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  1. Grimrose
    Figuring out my character.
  2. Ominous Devidramon
    Ominous Devidramon
    My character name is ominous or at that his self-proclaimed name anyhow. His digimon species is more of his unwanted birth name so to speak.
  3. Liliummon
    Exploring the digital world!
  4. Cosmogod
    Cosmogod Veracity
    Hello, I just joined today and wondered if it's all right if I can use my digimon childmon as a custom digimon? I read the rules and I have a full drawing of her as I illustrated her on adobe illustrator. The avatar is just the illustration cropped.
  5. Cosmogod
    Looking for adventure!
  6. Jason Lhant
    Jason Lhant
    I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto.
  7. xexes
  8. Victor Caine
    Victor Caine
    Join us, and worry no more!
  9. Sami Raines
    Sami Raines
    "We're here to save the day!" "Or not."
  10. Melody Byrd
    Melody Byrd
    We're here for you anytime, okay?
  11. Kai Nishimura
    Kai Nishimura
    Average high-schooler, at your service!
  12. Lorelei Leith
    Lorelei Leith
    Hackmon is the coolest digimon that ever digimon'd.
  13. Michael Walker
  14. Luciana De Luca
    Luciana De Luca
    Just a girl with her two dragon servants
  15. Dr. Theodore Basco
  16. Ava Thomas
    Ava Thomas
    Let's go out and explore sometime, k?
  17. Adelaide Bellerose
    Adelaide Bellerose
    Let's go drinking! You're buying ^.^
  18. Adelaide Bellerose
    Adelaide Bellerose
    Let's get drunk sometime! You're buying ^.^
  19. Reid
    As a true man, I live for my own "Justice"!
  20. Reid
    As a true man, I stand for my own "Justice"!