Adelaide Bellerose
Dec 29, 2017
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Adelaide Bellerose

Street-Fighting Butterfly


Let's go drinking! You're buying ^.^ Jan 4, 2018

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    Lenalee Lee, D.Gray Man

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    Adelaide is something of a cultural melting pot. Born from a scandalous affair between Chinese diplomat and an Italian mistress, she was given up at birth and adopted by a wealthy French couple, Genevieve and Louis Bellerose. Fueled by money and wanderlust, they would frequently move from country-to-country. By the time Adelaide was twelve, she had learned French, English, Italian, and Spanish. Not long after that, she discovered she had a knack for learning languages. By the time she was fifteen she had added Russian and Mandarin to the list, though even today, she has trouble reading foreign text. Despite this, she found joy in translating for her parents, and wanted to focus on a career that utilized this. Something that would make her parents that gave her such a blessed childhood by adopting her proud of her.

    At twenty-two years of age, Adelaide works as an Interpol agent, assisting police forces around the globe by helping deal facilitate cultural and language barriers between police agencies. Or, she would be, if she wasn’t busy getting coffee for her boss. Other than translating the occasional message over the phone, she felt that she was nothing more than a glorified secretary. After working there for two years with no sense of accomplishment, was so unsatisfied that she allowed two vices into her life; a glass of wine (and a couple more) and playing online games while drunk. One night, she had passed out while logged into the online game Digital World, and when she woke up she found herself in another world.

    Not long after she arrived into the Digital World, she had awakened the spirit of some butterfly creature and enabled her to transform her into Fairymon. And while she wasn’t exactly shy about showing off her figure, even Adelaide found this form ridiculous. Being trapped in a world full of monster didn’t help, either. Rather than futilely search for a way to escape, she would much rather hang around Neon City or Toy Town, frequenting their pubs, or taverns, or whatever best cured her thirst. She didn’t have an issue with obtaining funds, either. She personally despised the form, but she couldn’t deny the power it gave her. Regardless, she obtained her funds by taking part in underground street fights. After all, no one ever seemed to bet on the scrawny fairy girl.

    Though her nearly-nightly drinking was proving to be a detriment to her health, but her fights became cathartic. Despite the physical damage her body took she hadn’t realized how much pent-up aggression from things she didn’t even know she was mad about. Being abandoned at birth, her adopted parents moving so much that the only solace she could find in her life was learning new languages, the feeling of her talents being wasted at her job, obtaining a transformation that she abhorred, constantly being underestimated because her appearance… only by relieving this aggression that she was able to begin thinking clearly.

    As of late, Adelaide has begun to accept the Digital World. She has now obtained a sense of normalcy, and has begun to accept the Digital World as something that she never had as a child; a home. Yet, while not particularly close to any other human out there, she isn’t blind to their plights. With her mind in a much clearer state, she wants to find a way to help the Digimon and humans in the world. Even so, she still hasn’t quite shaken her alcoholism or her newly acquired aggression, but seeing as they’re what gave her this epiphany, she’s not she entirely wants to.



    Human Spirit

    Super Starmon

    Beast Spirit


    Hybrid Spirit
    Similar to regular form, but with a more slender and feminine frame.
    1. Adelaide Bellerose
      Adelaide Bellerose
      Let's go drinking! You're buying ^.^
    2. Adelaide Bellerose
      Adelaide Bellerose
      Let's get drunk sometime! You're buying ^.^
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