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    Tropical Jungle, Digital World
    Tropical Jungle, Digital World
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    Crested Digimon
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    Goblimon, Digimon

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    Within a seemingly demoing cluster of bog plants lazed an digi-egg with an eggshell complexion. It was white in hue, adorned with waved, red stripes and came to unwittingly brave the shallow waters ever-so gently submersing, bosoming its lower half. The reasoning behind it having found its inundating bedding? Inexistent. Your guess is as good as mine, but it was not fated to remain in its quaggy abode. A pair of yokelish, digital, avian creatures swam too near and brushed the mysterious egg free of its short-live residence. Free from the marsh’s sedgy clutch, it drifted about until it entered a river.

    Danger lurked ahead. The steadily growing celerity of the encompassing currents proved as evidence and even more-so, the approaching dropoff. It bore the totality of the blame for the water’s turbulent temper and in an unmerciful fit of malice, the stream tossed the egg into the air. Below awaited a collection of large stones bathing in the mists the waterfall birthed through its ceaseless pummel.

    As if sent by an all-permeating and powerful force, a large-winged digimon swept in. It was not its intention to have the egg catch its neck and roll down its back. In fact, it’s intention was to relieve an intense urge to defecate within soon-to-be no-longer pristine waters within the waterfall’s base. As it landed at the water’s edge, the egg rolled down its treetrunk-like tail and plunged into the water. The current took it into a river where, finally, it was pushed up onto a piece of land bathed in wondrous, meaningful sunlight. Like a spotlight, it highlighted the egg for all the local digimon to bare witness to.

    Fate, perhaps, for a tribe of Shamamon slunk up to the egg with the utmost degree of caution and curiosity. Their attentions were seized in their totalities as they gazed upon this pictural sight. It was so plump with meaning, they could not help but begin a ceremonial dance before raising their magical clubs overhead and attempting to thieve a glimpse at the egg’s future. The rather grainy, desaturated image that came to their minds was one that revealed the digimon who inhabited the egg was, in fact, another one of them. It was this finding that coaxed them into taking the egg back to their village where it would be cared for.

    Another Shamamon - how exciting - even more so when it turned out to not be a Shamamon at all, but a Goblimon. The future they caught sight of did not include the all-important visual information containing the digimon’s complexion and hair colour for it was just those two things that differed between him and them - and not by much, either. Regardless, they chose to care for who would eventually be known as Dulse and felt obligated to continue to do just that. Dulse was taught their shamanistic ways. He learned of herbology, dances, rituals for various things like influencing weather or paying tribute to certain beings, meditation, self-reflection. It brought out his potentials, but Dulse was more interested in food. He liked eating tasty food.

    I mean… he was good with herbs and knowing what digital world plants did what. The other things he was a bit spotty on. He found ease with combat and battle strategy, which was never something he was encouraged to explore to any great degree. One thing he had to explore one fateful day was the best smell he had ever smelled. It was in the dead of night. The smell was so potent, so intoxicating that it pulled him from his bedding, his hut-of-a-shelter and out into the jungle where he was ultimately spirited away.

    Dulse found himself in not the jungle he was familiar with, but a concrete jungle of a design he was completely unfamiliar with. Digimon with the most plain, uninteresting designs (humans) were peering out of the windows at not him, but other digimon engaged in some kind of fruitless battle. Some were outside. Dulse only took a moment to return his focus to what was truly important - food. The smell was even stronger and he slipped through the propped-open door of an apartment building into the lobby where a collection of abandoned pizza boxes sat, just short of being successfully delivered. There was no stopping him from opening the box, staring at the circular construct of bread, sauces, meat and cheese before immediately pulling a piece away from it. When he started to eat it, he could only cry in response to the bliss it was delivering onto him.

    “Hey!” called the delivery person, who just caught sight of Dulse after the soundings his rummagings were invoking. They both turned to look at one another. The human started screaming first and then Dulse soon after and then… Dulse was back in the jungle he had seemingly just left. At his feet were two objects that certainly were not there before.

    Dulse, despite his yokelish appearance, is actually rather intelligible - well, when he wants to be. His air is deviously simple for his pursuits are just that; simple. He can be pretty puckish and if he is being so to an excessive degree, he can be derailed from such behaviour if presented good, cooked food. He doesn’t seem to follow the stereotype of virus types and neither did his tribute, doubtlessly a result of their shamanistic teachings and principles. He appears to have an untapped reservoir of wisdom - perhaps acquired in a life long-since passed. While he has found evolutions beyond his child form, he defaults to it. It is likely a subconscious thing for deep down, he truly wishes to be a Shamamon like his family; but at least as a Goblimon, he looks the most like them that he is able to.



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