be so better if he were there with you, sitting in the audience, cheering you on. You wish that you could see his smile just then. It made everything better. You keep up appearances, but he’d see right through it. He always did.

    Flashforward to today. The letters from schools are piling up, and you’ve accepted the invitation to an Ivy League college, your folks are elated and proud of you - hell, you’re even proud of yourself. But there’s still that feeling of something missing, that pit of depression stuck within your stomach. You remember crying yourself to sleep tonight, one week after graduation, in the middle of June.

    You remember waking up… somewhere else.

    You don’t know it, but miss all of his texts.

    Hey, Fe, I’m coming home.

    I can’t wait to see you.

    I’ve missed you so much, you don’t even know.

    … Fe? You there?

    I’m sorry I was so quiet.

    If you were mad at me you could’ve said something. I’d understand.

    Oh god, Fe, I just got back to town. Where are you? Everyone is looking for you.

    Your parents are worried sick. If this is a joke, it’s not funny.

    It’s not a joke, is it?

    Please be okay, Fe. I miss you. I love you.

    … I don’t know what I’d do without you.

    I’m going to find you. I promise.

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    Athena the Plotmon has always been wise beyond her years. Even when she was a little Nyaromon, she was impressively smart. Normally she is calm and expressive, but at times she has a pretty wild temper - she doesn’t often back down from a fight, and she is pretty good with tactics. She doesn’t speak a whole lot, choosing to express herself through her actions, though when she does speak it is with poise and with purpose.

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