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    Cassandra Erin Delphollis's Quick Facts

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    Female, She/Her
    Current Location
    The Metropolitan City of Naples and Lecco, Italy
    Class (Digivice)
    Tactician (D-Ark)
    Face Claim
    Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Final Fantasy XV

    Apolla's Quick Facts

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    Cassandra Erin Delphollis's Freeform
    Cassandra Erin Delphiollis was born the only daughter of a rich and highly conservative family, her parents the current CEOs of a large banking corporation and members of an old money family. She was raised moving between their family home in Naples and their vacation villa near the city of Lecco, and was privately tutored for most of her life in order to "keep her from being tainted by filthy common ideas." Raised from birth to be used by her family to gain further status through an "unofficial" arranged marriage to the heir of yet another incredibly rich family, she was under near constant watch for much of her life.

    Cassandra found relief from the stifling iron grip of her parents in music, her love of singing and of playing various instruments giving her an outlet and an excuse to not interact with her parents or the myriad guardians they had hired to keep an eye on her. She longed for nothing more than to have a chance to leave her home behind enough to be able to live a more normal life with fewer walls and shackles. She hates the isolation that has been forced upon her, nor does she care for her chosen groom or indeed many of the companions that have been chosen for her by her parents.

    She hates her family and most of those she has been forced to interact with her whole life, despising their cavalier dismissiveness of those around them who don't have the same riches or status as they do, along with the constant lying and sniping at one another. Cassandra despises the atmosphere of constant mind games and one upmanship that permeated her whole life, the constant need to be on guard and watch your every word and action for fear of it being used against you. It got to the point where she would isolate herself for long periods of time just to get away from it all.

    When she fell into the digital world via a labyrinth event that took place in the gardens of their vacation villa, she was overjoyed once she got over the shock of waking up in such a strange place. Cassandra has no desire to return to the human world any time soon, knowing that very little awaits her there that she wishes to go back to.

    With her new companion and friend in Apolla, Cass seeks to make a place for herself and any human who similarly has no reason to go home in the Digital World. She wants only to help those she comes across and to have a chance at living the life she hadn't been able to live back home. She's found herself in a place where she can finally do as she wishes instead of being beholden to her family and her duties, and she intends to take full advantage of this chance.

    Her newfound freedom has resulted in a degree of recklessness and a desire to fling herself headlong into whatever new and interesting situations she comes across, dangerous or otherwise.

    Apolla's Freeform
    Apolla was always a helpful sort, she never enjoyed fighting if it could be avoided and instead would much rather help others if they are hurt or upset or simply in need of assistance with a task. When she felt a pull to travel, she hardly questioned it and instead immediately set off to find the source of this strange new sense of urgency and connection.

    Finding Cassandra brought a whole new purpose into her life. Here was a being who was lost, lonely, and eager to try new things, someone in need of guidance and assistance in getting used to and staying safe in the Digital World. Apolla was more than happy to bear the strange bond that had seemingly been fated to appear between the two of them and do anything to help Cassandra along with anyone else they may find in their journeys.

    Apolla's Evolutions


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    Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Final Fantasy XV
    1. Iron Weights Iron Weights

      Iron Weights

      Jan 2, 2018, Utility
      Binds enemy with iron weights, decreasing its speed significantly and preventing it from jumping or flying.
    2. Dramon Killer Dramon Killer

      Dramon Killer

      Jan 2, 2018, Equipment
      Grants the target claw weapons that are especially effective against Dramon-type Digimon.
    3. MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster

      MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster

      Jan 2, 2018, Technique
      The target exhales a blast of cold air which has the potential to freeze its mark.
    4. Water Walk Water Walk

      Water Walk

      Dec 30, 2017, Utility
      Allows user to walk on water as though on a solid surface.
    5. Repair Bots Repair Bots

      Repair Bots

      Dec 30, 2017, Utility
      Creates nanobots that heal the target by repairing minor wounds.
    6. Speed Plugin Speed Plugin

      Speed Plugin

      Nov 21, 2017, Plugin
      Makes Digimon slighty faster.
    7. D-Speed Plugin D-Speed Plugin

      D-Speed Plugin

      Nov 21, 2017, Plugin
      Makes enemy Digimon slighty slower.
    8. Disable Disable


      Nov 21, 2017, Utility
      Disables an enemy's body part, e.g. a single wing, arm, or leg.
    9. Hyper Wings Hyper Wings

      Hyper Wings

      Nov 21, 2017, Utility
      Gives partner Digimon glowing wings. Allows flight for a short amount of time.
    10. Shellmon's Hydro Blaster Shellmon's Hydro Blaster

      Shellmon's Hydro Blaster

      Nov 21, 2017, Technique
      The target expels a high-pressure stream of water.
    11. Data Negation Data Negation

      Data Negation

      Nov 21, 2017, Utility
      Negates all other Hyper Colosseum Card effects, including the user's.
    12. Blink Blink


      Nov 21, 2017, Utility
      Briefly grants the target short range teleportation. The target can "blink" up to five feet at a time.