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    Adrian Fawkes's Freeform
    As a kid, Adrian had it going pretty well. He was his town's rising star in the local soccer league. He had also garnered a lot of attention and popularity as a sort of school yard hero, often butting into situations where kids were being picked on. He was an outgoing kid, quite arrogant, but he had a good heart.

    Then there was Jocelyn. She was the daughter of his father's best friend, and they basically grew up together and became best friends themselves. Both shared a love of both sports and adventure, and spent many a weekend playing in the parks and poking around the wooded areas just to see how far they could go.

    It was a childhood friendship, but as they grew into their adolescence, their relationship would grow as well. While teenage romances were often fickle matters, having known eachother so long, feeling as close as they were, one could argue that the love they had was true. That said though, that far from meant that they weren't also naive and foolish.

    It begun, just sneaking off to their usual haunts, doing more or less the same as they always did, with the addition of using the privacy to kiss and cuddle eachother. They weren't open about their relationship. Jocelyn's family being of the conserative and traditional type certainly wouldn't approve.

    For a couple years they were able to keep it all secret, and played it pretty well safe. They were still teenagers though, and the longer things went on, the more curious they would become, and the harder it would be to resist temptation. They certainly wouldn't be the only teenagers to ever think 'just one time' would be harmless, but they certainly were among them.

    One passionate night however, was all it took. They both would attempt to brush off and try and ignore the guilt and anxiety that followed, hoping that nothing would become of it. In the following weeks however, Jocelyn would be experiencing the typical symptoms of the early stages of pregnancy. One pregnancy test in a public washroom later, their fears were confirmed.

    Adrian had never thought of himself as irresponsible, but this was certainly a huge wake up call. They'd naturally have to come clean with their families and explain themselves. Adrian's parents were shocked, and disappointed. Jocelyn's parents were down right furious, and were almost prepared to cut Adrian and his family right off, but Adrian was bent on making things right.

    Jocelyn too, was intent on taking responsibility. She flat out refused to consider any option beyond keeping their child. Her doctors were concerned that her small body wouldn't be able to handle the pregnancy, but Jocelyn adamantly did not want to make her child pay for her recklessness.

    Adrian meanwhile, had pretty well dropped everything he could. His extra curriculars, his ambitions, if his parents had allowed him to, he would have dropped out of school completely to go straight to full time work to support Jocelyn and her family as they prepared for the baby.

    The tension of the initial few weeks would eventually fade as both families came to terms with the matter and begun to deal. It wasn't gone completely, Jocelyn's parents would never be completely content after it all started, but they were on good enough terms. As months past, the anxiety would lessen, and Adrian and Jocelyn would at times feel excitement for their future child.

    Naturally, when you finally begin to feel good about something, is when the worst hits. Jocelyn suddenly fell sick, and went into premature labor. Though doctors worked aggressively to try to save her and her child, Jocelyn ultimately did not survive.

    Given the efforts it took for Jocelyn's family to forgive Adrian's family and work together, it was no surprise that this would push them right over the edge. Her father nearly attacked Adrian, only to end up brawling with his father instead until hospital security separated them.

    Adrian himself had been too numb to even realize that was happening however. The news that Jocelyn was gone, had taken every bit of air right out of him. Her father had called him a murderer, and he believed it. The woman he had loved so much, who'd been so brave and selfless through this whole ordeal, was gone and if they hadn't messed around, she'd still be with him.

    It was hard to imagine the sort of dark pit Adrian could have found himself stuck in after that day. But there was a light within the darkness, that came in the form of one shining piece of good news -- their child was alive and stable.

    Holding his daughter in his arms for the first time, was like coming back to life. Jocelyn was gone, but she had left him with this precious gift. It was then that he knew that he had to do everything he could to protect and raise this child.

    So, that is what he did. Jocelyn's family had no desire to even acknowledge little Rosalie's existence, so custody easily fell upon the shoulders of Adrian's family. Still, news traveled quickly in their small town, it wasn't long until everyone knew what had befell young Jocelyn, and turned their anger upon them.

    It was a toxic environment, that neither Adrian, nor his family wanted to subject little Rosalie to, so they moved and decided that Rosalie would be passed off as Adrian's sister. While their parents concern lied mostly in simply maintaining peace and privacy and protecting Rosalie from the scrutiny surrounding teenage parentage, Adrian agreed more because he simply felt that he didn't deserve to be called a father.

