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    (CONTENT WARNING: Child abuse, violence)

    Anastasia's upbringing was, to put it bluntly, terrible. Her mother was a prostitute struggling to prove she wasn't a piece of shit, and only god knows who her father might be. Though her mother managed to last four years, her efforts to be half decent parent slipped away, and the extent of her parenting devolved into dropping whatever the kid needed on her, and telling her to figure it out.

    Though it was far from a loving environment to grow up in, the bright side was that it did give Ana a head start on independence. She might have made many ridiculous mistakes, but one could hardly expect better from a four year old, and at least her mom managed to intervene on the worst of it before she managed to hurt herself or burn the house down.

    Anastasia became quite resourceful and adept at taking care of her own basic necessities to as much of an extent as she could. She also learned to pretty well avoid her mother whenever possible, lest risk getting yelled at or blamed for whatever happens to be going wrong in her life at the time.

    The start of school at least brought in some improvement in her Mom's treatment of her, at least enough that no one might initially suspect that anything bad was going on at home. Ana didn't really have a load of experience with other kids, so she struggled to socialize well with them.

    She did dive into lessons however, happy both to have real activities to occupy her, as well as being eager to learn everything she could. Reading in particular she picked up quickly and she'd check out as many books from the school library as she could, for the sheer sake of having things to do at home, where for the most part, entertainment was pretty scarce.

    Life was okay, at least from the perspective of a child who never really had better, but that wouldn't last much longer. Ana was well into her sixth year of age, when concerns did begin to be raised about how things were at home. Her grandparents were less and less patient, and beginning to threaten to cut her mother off and call social services. There were probably some other things piling up on her mother too, as she was becoming increasingly agitated, until one day she went right off the deep end, and took out her frustrations on her daughter, violently.

    Ana doesn't recall a whole lot from the assault. Just that she was terrified and there was a lot of yelling and pain. Her left arm had been so mangled in the attack, that doctors could find no other option but to amputate. Ana would adjust to the missing arm over time, adapting to make more use of her feet and mouth for things to make up for it. It was the emotional damages that were far more difficult to overcome.

    Afterward, custody of Anastasia had fallen onto her grandparents. Ana however, in the wake of the assault, had withdrawn emotionally and become distrustful. She rarely spoke, and refused to listen when told what to do, and didn't respond to counseling. School and learning continued to be her one fixation, though even that was becoming less of an escape, as she'd find herself targeted by bullies who considered the weird, quiet one armed girl an easy target. When they pushed her however, she pushed back.

    Anastasia's behavior would worsen with time, as she seemed to lose all regard for anyone but herself. She'd get violent over the most meager offense, and she'd get into stealing things. Often just candy and small things out of convenience stores, or whatever happened to be lying around. It'd progress to an impulsive habit to the point that she occasionally pockets things without even realizing it.

    Her grandparents weren't really prepared to raise another child to begin with, much less one that posed such a challenge. They'd end up surrendering her to social services, and Ana be thrown into the system. She'd be tossed from foster home to foster home, no one willing to put up with her behavior problems for all very long. It wasn't until she was about thirteen, that she would be placed with a family that would change her life.

    Percival Wolfe was a cop, his wife Amanda was a teacher. Where others had quickly grown frustrated, these two were patient. They didn't let Ana push them away, and no matter how disinterested, defiant and aggressive she got. She tried to steal anything, he'd cuff her himself. Try to lash out, he'd shut her right down. They did not take her shit, and yet were willed to get through to her, even if that meant backing her into a corner so all she was left with the choice to re-evaluate.

    There was a lot of tough love with these people. Firm boundaries and harsher consequences forced Ana to adjust her approach to matters. She became more verbal, and less aggressive. She'd steadily open up to her foster parents and begin to forge a connection with them, and develop something she'd lost long ago -- trust. It was through their persistence, that Anastasia began to heal, and grow into a more healthy human being.

    When Anastasia looks back on her life now, it scares her. She sees how troubled and alone she was. How deluded she had been to think she was protecting and looking out for herself, when really she'd been allowing herself to drown in her own misery. Thanks to her foster parents, who would proceed to adopt her fully as their daughter, she now knows what she had been missing that whole time, and now the very thought of losing it again fuels her nightmares.

    On her sixteenth birthday, Anastasia received a special gift from her parents -- a high tech prosthetic arm. The ones she had used thus far, were cheap and with very little, if any functionality. This one however, was highly advanced, undoubtedly expensive, and it was as close to having a real arm as Anastasia could ever imagine having.

    There on out, Anastasia would keep finding ways to improve herself. Emulating her new father, she pursued a future in law enforcement, taking up Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to strengthen herself, and later on attend college, getting her criminal investigation bachelor's degree. By the time she was twenty-three, she was hired onto the interpol.

