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    Burbank, California
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    Tactician (D-Ark)
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    Satoru Fujinuma (young), Erased

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    Cael Murdoch's Freeform
    Cael was the second child to an upper middle class couple who met in college and got married shortly out of graduation. Their first child was what every parent wanted. Smart, an athlete, and in pretty much every way, perfect. That left Cael as the decidedly average younger brother, but both his parents and his older sibling loved him, prodigy or not.

    At least that's what it looks like from the outside looking in. While it is true that Cael's parents don't dislike their youngest, they did show favoritism towards their eldest, whether they knew it or not. This was good and bad for Cael, however. Bad for the obvious reasons, that he was never expected to get as far as his elder sibling, and that his parents tended to not show much interest in him and his life. However it was also good in that it allowed Cael a great deal of freedom to pursue the things he enjoyed without their judgement. While not a brilliant student (his report cards are usually a mix of Cs and Bs), Cael has a great deal of natural talent when it comes to art, particularly cartoons and illustration, and from a very young age he has been drawing comics. While of course at first they were simplistic, with practice his skills have grown to be very impressive, especially with his age taken into account. However, in spite of his skill, his parents have never really seen his artwork as anything more than a childish hobby. They are of the classical mindset that cartoons, illustrations, and comics aren't real art, and for the most part Cael's skills have gone ignored.

    However, his older sibling is a different story. One would expect some resentment, but they get along very well, in spite of the age difference between them. Especially since unlike his parents, Cael's sibling fully encourages Cael's interest in artwork. Cael, for his part, is actually grateful that his sibling keeps the spotlight off of him, so that he can keep doing what he enjoys without his parents seeing fit to cut in.

    In addition to his love of art, Cael has always had a natural curiosity, sometimes to his detriment. More than once he has wandered into somewhat dangerous areas, or strayed too far on a field trip, just to see something that piqued his interest. When something catches his eye, he very quickly develops a one-track mind, and it can be hard to sway him from it. This ties into another major flaw of his: stubbornness. Once he has his mind set, it would be easier to negotiate with a brick wall. He can become rather childish when someone argues with him, and it rarely gets anyone anywhere except a shouting match. He has a tendency to not realize how serious things are, and often deflects when it’s pointed out that he’s made a mistake, or when heavy expectations are put on him, since he’s just not used to it.

    Cael's curiosity, in fact, is what lead him to the digital world, as when he saw the bizarre changes happening around him, rather than run from the labyrinth event like any sensible person, he couldn't help but run right in... soon finding himself on File Island.

    Miscellaneous Info

    • Likes sweet foods, particularly pies and other fruit-based pastries. Ironically, he loathes chocolate.

    • Likes to draw rather rude caricatures of people who annoy him. Yes, this has gotten him in trouble at school.

    • He’s not a big reader, he just genuinely doesn’t find it fun. However, he loves graphic novels (as one expects of a budding cartoonist). He has very broad tastes, mixing Manga with American superhero comics. His all-time favorite is Hellboy.

    Anne's Freeform
    Anne was once a young labramon, and a companion to a group of much more powerful digimon who looked after her and protected her. At the time she came to think that she wouldn't need to worry about gaining strength, since they would always be there to save her if she needed it. Unfortunately, this laziness came back to haunt her in a rather big way, when she accidentally brought down the wrath of another, more powerful group upon them. The ensuing fight resulted in the loss of all of Anne's companions, and left one of the enemies still standing. In a fit of rage, she digivolved, and as dobermon took what little vengeance was still available to her.

    She left that nightmare a completely different digimon. She now desires to gain as much power as it takes so that something like that will never happen again. However, unlike her companions she has no interest in taking on weaker digimon as companions, or even stronger ones for that matter. The scars left by her own mistake have led her to believe that nothing good can come of such companionship. Thats the excuse she gives, anyway. In truth, she's just petrified of losing someone else close to her, or worse, being the cause of the loss.

    Which is why she's rather annoyed that the human who appeared in front of her one day won't stop following her...

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    Satoru Fujinuma (young), Erased
    1. Offense Plugin Offense Plugin

      Offense Plugin

      Feb 12, 2018, Plugin
      Makes Digimon slightly stronger.
    2. Defense Plugin Defense Plugin

      Defense Plugin

      Feb 12, 2018, Plugin
      Slightly increases Digimon's ability to withstand attacks.
    3. Speed Plugin Speed Plugin

      Speed Plugin

      Feb 12, 2018, Plugin
      Makes Digimon slighty faster.
    4. Dramon Killer Dramon Killer

      Dramon Killer

      Feb 12, 2018, Equipment
      Grants the target claw weapons that are especially effective against Dramon-type Digimon.
    5. MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster

      MetalGarurumon's Metal Blaster

      Feb 12, 2018, Technique
      The target exhales a blast of cold air which has the potential to freeze its mark.
    6. Blink Blink


      Feb 12, 2018, Utility
      Briefly grants the target short range teleportation. The target can "blink" up to five feet at a time.
    7. Repair Bots Repair Bots

      Repair Bots

      Feb 12, 2018, Utility
      Creates nanobots that heal the target by repairing minor wounds.