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Dec 21, 2017
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December 21
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    California, USA
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    Arbitrator (Burst)
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    Yuu Setoguchi, I've Always Liked You

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    Personality Strengths
    - He is friendly and optimistic, which sometimes helps him find new friends or disarm potentially unpleasant situations.

    - He is also very driven and once he sets his sights on a goal, he stubbornly works toward achieving it.

    - He is also caring and supportive, and when his brothers or friends have a problem, he goes a long way to help them, even if it means risking his personal goals. On the other hand he expects the same in return.

    - He is straightforward and direct, when he doesn’t like something he says so (this both Strength and Disadvantage), sometimes hurting other people’s feelings, other times avoiding unnecessary confusion.

    Personality Disadvantages
    - Once concentrated on a particular goal, he tends to ignore everything else. His closes friends and family know it by now, but other people may feel ignored or hurt, grades may drop etc. Moreover, once the goal is achieved, Darius gets bored and starts looking for a new challenge.

    - He says he is true to his heritage and that his favorite food is pickled herring with sour cream (a traditional Swedish dish), while secretly he hates it!

    - Because of his mixed roots, he says he is “into” Korean and Swedish culture, but in truth is only a pose and his knowledge is only superficial.

    He loves taking care of his hair and each morning spends a lot of time tending to it (Shh! It’s a secret, he claims it’s all natural). When thinking about something, Darius tends to absent-mindedly play with his hair, ruining the hairdo! At the beginning of his wrestling career he had a dangerous accident that almost ruined his knee. After months of grueling physiotherapy, he returned to the sport and became the captain of the wrestling team. However, sometimes – especially when stressed – he feels the pain in the knee. The doctor and physiotherapist insist that it’s a psychological reaction (a defense reaction to a stressful situation that helps him, for example, change the subject of a conversation) and the leg is perfectly ok.

    - Darius Sung is 17 and lives with his family in San Jose, California. His father (Tom) is a sales representative of an international concern producing pharmaceuticals and travels a lot. Darius’ mother, Sora, left when he was 12 perhaps because she couldn’t stand being left alone at home all the time. Not long later the father married again and Darius suspects he had had an affair long before the divorce. The step-mother, Abigail, had a son from her previous marriage, so now Darius has 2 younger brothers.

    - Due to the awkward situation at home (father always away, step-mother lost and practically a stranger), they are close and support each other, the younger brothers looking up to Darius, who sometimes behaves like their father. Even though they are well provided for, his step-mother works late hours because she didn’t want to feel like a free-loader. Needless to say, this whole situation is quite stressful for Darius.

    - Moreover, his biological mother almost never visits or use technology to contact him or his younger brother, instead sending old-fashioned, hand-written letters. Darius keeps all of them in a box and getting one always makes his day special.

    - To escape the tension, he goes to school. To him it is an organized place, where everything has its place, there are clear rules to follow and obvious hierarchy: classes to take, teachers to hate or respect, events and competitions. That’s why he has become the VP of Student’s Council and the Captain of the Wrestling Team – he likes having solid ground under his feet.

    - Of course, every high school is an ever-shifting miasma of influences and popularity, but somehow Darius managed to stay on top of all the coteries and is still one of the more popular guys in the school. Also among girls. Some of them are interested in Darius because he is a sporty, smart and good-looking, while other just want to use his popularity and position as a spring-board for their own “high school career.”

    - Anna Posling is one of them. Being smart, calculating and quite pretty, she quickly won Darius’ heart and slowly began to corrupt him with her toxicity. Luckily, thanks to Darius’s two best-friends, Darius realized what was going on and unceremoniously dumped her in the middle of a school party. Since that day Anna and her coterie are Darius’ sworn enemies.

    - Darius has two best buddies – Hayashi and Skjort (who is an exchange student from Norway). Hayashi is a shy, nerdish type with penchant for art and drawing, while Skjort is an embodiment of his Viking ancestor – a huge guy, and as prone to anger as to laughter. The three of them are known as Warriors Three, a comic book reference that not many people catch. They love hanging out together and have a tradition of ending each school year with a trip to the Alum Rock Park.

    - One afternoon, him and his buddies decided to try the new trending game “Digital World” and they were hooked except for Darius. He saw no point in spending hours of playing when there was no real world incentive for playing and didn’t help him advance for his future. On his way to the park, he ironically experienced the “Labyrinth Event” that he had thought of it as ridiculous and a publicity stunt for the digital game. He tried to escape but he was whisked away to File Island.

    Darla's Freeform
    - Dante is an offensive and mischievous rascal, doing whatever he wants no matter the consequences. He’s a brawler who never backs away from a challenge that usually lands him and his partner into unfortunate situations.

    - He is highly intelligent though his instinct and need to fight usually outweighs that trait. It comes in handy though when stuck in seemingly impossible situations to escape from.

    - Outwardly, he is an uncaring and mean-spirited digimon. His sheer amusement is from seeing others in distress just to see their reactions and what happens. He pokes fun at and would throw jeers at them at their distress.

    - His attitude stems from his early digimon days. He was sociable and had close buddies who abandoned him so he is wary of attachments thus, his present personality pushes others away. He appears to abhor Darius’s company but secretly appreciates him just being there.

    - The only trait that he and Darius seem to share is that they are both brutally honest. Dante is not a type of digimon to sugar coat anything. If there’s something on his mind he’s not afraid to speak up.

    - He doesn’t mind doing things for others as long as he gets something in return and to his benefit. “You owe me alright?

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    1. Quest Pass Quest Pass

      Quest Pass

      Mar 10, 2018, Consumable
      Quest passes are used to participate in quests and can be earned by submitting completed threads for evaluation.
    2. Human Protocol Human Protocol

      Human Protocol

      Feb 23, 2018, Items
      Allows a crested or partnered Digimon to assume a human form. Its appearance cannot change on subsequent uses. The Digimon's natural power is greatly suppressed while the protocol is active.
    3. Weapon Driver Weapon Driver

      Weapon Driver

      Dec 30, 2017, Arbitrator
      Allows the Arbitrator to channel their DigiSoul to form a weapon (eg. a blade of some kind). Using this would make further evolution of their partner Digimon impossible until the weapon is dispelled.
    4. Permanent Perfect Level Permanent Perfect Level

      Permanent Perfect Level

      Dec 29, 2017, Standard Evolutions
      Digimon partner can permanently maintain Perfect level.