    It was a satisfying occupation for someone who favored knowledge and enjoyed working out puzzles. It wasn't a combat heavy occupation, but there were moments. Ana was a confident fighter though, so she rarely found herself in frightening positions, and most assailants would learn not to mess with her. She's also been able to befriend her fellow officers and has come along way from her once shy persona.

    With the rise of the labyrinth events, like most officers, Anastasia didn't really take it too seriously. A few isolated disappearances that were cold on arrival. What few witness reports came, could only be viewed as mass hysteria. Stuff like the fabric of reality being ripped apart. Other such things, that could only be formed by hallucinogens and the creative mind. Ana didn't at first think it'd even be a significant issue in the long run.

    Yet, in contrast to her initial thoughts, these disappearances would become more and more frequent, and the witness reports too... consistent to not have some sort of truth in them. A young officer had been put on the case back when it was barely worth taking seriously, but with her curiosity surrounding the case growing, she requested to be added onto the investigation herself.

    They'd co-operate for a while, eventually splitting their efforts to cover more ground. They'd keep in contact for a while, keeping each other up to date, until one day, Ana lost contact with Balder. It didn't take long to figure out that he had fallen victim to the very phenomenon they had been investigating. Within days of learning of his disappearance, she too found herself in the middle of a labyrinth event.

    While others were being spat out into the digital world and having adventures along side their digital friends, Anastasia would suffer a very different fate. Months spent in limbo, contemplating the possibility she was dead. When she was finally released, she found herself inexplicably, sick to her stomach. Like something was wrong. Wrong, not just because she was stuck with this pixie that attacks everything that moves.

    No, she'd soon come to find, that something was quite wrong with her. She'd encounter other creatures in this world, as intelligent and reasonable as any human being. But when she came into contact with them, they'd change, and become as wild and vicious as her own feral minded partner. This corruption threatens to push her back into that dark lonely place she was in her childhood, and what remains of her reasonable mind fears that she's already there.

    Tinkermon's Freeform
    When Anastasia came to, there were two of these fairies with her. One was blindly attacking the other, who struggled to avoid the attacks while expressing confusion and reluctance to fight back against her assailant. That second fairy was mad at Ana, kept asking what she did to her friend, until the assault ended with the violent fairy driving her spear through the other.

    Though Ana would try to retreat before the violent fairy could turn it's wrath upon her, running proved futile. Yet, despite how vicious it had been toward it's supposed 'friend', it seemed utterly blind to her. It didn't respond to any form of communication, but rather just hovered in her presence, waiting, never letting itself get too far from Anastasia.

    It's only when any other living thing comes too close, that the fairy springs into action. She'll attack anyone with zero regard for how little a threat they might pose, with no regard for Ana's wishes. Anastasia would eventually find a lantern and some chains to lock the vicious pixie in.

    Tinkermon's Evolutions
    Baby 1
    Bubble Blow
    Shoots bubbles from it's mouth
    Yellow body
    Baby II
    Petit Holy Flare
    Emits a weak heat wave in all directions
    Redder crest/eyebrow feathers
    Nightmare Pandemic
    Stabs opponent with poison tip spear which causes nightmarish hallucinations that may paralyze or disorient the opponent.
    Pixie Duster
    Sprinkles opponent with fairy dust that causes them to float into the air and reduces their mobility
    Fairy's Wrath
    Darts around at high speed, delivering rapid strikes with it's claws and thorned feet.
    Tempest Twist
    It spins while performing a handstand to kick the enemy.
    Hurricane Wave
    It produces streams of wind from its fingers and flings them at the enemy.
    Love Tap
    It hits the enemy with its bottom; immobilizing the enemy for a while.
    Darker hair, dark gray outfit, dark violet accents, pink wings
    Plasma Paws
    Cuts the opponent and the atmosphere around it to pieces with the claws on its hands and feet.
    Hurricane Gale
    Flies up into the air and hurls the feathers of its hair and wings as pointed arrows.
    Harpy Slicer
    Drives claws into the opponent
    White head feathers, dark violet eyes, dark grey outfit, dark purple wings.
    Ravemon Burst Mode
    Crimson Formation
    Enlarges its wings to release a dark purple aura.
    Mourning Dance
    Dances and emits a loud, mournful song that immobilizes and disorients all who hear it
    Lightning Thrust
    Thrusts into the opponent at lightning speed
    Female attributes.
    Ophanimon Falldown Mode
    Super Ultimate
    Flame Hellscythe
    Scythe burst into dark flames before being swung at the opponent.
    Demon's Crystal
    Summons dark crystals that home in on the target.
    Heathen's Judgement
    Binds the enemy with a ring of dark energy that saps their strength.
    Dark gray and purple armor, dark violet eyes.
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