    Adrian would come to regret this decision. Though he had promised to tell her the truth when she was old enough to understand, time has only made him dread that prospect of it more and more. It is his greatest fear, that Rosalie will never forgive him for it.

    From that day forward though, he devoted himself entirely to caring for his daughter, and helping to support his family who've sacrificed so much to protect him and Rosalie. He's near unrecognizable from the once arrogant child who had thought he was invincible, now humbled by tragedy and the burden of responsibility.

    Adrian never thought he could feel more devastated than he had been when he had lost Jocelyn. Never thought he could feel like that ever again. But just a couple of weeks ago, numerous players of a virtual reality MMO game had fallen into a coma, and Rosalie was among them, and Adrian was faced with the possibility that he might now lose his daughter too.

    Distraught, he didn't want to leave Rosalie's side, but still couldn't bring himself to take any days off of work as his family still needed the additional income. He'd come straight off of his shift one day and had been heading to the hospital, when the world around him suddenly began to warp and shift, and then he was gone.
    • Works as store manager for an EB Games video game store
    • Adrian has an older brother, he moved out on his own when the rest of them moved from their hometown.
    • Jocelyn also had a younger sister who used to hang out with them too, before they got romantically involved
    • Picked up guitar lessons due to parents pressuring him to take more interest in himself, but only kept it up due to Rosalie liking his playing.

    Vivian's Freeform
    Long ago, there lived a noble clan of Kinkou Warrior digimon, who served to protect the digital world from those that would reap havoc upon the weak and the innocent. They were a proud and noble clan, and spent their lives training and fighting for what was right. Digimon from across the digital world would come to them both for help against evil digimon, or to seek training and admission among their ranks themselves, and were once famous the digital world over.

    Vivian had been one such digimon, though back then, she had been vain and self absorbed, and was only seeking to to put herself among the great and powerful, and was very naive to what it truly meant to be a warrior. Nonetheless, the clan took her under their wings, taught her their ways, and guided her towards overcoming her weaknesses. She was a difficult student, sensitive, and lethargic, and she fell behind many other students whom had joined after her.

    It was a great struggle, and many times Vivian would grow frustrated and be brought to the cusp of giving up, but her teachers did not give her the chance, and never gave up on her. The pushed her along the path of a great warrior, and given time and patience, she'd be shaped into the stoic, noble and disciplined digimon and be welcomed among their ranks as a Kinkou Warrior.

    She'd spend many years as a Kinkou Warrior, and never dreamed of being anything else. They had made her into a better digimon, someone she was truly proud to be even though it would have been far easier to simply let her go. She was eternally grateful, and served the clan with pride, believing she would be able to see the clan flourish and grow for the rest of eternity. Nothing lasts forever though and slowly, their greatest warriors would meet their end, and few proved capable of filling their empty ranks.

    Over time, it became harder for the clan to stand up against the toughest foes, and they'd suffer many more losses, and it would come to affect their reputation as well. As times turned bleak, the amount of new recruits coming in began to dwindle, and some warriors would just turn their back on the clan entirely, convinced that their clan was doomed to fall and that moving on was the only thing to do.

    Vivian refused to give up on the clan that had refused to give up on her. Even as the last few warriors walked away from their temple, Vivian remained at her station. She's remain there for many years, protecting the temple from intruders, and doing her best to keep it maintained. She'd try to uphold the clan's values, attempt to coax new students to teach, but she found the task of passing her knowledge and skills down, to be impossible, and over countless years, she became more custodian than warrior.

    As of present day, the Kinkou Clan has long gone forgotten. Vivian never did abandon her post, though she's lost touch with the outside world, making her awkward and overly formal in conversation. She thought this temple would be her life, for however long it took for some foe to come and strike her down, but that never happened. Instead, one day the temple would experience a strange event, the space it occupied warping and massive towers that dwarfed the jungle trees would come into view, and as quickly as it began, it was gone, except for the human who would give her a purpose that she'd gone so long without.

    Vivian's Evolutions


    Baby I


    Baby II






    Retains the yellow coloring of her previous forms, the markings being purple, and the claws of it's gauntlets are light blue.




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