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Feb 8, 2018
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    Digimon all you can eat buffet
    England, United Kingdom & Tokyo, Japan
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    Tactician (D-Ark)
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    Shion Kiba, Cardfight Vanguard

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    Evan Watanabe's Freeform
    Remember back in the days when we had parent’s show and tell day? Having your parents go to school with you explaining to your classmates what career they’re in is always so exciting! For Evan on the other hand this wasn’t exactly the case actually it was rather embarrassing really. Let’s just say his father’s occupation isn’t something you would see on a daily bases. You might think they might be working for the mafia or something criminal like around that area. In all honesty that’s not the case it’s just his father’s career choice is rather embarrassing really. Could you imagine having a sumo wrestler as a father?

    That’s exactly right, Evan’s father is a sumo wrestler, a big fat guy who enjoys eating like no other then you have this little adorable Evan and a beautiful mother. Well this was rather embarrassing really and Evan wonders how the hell his mother managed to fuck this guy? Well he was too young to think so maybe we should change the context a bit. How did these two end up together? On top of it how did they manage to give birth to a skinny little child like himself with crazy metabolism?

    So the way his parents met was quite interesting per say. His mother was visiting Japan and was at a ramen noodle buffet. It turns out she bumped right into his father had said something that pissed his mother off. In all honesty, Evan doesn’t remember exactly what he said but let’s just say the two of them ended up in an eating contest and let’s just say the results were rather shocking! It turns out his mother DESTROYED his father and kept eating right after the contest was over! It turns out Evan’s mother has high metabolism so she used that against his father! How crazy is that? It looks like the two have fallen in love with each other and gave birth to little Evan.

    With this strange couple kicking in Evan was born in England and is part Japanese. At some point in time Evan would be living in England for a couple of years before moving to Japan and so forth. In other words he would be going back in forth living in Japan and in England every few years. Let’s just say Evan’s family line is quite wealthy especially with his father being a famous sumo wrestler in Japan. Is it sad he was featured in a video game as a Downloadable character? It’s quite embarrassing really.

    Despite the constant travels, Evan didn’t have too much trouble with gaining friends in school. He has somewhat an upbeat personality like his father but somewhat quiet and yet with a sharp tongue like his mother so it looks like he has the best of both worlds. It was during his middle school years his friends introduced him to something interest, which soon turned into a new hobby and that was a community forum dedicated to nerds just like him! Ever since then, Evan was constantly seen chatting away on community sites and eventually ended up becoming one of the admins on the forum! Who would’ve realized how long it would take to become a staffer on a well-known community site? It wasn’t that easy especially dealing with the amount of shit and drama he had to go through. Even though this was the case, Evan enjoyed being a staffer. He was tasked with posting up recent updates on the forum and deals with coding like issues. If site were going through maintenance, he would be the one handling the situation. He acted somewhat like a head admin but in reality he just focuses on the maintenance aspects of the site. Thank goodness he has some programing skills underneath his belt.

    As a couple have years flown by Evan and his parents were having a buffet at a Japanese restaurant in Japan. His father was getting on his ass over career and what he should do with his life style. The two of them duck it out with a eating contest and just when he was about to chow down on his meal, let’s just say he found himself in a middle of the restaurant with strange creatures sitting right next to him. It was at that moment and time Evan knew instantly he was no longer in the human world but instead he was in a Digimon all you could eat buffet! What in the world just happen?

    * Evan forgot to mention in his history about him having a sister.
    * His family happen to be on the same community site as Evan but it turns out none of them know who is who.
    * Evan's username is EWRoyalGuardian. The site is dedicated to nerds and is called Nerd101
    * Evan discovered one of his online friends keeps using different IP address. He confronted him about it but it looks like it's going to take some time to get his friend to spill the beans.
    * Although he enjoys eating, he finds it rather embarrassing and tries to keep it hidden from others.

    Colby's Freeform
    Colby looks up to Evan and is very grateful of him saving his ass when they first met. He had a rough life before he met Evan, weak and defenseless unable to protect himself from stronger Digimon. Even with Evan around Colby ends up getting himself into trouble at times. For one thing for certain, the two of them have something in common and that's food!

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    Dukemon Crimson Mode

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    Shion Kiba, Cardfight Vanguard
    1. Targeting Targeting


      Feb 17, 2018, Utility
      Next attack hits without fail.
    2. MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster

      MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster

      Feb 17, 2018, Technique
      The target exhales a blast of cold air which has the potential to freeze its mark.
    3. Digmon's Drill Digmon's Drill

      Digmon's Drill

      Feb 17, 2018, Equipment
      Gives Digimon Digmon's drills on hands.
    4. Shellmon's Hydro Blaster Shellmon's Hydro Blaster

      Shellmon's Hydro Blaster

      Feb 17, 2018, Technique
      The target expels a high-pressure stream of water.
    5. LadyDevimon's Darkness Wave LadyDevimon's Darkness Wave

      LadyDevimon's Darkness Wave

      Feb 17, 2018, Technique
      The target conjures a swarm of bats which siphon data away from the target when struck.
    6. Omega Blade Omega Blade

      Omega Blade

      Feb 17, 2018, Equipment
      Grants the Digimon a replica of Imperialdramon Paladin Mode's Omega Blade that is especially effective against Demon Man Digimon.
    7. WarGreymon's Terra Force WarGreymon's Terra Force

      WarGreymon's Terra Force

      Feb 17, 2018, Technique
      The target launches a giant sphere of dense energy pulled from the atmosphere.