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Chloe Webber
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Jan 3, 2018
Dec 17, 2017
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Chloe Webber

Bug Maniac

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Jan 3, 2018
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    Chloe Webber's Quick Facts

    Gender / Pronouns
    She / Her
    Current Location
    Forest Region
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    Chosen (D-1)
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    Ten's Quick Facts

    Base Form
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    He / Him

    Chloe Webber's Freeform
    Pre-Digital World

    Chloe is a programmer in the Real World, who thrives to finish a project once in a while instead of coming up with a million others. She has always been one for computers, and her love for bugs helped push along her main project, an educational app for mobile phones teaching people (but more aimed at kids) about the variation of bugs throughout the world.

    She used to live in the country side, but recently moved to a city life due to her partner, Natalie, a thriving actress and singing. Her instinct was to not, but her love for her new girlfriend was too great. Moving was difficult on all parties, but her withdraw from society kicked off while in the new environment. Natalie noticed and challenged Chloe to a bug-catching contest in the large park in the city, another location considered 'out of place'.

    That was the time that something strange happened in the park. As Chloe was reaching her goal set up by Natalie, her girlfriend, a strange occurrence opened a sort of portal in front of her on a beloved statue. As people fled, Chloe sought adventure and walked up to it. It wasn't until she had stepped inside that someone mentioned out loud that it was a Labyrinth Event. From that time, she has entered the Digital World.

    Digital World

    Dropped from the sky, Chloe had the chance to land in The Hive. A giant beehive that was housing a large group of insect and plant creatures. Among the early time, Chloe was tripped by her near-future partner, Tentomon. Their meeting was short as the dragon digimon found them and BanchoLeomon saved them from an angry Cyberdramon.

    Once inside, Chloe was amazed. It was her dream home, a giant colony of insects. Nothing could be better. It was ruined for her as she got a glimpse of the dragon digimon's leader, Majiramon. At his feet was a fallen comrade of Tentomon's, a beloved mother figure, Searchmon. Now, Chloe and Tentomon are on the run from the dragon digimon, hoping to figure out what to do with The Hive before Majiramon destroys it, entirely.

    Chloe Webber is a naive nerd. She is usually sits behind her desk, clueless of the world around her or outside of her apartment in the city. When running errands, the streets are too crowded, and Chloe takes her time navigating and trying to find less crowded pathways. As for Natalie, Chloe is in love with her girlfriend. She misses her when she walks out of the door and strives for the time when she comes home.

    Other than Tentomon, Chloe doesn't really have friends. She doesn't meet people well, taking a more cautious approach. Despite all the shyness, she is very optimistic. There is always a tomorrow, there is always a new beginning, and there is always a way out of problems.

    Ten's Freeform
    Given the shortened name of Ten by fellow Hive residents, Kunemon and Dokunemon.

    Searchmon had found a lonely Minomon crawling through the forest on a rainy night, presumably abandoned or lost. She took him back to The Hive. Instantly, two other baby digimon, Budmon and Tanemon, greeted Minomon. It was a year or so later that all three made their way to their child form. For Ten, it had become his home quickly.

    It just happened that one day a human girl fell from the sky. Ten was running away, flying quicker than Kunemon and Dokunemon could run, and not paying attention to where he was going. He ran into her legs, tripping Chloe. Now, on the run with her, Ten plans on coming back to save his two friends and the rest of The Hive.

    Ten is an adventurous digimon, but cowardly all the same. There isn't much physical fighting that Ten will partake in. A more passive type, Ten still finds himself in small arguments within The Hive. There is an understanding to the term: "don't understand your own strength."

    Planned Evolution Path: Kabuterimon, AtlurKabuterimon, Herakles Kabuterimon, TyrantKabuterimon (S.U.) // Armor 1: JewelBeemon / Armor 2: BanchoStingmon

    Ten's Evolutions


    Baby II




    Armor 1






    Slide Evolution
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