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    Chita, Aichi Prefecture; Japan
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    Warrior (D-Scanner)
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    Azura, Fire Emblem

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    My Lost in this Bizarro World log

    Hello, World. Chinami here~ This might sound a little weird, but I found this unused journal lying around and if me and my little brother are really lost in some bizarro world then I want the world to at least have a record of our journey. Where exactly do I begin though? It was a Sunday when this all started. I know this much at least because my brother[who is thirteen] attends cram school every Sunday to prepare for his Highschool Entrance Exams at the start of the next year.

    Anyway, the more important thing is that there was also a festival going on in my city and I had already adorned my Kimono. I spent hours agonizing in a mirror over the fit as my thoughts wavered to the idea that maybe I was a warrior princess in ancient Japan. What do you mean that now's not the time for flights of fancy? You're starting to sound like my mother when I told her that I wanted to pursue a career as a private investigator, whomever happens to be reading this.

    What? The story? Oh, right. I'm very sorry. Well you see my mother was busy at work at the time and my father left us not long after my brother was born, so it was up to me to pick him up from cram school. Such a chore, but someone has to do it. Just kidding. I adore my little brother and I even went to pick him out his own kimono for the Festival so he wouldn't feel left out. He's been studying so hard so he deserves to have some fun right?

    Wait. You're saying that you want me to get to the point already. That's really rude, Reader, but I'll get on with it. The long and short of it is that as we were walking out to my car, we wound up in a dense forest. I'm not saying that we walked all the way to the forest either. One moment I was taking a step for my car and my next step brought me into a forest. I think it's called a Labyrinth Event? It was like a scene out of my favorite manga series. So cool, mysterious, and yet so weird.

    My brother gets a strange creature called a Digimon and I'm stuck with this hunk of plastic????

    Hello again, Person reading this! Was that a weird way to refer to you, whoever you are? Whatever. Then again it's not like I'm really expecting to be reading this. Why? Well you see it's been a day since we arrived here and my brother met this small creature that calls itself a Digimon. Honestly, I can't help but to feel a little jealous that my brother gets a Digimon partner, whatever that's supposed to mean, while I'm stuck with this hunk of plastic. Anyway, this "Digimon" told use that we are truly in another world entirely.

    The Digital World. It sounded so fantastical that I almost didn't want to believe it. Maybe I was still holding on to the hope that the same phenomena that spirited us away would likewise spirit us back? I don't really know, but it's starting to dawn on me that we may truly be trapped here as night dawns on our first day in this Digital World. At this point I'm just writing this get my feelings out. An outlet of sorts. I can't break down in front of my brother. I need to stay strong for the both of us right? That's the job of a big sister isn't it?

    He noticed already that I'm writing in this journal, but he doesn't inquire about it's contents. He tells me that his new Digimon friend is leading us to a nearby civilization. File City was it's name wasn't it? Perhaps he realized that I was in a bit of a daze ever since we were told that this place wasn't some random forest on the outskirts of our town. He was always a perceptive kid. Ever since he was a young child. Still, if I need us to survive in this then I'll need to hide my fears. Sounds challenging.

    Wait! Our adventures will need a good title won't they? How about "The brother and sister duo! A Fair Maiden's Journey!?" Too much? Nah. I love it.


    So... umm... It's been awhile since I last wrote in this thing huh? I think it's been a week? It's hard to tell sometimes. Good News? We made it to File City without incident and were even able to find some lodging, however temporary. "But what's the bad news?" is what I imagine you ask next. Why does bad news always have to follow good news? It sucks, but sadly it's the truth. My brother got hurt. It's umm... It looks pretty serious.

    You want to know how it happened? Well me and my brother were out in the Forest, it's apparently called Native Forest, running errands for a few Digimon in File City. My brother insisted that we needed to pay the residents for putting up up with us. I agreed. So off we went into the Forest with my brother's Digimon partner in tow. Honestly, it was going pretty well until we started heading back to town.

    I insisted on carrying our haul, which consisted of a large basket with a bunch of apples and other fruits from the Forest, while my brother and his partner led the walk back to town. It was nice... until we were accosted by a large green oni holding a bone club along with smaller green onis wielding clubs, Ogremon and Goblimon as I found out later. I'm still not sure what they wanted other than to cause trouble. Something like "human filth dirtying our pure Digital World!".

    I tried to talk them down. We were outnumbered six to three after all. They wouldn't listen. My brother tried to fight them off with only his Digimon partner to protect him. He wouldn't listen to me either. I only had this hunk of plastic on me after all... heh... I made big talking of always protecting him earlier in the week, but I couldn't protect him no matter how hard I tried when it really mattered. Remember how I mentioned that bone club? Well the Ogremon knocked both by brother and his partner back into a tree with force and I could only stand there and watch in horror while carrying a basket in one arm while my stupid hunk of plastic was in my free hand.

    I don't really remember much of what happened after that to be honest, but... I think something inside of me snapped at that moment. I remember my hunk of plastic, apparently it's a D-Scanner, glowing with a bright light and a strange sensation before blacking out. Next thing I know? I was different. I was covered in head to toe with armor and I vaguely resembled a clawed fish person. The Ogremon and his Goblimon minions were nowhere to be found, as if they had vanished from the world.

    But more importantly? I had my brother and his Digimon scooped up into my claw like appendages as I rushed my way back into town. I still had the presence of mind to get help for my little brother in this bizarre new form even during my black out. This new form, found out it's called Depthmon later, eventually faded and I was left running the rest of the way. He's now resting in Mr. Centalmon's Clinic though he hasn't woken up all day. Good news? Mr. Centalmon says that he'll live though he thinks that his legs are broken.

    I'm still beside myself with worry, but eventually a realization came to me. I have this power, this Spirit Evolution, and the Ogremon confirmed that we aren't the only humans stuck here in the Digital World. More children that can get injured or worse killed? That didn't sit right with me, but again I have this power. If I can master it then how many people can I protect, or better yet save, and how many people could I inspire. My currently comatose brother weighs heavily on my mind, but...

    Could I become a Heroine of Justice? Can I protect those that can't protect themselves? And in doing so can I protect my brother from further harm? I must do these things. It's a Big Sister's duty isn't it?



    Beast Spirit[Adult]


    Human Spirit[Perfect]
    This Mermaid Digimon has taken on a slightly more human than fish form to accommodate the human using her spirit. Her tail and black wardrobe become a dark dress as she adopts a pair of legs. He pirate hat and fish ears become a dark veil over her hair and a veil obscuring the lower half of her face. She has subtle, but still there, scales marking her skin beneath the dress and she also has gils. Her anchor becomes a golden spear.


    [Unavailable until unlocked] Hybrid
    A female Neptunemon that takes a more human form. Her scales are obscured by the red split leg dress that she dons. Her helmet becomes a light veil for her hair. Her arms are covered in a thin light blue scale like armor that stops at her shoulders. Her legs also adorn the same armor. Just like all Neptunemon she wields a mighty fish headed spear except scaled down to a smaller height.


    [unavailable until unlocked] Ancient Spirit
    An AncientMermaimon that, while still very much a mermaid, takes on a more human form. Much of her scales and armor becomes a white split leg dress that looks like it was made for dancing. Her helmet becomes a while veil for her hair that unobscures her face from view. A ring of purple scales can be seen on her left leg while the other is adorned with white leggings. She wields her golden trident strong and true.
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